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May 9th 2008
Published: May 11th 2008
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Wow, Kilkenny Hostel is sensational. It’s a small castle with a stone wall surrounding a beautiful garden. Our room is in a little room built into the wall of the garden. Walking through arched doorways into a courtyard then into the main castle we found the dining area to be just like the dining area at Bunratty only cozier and warmer. As we climbed the spiral staircase we found a sitting room with easels and paintings in progress then further still other dorm rooms until we reached the top. We got the key to have a look at the topmost room that leads out to the rooftop. Fantastic.

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Foulksrath CastleFoulksrath Castle
Foulksrath Castle

kids at the door to our room
Foulksrath CastleFoulksrath Castle
Foulksrath Castle

Our room is the window you see in the forground
our room our room
our room

built into the castle wall
The dining roomThe dining room
The dining room

Deserted now but after dinner it was a great place to catch up on some 'craic'

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