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Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Iveragh Peninsula September 5th 2019

The weather looks promising this morning. Today we are headed for another beautiful Atlantic peninsula, the next one south of Dingle: the Iveraugh Peninsula and its famous RIng of Kerry drive. As usual, Tony entertains us on the drive with an endless stream of information and stories. He spends some time talking about Ireland's trees. Native species include ash, beech, oak, hawthorn and yew. Pretty much all conifers were imported to the island. With native trees under threat, there have been efforts to reestablish native species. But one experiment failed miserably, as ash trees imported from Norway turned out to have a fungus that almost completely wiped out the remaining ash. Tony tells us about the tradition of poitin (usually rendered as potcheen in English). This is Irish moonshine, made in small batches, traditionally from malted ... read more
Outdoor shops
Church of the Holy Cross
Kissane Sheep Farm: white spots are sheep

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle Peninsula September 4th 2019

A blessed late start today at 9:30. It has rained all night. I thought I saw a sliver of sun when we wake, but it's soon gone. We are on the way to Dingle, County Kerry, which is home to Ireland's highest mountain range. As usual, Tony keeps us entertained en route with endless stories, some of which may be true. * He recounts the Bishop Casey scandal. Casey, a highly regarded and influential Irish bishop in this area, had an affair with an American woman and fathered a child, leading to his resignation in disgrace. * Tony muses about two factors that had a significant beneficial effect on Ireland in the 1960s. First, the election as US president of one John Fitzgerald Kennedy, whose ancestors were from this area. Second, the discovery of Ireland by ... read more
Seascape 1
Seascape 2
Beehive huts

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney September 3rd 2019

Buffet breakfast at the hotel. In the category of combinations you never thought of, I have a caramel fudge-flavoured yoghurt. It's yet another drizzly day, unfortunately. We reach Limerick, Tony’s home town. Our first stop is alongside the Shannon River to see the Treaty Stone, where reputedly the treaty that ended the war between the Irish and William of Orange was signed in 1691. Under the terms, a promise was made to respect Catholicism, but the treaty was rejected by both the English and Irish Parliaments and its terms were ignored. Thus Limerick became known as The City of the Broken Treaty. We cross the river and stop on the other side of the Shannon, directly across from the Treaty Stone. We descend and have the opportunity for a quick visit to St. John’s Castle (1210) ... read more
Thatch-roof homes
Monument to Irish Civil War Massacre
The challenge of driving a coach on some Irish roads

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Cahersiveen September 1st 2019

Zondag 1/9/2019 – Ring of Kerry. Met de bus en een Ierse-NL gids om 8.30 vertrokken voor de schilderachtige rondrit van het schiereiland Iveragh. The Ring of Kerry, smal en grillig door mooie heuvellandschappen, laaghangende bewolking, moerassen, veenland, en spectaculaire zichten op oceaan en eilanden. Er wonen ook hier en daar mensen in de typische kustdorpjes. Toch zien we vooral schapen onderweg. Per eigenaar apart gekleurd. Jawel, kuddes met een blauwe rug, andere rood, en groen,... etc. Niet van 'bij den bok' zoals bij ons, maar gekleurd door de boer zelf ! Volgens onze gids bedoeld om fraude bij EU subsidies per schaap door dubbeltelling te vermijden. Deze namiddag in de dorpjes alle 'main streets' leeg, maar de weinige Pups stampvol met Irish football fans in de 'Kerry' kleuren. Kampioenschap op tv tussen die van Dublin ... read more
Ring of Kerry
Ring of Kerry
Ring of Kerry

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle August 31st 2019

Zaterdag 31/8/2019 – Vrije dag, zelf in te vullen. Gezien het slechte weer van gisteren opteerden wij voor een lange MH rit. Heen en terug van Cahersiveen naar Dingle 210km aan de overkant van de baai op het einde van het Dingle schiereiland. In vogelvlucht misschien 30km. Maar 100km langs de weg. Tot Killorglin een stuk 'Ring of Kerry' maar dan in de tegengestelde richting dan die aanbevolgen voor tourcars. Omwille van de smalle banen. Voor ons viel het nog te doen. Behalve dan op de terugweg van Dingle wanneer de GPS ons een zeer smalle weg (max3m) instuurt die uiteindelijk 20km lang blijkt. U-bocht maken kon niet meer. Dus gespannen dan maar verder, in de hoop om toch niemand te moeten kruisen. Gelukkig geen kat te zien. Wel mooi baantje gedaan. Maar blij wanneer het ... read more
Op weg naar Dingle
Op weg naar Dingle
Op weg naar Dingle

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Cahersiveen August 30th 2019

Vrijdag 30/8/2019 – Verplaatsing van Blarney naar Cahersiveen 150km. Het zuid-westen van Ierland. We staan vlak aan een zee-arm aan de rand van de spectaculaire Golfstroom aan de grillige z-w kust van Kerry. Het meest westelijkse punt van de Ring of Kerry, de spectaculaire 200km lange toeristische ringweg die we de volgende dagen gaan verkennen. Het zou hier prachtig zijn met mooi weer. Helaas. Alles is hier grijs, regenbuien en het waait fel. Hopelijk worden we deze nacht niet zeeziek in ons bed. De weg er naar toe over Killarney hoofdzakelijk tweevaks banen met max 100km/u. Wel smal, bochtig en met plaatsen zo hobbelig dat de opzet-GPS naar alle kanten doorknikte en dus constant moest op zijn plaats gehouden worden. Gelukkig zijn onze zjatten en telloren van onbreekbaar materiaal. In de vooravond onze briefing uitlopend met ... read more
Gestopt voor een foto
Ierse tweevakswegen waar je 100km/u mag rijden
Grijs weer

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Sneem August 29th 2019

Today’s journey began with the “Ladies View” adjacent to the Lake of Killarney on the Ring of Kerry. The rain was with us, as it has been for the last few days, and I chose to stay on the bus when we arrived at the Killarney National Park and the Victorian mansion Muckross House and gardens. An hour later, St. Mary’s Cathedral was waiting across the bridge in Killarney, the rain had subsided and I ventured out. The town’s 19th century buildings were beautiful and a few of us had some good Asian fusion for lunch. A little shopping, and back to the bus to continue our trip around The Ring. Beautiful, stunning cliffs and although the rainy weather didn’t promote great photos the experience was exhilarating. When we returned to Sneem, Kerry went for a ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Sneem August 28th 2019

Breakfast at the Sneem Hotel was pretty great and the view was even better! This village is situated in the Ring of Kerry, nestled between mountains and coastlines and is separated by the Sneem River. A bridge connects the village which is the hometown of Batt Burns our guide and storyteller. It is quite a find for quaint, flavorful Irish experiences. Jay, another storyteller in our group and the chief labyrinth builder, set out to build a labyrinth and took some of the group through the village near the river. D.J. and I set out to discover Sneem. We hiked to “The Way the Fairies Went”, a small Pyramid and other stone structure garden, a senses garden with flowers, a maze and an old church. Peter, also in our tour group, joined us at one point ... read more
Breakfast with a view
The View
Lawn Labrynth

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Sneem August 27th 2019

It was a rainy morning as we began our day headed toward the Cliffs of Moher. We passed Dunleavy castle, and when we arrived at the Cliffs ... there was a steady, moderate rain - we had reached the picturesque, popular cliffs with a heavy cloud of fog settling in for the morning. That didn’t deter me though, because I was determined to get something from the experience. While many people were headed into the exhibit indoors, I was curious and so I journeyed out to the cliffs. As I got closer to the water, I was able to get a few photos; however, the visibility was almost nil. Walking from one side to the other for a clearer perspective, a cow’s look pretty much said it all ... “It’s not a good day for this ... read more
Are you guys serious? Clouds = No View

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Anascaul June 1st 2019

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven‘t met yet,”- W.B. Yeats We left Galway, bound for the small village of Annascaul in County Kerry, in the southwestern corner of Ireland. We passed through really beautiful areas today, and I will always remember the green fields and the stone walls, with contented sheep and cows grazing or lazing in the fields. We left our B&B about 8:30, following breakfast. I had porridge, which was ok, but the best part again was the soda bread. Susan’s full Irish wasn’t as good as O’Neill’s in Dublin. It was a cloudy morning, but the sun broke through now and again. After we left Cong yesterday the weather improved and it was quite pleasant in Galway last evening, with the sun making an appearance. Our first stop was at ... read more
Near Dunguaire Castle
Me at Dunguaire Castle
Scenery by Dunguaire Castle

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