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Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny June 12th 2017

Up and out at 8:30 with another couple in tow, heading for Kilkenny. Made it through the roundabouts, into the city, and caught a parking space on the street right next to the castle! The Castle has three of its original four towers still intact, as well as a beautiful rose garden. The contents were all auctioned off when the Butlers went bankrupt so the OPM have found items "of the times". During excavations, some original wallpapers and fabrics were found and replicated. Then, walked through town to St. Canice Cathedral--lovely medieval city--pubs and shops. Got a great idea for a sweater. The cathedral included the ancient chair used to anoint bishops of the parish, of whichever religion, currently Anglican. Then there was the Tower--seven sets of acutely angled steps with a tight landing at each. ... read more
Kilkenny Castle
Kilkenny Castle
Kilkenny Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny June 9th 2017

We first got into a plane to Atlanta which took about two hours to get there. Then we got into another plane to Amsterdam which I slept through since it was 7 hours. After Amsterdam, we took a plane to Dublin which was about 2 hours. Once we arrived we did not stay long because we were not staying in Dublin. We got a car and took it to Killkenny which was about an hour and a half ride. Once we got to our hotel, we just ate dinner and went to bed as it was a very long day. The next morning we went to the Kilkenny castle which is like every single castle ever built in Europe. The castle had a blue room, a green room, a red room and a photo gallery. The ... read more
Rock of Cashel
Rock of Cashel
Rock of Cashel

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny October 1st 2016

Ah Kilkenny. I don't even know where to start with this trip. I cannot help but gush on and on about my time here, so be weary. I had been planning to come to Kilkenny for a little while and I was in contact with my grandpa's sister Kathleen. Now, for background's sake, my grandpa was born and raised in Kilkenny and he has four sisters, three of whom are still living, and two who live in Kilkenny still. I left myself Friday morning from the Galway bus station at about half eight. Now, I'm not going to lie I was nervous. I had met and spent time with all of these people before, but I hadn't seen them in over five years. I was nervous I was going to impose too much on them and ... read more
Kilkenny Nightlife
Kilkenny at Night
Smithwick's Brewery

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny August 23rd 2016

Carlow, Kilkenny, Dublin Exploring the little town of Carlow this morning we had a walk along the Barrow track which is beside the rive Barrow to an old graveyard dating from 1607. While we were looking around there the dragon boat team came rowing by. The stroke was sitting up the end with a very large drum for the time keeping. (note Yvonne Robinson). Next we visited the Sensory Delta Garden. This turned out to be amazing and well worth the visit. It is a series of small garden rooms maybe 18, all different themes with water features, sculpture and plants promoting sensory connection. It has been built by the Delta centre, a centre for training residential and respite for adults with intellectual abilities. (With government and private funding). It was fantastic. Onto Kilkenny, a medieval ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny August 11th 2016

Got an early start and headed by taxi to Celtic Rider. By the time all the paper work was done,orientation and clothes repacked it was after 1. We were given 2 BMW 700GS's like new. Paul took us on a ride to get us accustomed to the roads and the bikes. The first several miles made the Dragon look tame. Had about 900 curves. Supposedly following the Garmin would get us to our next hotel. Well, I could NOT get it to talk to me and driving on the wrong side of the road inhibited my looking at it...soo...a side trip or 2..may have been the first but not the last! We were going to stop at the Kilkenny Castle but it was closed when we arrived. Parked the bikes at the hotel and headed for ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny June 27th 2016

Laaang bus tur Jeg tog bussen fra Killybegs kl. 11:45, en halv time efter var jeg i Donegal. Jeg havde en halv time til at få noget at spise, så jeg gik over til SimpleSimons. De har en masse lækker mad og altid en god suppe. Bussen mod Dublin ville kører kl. 13.00, den var der nogenlunde til tiden. Lidt overraskende, men dejligt. Efter fire timer var jeg ude ved Dublin's lufthavn, hvor jeg skulle vente i to timer indtil min næste bus kørte. Der var rigtig mange irske fans i lufthavnen, men jeg fik desværre ikke set det irske fodboldhold. Kl. 18:30 var jeg endelig på bussen til Kilkenny. Det ville kun tage to timer fra Dublin. Jeg ankom kl. 20:45, så en lidt lang dag. Turen fra stationen og over til mit hostel, bekræftede ... read more
St. Canice's Katedral
St. Canice's Katedral
St. Canice's Katedral

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny November 6th 2015

Well it's true, Ireland is emerald. It's a green like we have never imagined. Today we got to see if as we imagined it. Stone walls, small country lanes, sheep by the hundreds, green for miles, lots of old Irishmen in grey caps. We nervously left Dublin after another delicious breakfast. Both of us feeling slightly under the weather from the previous nights activities. Driving wasn't nearly as hard as it seemed on day one. Sharp left, long right. Remember to shift and where the dang mirrors are. Off we go to our first destination: Castletown. A beautiful manor home. The grounds...Stunning!!!!! We stopped in to the cafe for a tea. Then we hit the road again looking for the national stud. Our gps was not participating so we ended up going to the Curragh raceway. ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny July 5th 2015

I drove to Kilkenny town in under an hour from my B&B. It is a very beautiful small city. The castle was taken over by the town after the war and is really the outstanding feature. Its grounds are large and basically a public park which was packed with people the day I was there. I learnt the derivation of the term “to sally forth” on my visit. Racing is very popular in Ireland. There are bookmaker betting shops in every town and Royal Ascot was covered extensively in the press and on TV. I had been told in the Horse and Jockey pub during the week that the weekend races were at Gowran Park outside Kilkenny town. After I had been to the castle and had a good wander around and had some lunch I ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny May 21st 2015

Geo: 52.6538, -7.24798Des falaises noires d'une hauteurallant jusqu'à 200m se jetant dans la mer, à quelques mètres de leurs pieds,comme oubliés par l'érosion quelques pointes rocheuses brisent les flots. Enhaut, le vert des prés, en bas, le bleu sombre des vagues qui s'écrasentbruyamment sur la roche se transformant en écume blanche. Au milieu du noir dela falaise, des centaines de points blancs, comme autant de mouettes et autresoiseaux nichant. Sur l'arrête supérieure, des centaines de paires de jambes devisiteurs pullulant sur le site. Et oui, "the cliffs of Moher" est unhaut lieu touristique irlandais, et franchement, ça en vaut la peine ! Enfin…Tant que le brouillard et la pluie ne s'en mèlent pas, car là, la vue ainsibrouillée, tout l... read more
Falaises à droite
Falaises à gauche

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny May 20th 2015

Geo: 52.6538, -7.24798"It's a long way to Tipperary,It's a long way to go.It's a long way to TipperaryTo the sweetest girl I know!Goodbye Piccadilly,Farewell Leicester Square,It's a long long way to Tipperary,But my heart's right there."For some reason I had always been fascinated with the the remote Triple T's of travel. Timbuktu and Tuktoyaktuk (for Canadians at least) because they are both somewhat mysterious and very remote, and Tipperary because of the famous wartime song that suggested that it was a long, long way to Tipperary. After days of hard travel a few years ago we did eventually reach Timbuktu so next up was Tipperary... well Tipperary is about an hour and a half north of Cork along a pretty good road. Not particularly remote but I suppose if you're stuck in a trench somewhere in ... read more
Kilkenny Castle Fountain
Tipperary Street Scene
Tipperary Street Scene

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