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Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney July 20th 2015

Well, sad start of the day lol. I had shuttle bus issues (i.e. I was impatient... and I misjudged how long to wait not knowing if it was the right stop... etc etc.) So instead of the 10h45 bus, I had to wait until noon. Ended up working out well though. I met a couple from San Fran, who both happen to be teachers, so lots of discussion there. And once again the driver was great - they're just so much fun here haha everything becomes a joke. Someone had parked in the clearly marked bus loading zone... so... our bus driver parked the bus anyway and blocked the car in. Since we weren't scheduled to go for another 10 min or so, he waited until the car driver came back, said 'sorry you shouldn't be ... read more
Muckross House
Muckross Lake
Tall trees make good patterns

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Gap of Dunloe July 19th 2015

There. Was. SUN! Today I headed out to the National Park to hike the Gap of Dunloe. Oh boy, was it the perfect day for it - the colours were pristine with the sunlight. For some reason I got stuck doing the tour backwards - not the end of the world, but a pain time wise because we were late leaving, and I was on the last boat out, and it's supposed to take 2.5hrs to hike the Gap and so I basically had 2.75hrs to make it back for the bus. Considering how many pictures I take... I was concerned about the time. Anyway, the bus/boat driver was a hoot. He looked a lot like Hugh Bonneville so that's pretty much all I could think of during the time with him. The tour started at ... read more
Such a great sunny day
On the lakes

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney July 19th 2015

It seems to have become colder as the summer has progressed! Saturday morning, Emily woke up just as the sun rose and headed to the city center. We waited in the freezing wind for our paddywaggon tour bus. It rained the entire three hour bus ride and thankfully cleared up just as we arrived at our destination: The Ring of Kerry! This is an 180km ring in Killarney, Ireland that overlooks the stunning ocean. On the Ring of Kerry trail, we hiked to the Torc Waterfall, the biggest waterfall in the country. After the uphill hike the cold air and most from the water felt amazing! Then, it was back to the bus where we were taken to the Killarney National Park. There were incredible views of the mountains. We got lost in the woods for ... read more
South Wall Walk at Sunset
Killarney National Park

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney July 17th 2015

Yesterday was very low-key - off to Killarney. Waiting for the bus I had a convo with a nice old man who had such a thick Irish accent I maybe caught half of what he said. Very friendly though! The drive itself was uneventful. Very green, very grey ;) Killarney looks cute. I wandered around the town centre most of the day. A lot of little markets, so I just had to get some scones to try. Otherwise I didn't do much else - other than go see Antman... it's Marvel, I felt obligated but I really did enjoy it. Woohoo! Today I had planned to go down to Muckross House and the national park, but with a change of weather forecast I chanced it and went on a tour to Dingle. So, def on my ... read more
Sand dune at Inch Beach
Further along the coast
Look at all those shades of green!

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney June 19th 2015

Monday was our last day in Scotland. David continued life as a working man, and we remaining four (Mom, Dad, Abigail, and I) traveled on to Ireland! For our last meal in Edinburgh, we ate at the Elephant House - an eclectic cafe where J. K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book. As we were coming out of the cafe, I saw a girl in a cab with a very shocked look on her face and she was gesticulating excitedly. Turns out it was Tori Cohagan, one of my friends from high school and youth group. She and her family were vacationing in Scotland as well (her father, Jerry, is also a professor at Olivet). I hurriedly got out my phone and we took a selfie with Tori hanging out the taxi window right as ... read more
Blarney Castle
The ambulatory in Muckross Abbey
Another Muckross ambulatory surrounding the courtyard

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry May 23rd 2015

We left this morning at 9:15 to head to Tralee where we are to catch a train to Dublin. On the way we stopped at a small waterfall where some of the group hiked to the top of the small rocky hill. There was a lake at the top of the hill. From there we went to Glentinassig Park that had 2 lakes we hiked around. On the way into the park we saw signs for a missing dog and we were on the lookout the whole time. Once we got back to the van, one of our group spotted “Bonnie”. The chase ensued. Dan the football player ran on got on one side of Bonnie and chased her back towards the group. Bonnie ran under the van where Mary got her in her arms. Once ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Dingle May 21st 2015

Today started with Horseback riding on the beach. Shelly decided not to go but i went anyways. Nicky and Tim also didn't go. It was fun. We used English saddles which I've never used before. I actually think they are more comfortable. One lady (not in our group) fell off her horse. Luckily it was on the beach and not in the mud, the road or the prickly bushes we also road near. The van picked us up and we then drove around Dingle peninsula. Unfortunately the weather of yesterday was not today. It started raining. oh well. We stopped at a place where they had the old beehive style stone houses and the lady that owned the land was there and invited us in her house. She had a picture taken with Tom Cruise when ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Portmagee May 20th 2015

Tuesday morning we drove to the Killarny National Park in Southern Ireland where we did a bike ride around one of the lakes. Oh my, it was beautiful. The ride had slight hills and we stopped a lot to have the local wildlife explained to us, to walk thru a cave (and Yes, Shelly did it) and to see the sights. BTW, we are in County Kerry (Keri) and if we went on the longer trip we would go to County Claire. So after today I now know why there is Irish green. Everything here is green and I mean, green, 100’s of shades of green. Then it did the typical weather, rain some, sun some, rain some while the sun is out. – lots of rainbows. Then there is the “Ireland” you see. Rock walls ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Portmagee May 20th 2015

We were supposed to take a boat over to the Skellig islands this morning where the 600 - 1200 ad monastery is located. There are 600 steps up to it. Well, the seas were too rough and it was cancelled. Instead we went to the telegraph point (where the first trans Atlantic cable arrived in Europe and hiked up to the point house. We could get a view of Skellig island from there but it is still 8 miles away. Still, the views were great. Next we went to the Skellig Museum in town and got more information on what we were supposed to see. From there we drove to an old abandoned castle that we got to climb thru. We could see the kill hole where they could drop stuff in on invaders, we saw ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare May 19th 2015

Well Shelly woke up early and headed out for a hike. I fell back to sleep especially since I didn't sleep well. After a couple quick pictures and breakfast we all hoped into the van and headed out to the park near the hotel. We got there and hike a short bit by a waterfall/stream up to a viewpoint to see the whole valley. ok, I heard short walk so I didn't wear my hiking shoes... I survived but the shoes did get muddy. I did retrieve my hiking shoes before getting back in the van so that I wouldn't have any more mud the rest of the day... next we headed down the road and stopped at several areas for pictures and short hikes. Along the way we really started to see sheep. So how ... read more

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