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Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny May 1st 2010

Toured Dublin Castle, Trinity College, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Guinness Brewery and to the top of Guinness to the Gravity Room. Road the Hop On-Hop Off Bus all over Dublin. This money thing is a real issue, going from pounds to Euros has been a challenge especially at the bus stop. Now you wouldn't think $1.20 would throw you into a tither, but .... This is for all you die-hard Catholics out there, did you know St. Patrick's wasn't Catholic anymore? I hate to burst your bubble, but it was Catholic for 500 years but now it is Episcopal. But guess what, they still sell rosaries.. hmmmm. We made it to the pub last night for dinner and they had Irish dancers and singers who were awesome. We all sang and danced with them and had ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny March 23rd 2010

Geo: 52.6538, -7.24798Woke up today and decided we wanted to spend more time in Kilkenny than just one day. Such a quaint and interesting small city with so many historical treasures to see, and we just didn't want to rush through it all in a half day. Plus, with a 5-hour drive to the Dingle Peninsula ahead of us, we thought it'd be smart to get an early start.So, after checking to see if we could stay on another night at the wonderful Butler Court in Kilkenny and successfully cancelling our first of two nights in Dingle, we were changed travelers.Today was more typically Irish grey skies and drizzle, so the primary destinations of our walking today was touring Kilkenny Castle near our lodging on the south end of town and St. Canice's Cathedral at the ... read more
Kilkenny Castle -- southern view
Kilkenny Castle -- northern view
A Kilkenny pub (one of many!)

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny March 22nd 2010

Geo: 52.6538, -7.24798Today was a travel day, Dublin-to-Kilkenny, and it was supposed to have been spent primarily in Kilkenny, normally about 2 hours from Dublin.But, from walking cross town to pick up the rental car (because of the taxi strike), relearning the mechanics of driving a stick while driving on the left (hand side of the road), sitting on the right (side of the car), and shifting with the left, a confusing maze of 1-way streets, no right turns, dead end alleys one-car wide (yeah, trying a 33-point turn to get out of THAT one), and Dublin's disdain for street name signs -- they don't have ANY that can be read from more than 10 feet away, in most cases don't have ANY, and those they do have aren't on street corners or above intersections but ... read more
A residential side street in Kilkenny
The Black Abbey
Trad (traditional Irish music) session

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny March 19th 2010

Friday 19.3.2010 day 156 Relaxing out in Ireland Today we spent the day keeping up with our jobs like sorting our photos and reading our emails ect. As we do not have internet in our cottage we have to go to the main Abby to get on to the internet to we had been leaving it. Today as we log on we find emails and the like that need to be dealt with...... It is not always fun and games on the road sometimes you have to deal with the real world. I wonder what the internet connection will be like in our new resort tomorrow? ... read more
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Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny March 17th 2010

Wednesday 17.3.2010 day 154 St Patrick’s Day in Ireland We had heard that Dublin was the best place to be for St Patrick’s Day so we asked our resort and they told us it was more for young people and anyone over 21 would not have fun there. We asked where else to go and they told us getting in and out of anywhere would be a night mare and that they could get us a taxi to Kilkenny but we would not get one home they suggested the pub that is walking distance to the resort would be good and they have 3 bands playing and it would get started at about 9:30 pm so we decided to do that. So we finished reading the “the secret scriptures” by Sebstian Barry a fantastic read so ... read more
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Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny March 13th 2010

Saturday 13.3.2010 day 150 Ireland We arrived in Ireland at 1 pm and did not know what side of the road they drove on until we was an Irish car as we drove off the ferry and it’s driver’s seat was on the right hand side so we knew that they drove on the Left hand side of the road, It was good to know this before we got to the road. We then drove to our Resort in Knocktopher Abbey, Knocktopher in the County Kilkenny, it was easy to find our resort as it is in the middle of the town of Knocktopher. That afternoon we drove in to the city of Kilkenny which is really too small to be a city with a population of only 20,00 but is allowed to be called a ... read more
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Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny January 7th 2010

First of all, this is not the way I wanted this blog to come out. I wanted the pictures mixed in the text. Anyway, too long to fix. Next time... Some part of this blog will be in english for my english speaking friends ... et le reste va etre en francais pour ceux qui parlent les deux langues de toutes facons. Note : Ma famille et quelques collegues de travail vont visiter ce site. Il n'est donc pas necessaire de faire allusion a mon passe heroinomane-pedophile-mangeur de femmes. Some familly members and work colleagues will be visiting this site, so there's no need commenting about my Law degree at Harvard and my Engineering one at MIT performed in the same time, or my Peace Nobel Prize and any other similarities. So this is how it ... read more
La famiglia!!
They are the best (better than yours!)
Thats all I got left...

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny October 2nd 2009

Last night we stayed outside of Cahir in an apple joke! The campground is a family run establishment that also runs a cider press and apple farm. We pulled in and thought it was awfully quiet, it was closed. October 1st is the closing for many campgrounds in Ireland so we are adjusting plans accordingly. They luckily let us stay for the night and even gave us a free bottle of cider. It was really good, but gave us bad gas so the camper has some funk and we had to drive with all the windows open this morning. We are currently in Kilkenny. We found an open campground that is only a 15 min walk from town. We will stay two nights here and probably venture out to a town called Inistioge. It is ... read more
Charles Fort
Cahir Castle
Amber's new diet

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny July 8th 2009

After a good night’s sleep (especially considering our hotel was on top of a fire station) and full breakfast, we walked about two blocks to Thrifty Car Rental this morning to pick up our rental car. Out of paranoia (and after learning that one of our fellow guests at our B&B in Belfast had just been in an accident), we decided to add all of the optional coverage for our car, just in case. We’re driving a black Hyundai Accent and it came with an already cracked side view mirror, if that’s any indication of what happens when foreigners try to drive here. My turn to drive isn’t until tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it went then, but today we made it without any problems, so hopefully our luck will continue! Before leaving Dublin ... read more
St. Michan's Church
St. Michan's Church
St. Michan's Church

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny March 23rd 2009

Geo: 52.6538, -7.24798Josh and I were snoozin' hard when the alarm went off thismorning. I think the long days andrestless nights are catching up with us a bit. We had a 9:30 train to catch out of Heuston Station, so webreakfasted and hopped on the bus downtown. We got one piece of bad direction, but recovered in plentyof time to catch the Luas tram and make it to our platform. Today we are on the Waterford train as far as Kilkenny whichis supposed to be a very walkable Medieval town. It also has a name that greatly amuses Josh. The trip is about 2 hours each way andshould be a nice opportunity to see some of the countryside. I noticed this morning on our way outthat one of the pubs near our hotel dates from 1534. ... read more
Another view of Kilkenny
Climbing the tower
Dr. White shirt at St. Canice's

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