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Europe » Ireland » County Carlow » Carlow July 16th 2017

In mid-July my friend and colleague Anja and I were invited to our colleague John’s wedding in Ireland. I had worked with John in Singapore for a year, and since for a few months it had only been the two of us in the office, with Ben joining us a bit later, we had become friends. I was happy to be invited to his wedding. John is half-German and half-Irish and had returned to Ireland from Singapore the year before and was going to marry his partner Fiona, who is Irish as well and whom he had met in Singapore. I was also looking forward to spending a few days with Anja. Anja and I flew into Dublin the day before the wedding, rented a car, and drove to Carlow County. Anja had booked a lovely ... read more
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Europe » Ireland » County Carlow » Carlow October 13th 2016

Today I went to my first soccer match since I was in high school. The way it works in Galway is that everyone practices, but only 16 girls go to the away games. I was fortunate enough to be one of the 16 girls, much to my surprise. Our game was in Carlow which is down by Kilkenny. The bus left at half ten (it was supposed to be half nine, but the bus company forgot about us). It took about three hours to get there. I figured I wouldn't play at all. In Ireland the system is like the pros where once you are subbed you are out for the game and you only get five subs a game. That's crazy to me. So, I figured I was there for injuries only. Much to my ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Carlow » Carlow July 4th 2016

Five well prepared choirs made beautiful music from the first note today. Rehearsals and visiting some lovely sites in Carlow. Finished the day with dinner for 200. No small feat for our hosts at Aspiro. Our chaperones provided some festive red, white and blue touches. Followed by Irish dancing and music. Off with host families for some sleep and then on the bus to Maynooth in the morning. Every day is action packed. ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Carlow » Carlow July 3rd 2016

The Cliffs of Moher are amazing and majestic. It's a long way across the Atlantic home. Thankfully everyone stayed on the top. After an exhilaratingly day we met our hosts for a fun pizza and singing party. All the kids, and all the adults enjoyed a sunny mild event in the garden (back yard) of Aspiro conductor Mary Amond O'Brien. Singing was the highlight. All off with their Irish families. It's a good night. ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Carlow March 8th 2013

Hi, I have now booked flights for our trip to Asia, I am flying into Singapore on the 18th June and wondering about accommodation, where are the best low priced hotels, how do we get from Airport to city cheaply etc. any help would be much appreciated. We are only staying for a couple of days but would like to see as much of it as we can.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Carlow » Carlow July 23rd 2009

Hi Ruthie, you will be happy to hear I have escaped from my nasty captors and I am now on the run. I am so lucky to have survived and I am sharing some pictures of my horrendous experience with those nasty captors. I must share the following from that experience: Every night, Harold would go down to the liquor store, get a six pack, bring it home, and drink it while he watched TV. He would become very drunk and begin to stretch me, Stand on me throw me against walls, fling me round the room. I am sure you can only imagine the pain. Henry got so drunk one night I decided this was the night to escape. I am now Free. I am on the road again. I miss you. Freddie. xxx ... read more
And Again
Stamping on me

Europe » Ireland » County Carlow » Carlow April 19th 2009

Well back from spring break and it was not the best spring i have ever had. During the first week i traveled to Paris. I had some good time, but people there can be very rude and not nice, especially if you do not speak their language. Although i did get to see most of everything i wanted, like the louvre and the Eiffel tower, but i did not get to see versailles. Was there for about five days and then came back to the good ole emerald isle. From there my cousin flew in from home and the two of as along with our aunt traveled around Ireland. O what a joy that was. I get pretty tried of going to see the same things over and over again. Went to see the family which ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Carlow » Carlow March 30th 2009

well i spent the last weekend of march in Cork. It was great! John showed us around and took us out to a club! We went to the Blarney Stone and of course kissed the stone. Today it was back to school and back to work. We are spending lots of time on our music to be ready for our concert, which means practice practice practice! We are getting better though. The school year is quickly coming to end. after our concert we have two fieldtrips, and then finals, then we go home!! Im real excited but i still take this trip day by day and even though i miss home i actually might miss a few things here when i get home. Anyways just got to get through this week and then spring break!! Ya ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Carlow » Carlow March 23rd 2009

Well this month has been flying by. We went to Glendalouch a few weeks ago and it was a fun time. Its a cool place and has lots of history. Glad i got to go even though i had to miss class for it. Then last week was my birthday and St. Patrick's day! good times. My aunt came to visit so over those two days we drove to tullamore to see family. It was great meeting so many people that i have never met before. I cant wait to go back and see them again in about three weeks. Then we went up to Galway and i got to see the Cliffs of Morh and Kylemore abbey. It was a great week. At school we are working hard on our music. I must say we ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Carlow » Carlow March 15th 2009

Paul was here for a week and we had an amazing time! He arrived in Dublin on Saturday the 7th. I met him at the airport and we spent the day sightseeing in Dublin. We saw Christchurch Cathedral and had chicken nuggets and chips (instead of fish and chips) outside by the cathedral. We then went to the Brazen Head, the oldest pub in Ireland and Paul had his first Guinness in Ireland! After that, we went to the Jameson Distillery and went through the tour. Paul volunteered to be a taste tester so now he is a certified whiskey tester with a certificate and everything!! haha On Monday I gave Paul a tour of Carlow and had lunch at a local pub. On Tuesday we left for London. In London went to St. Paul's Cathedral ... read more

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