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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 26th 2018

I had been to Iceland before in late spring, but I really want to see the country in winter time. Mainly to see the Northern Lights, but also because I really enjoy the cold weather and because it has been quite a while since I have seen proper snow. I decided to fly out on New Years Day since I found some pretty cheap tickets and I went for 4 days in total. When I arrived in Reykjavik in the late afternoon it was already getting dark. I walked to the hostel from the bus station when it started snowing. I felt like a little kid again walking around the snow catching snow flakes. My hostel was right in the city center. After dropping off my bag in the room I went out to the Big ... read more
not much to see here
ready to go see some whales or not

Europe » Iceland August 24th 2018

Iceland has given us a lot to talk about. This will be our 9th post on the country and we have covered most topics already but there are some things that we have encountered or realised that may be useful to other travellers. Just in case you haven't had time to read our earlier posts on the country we travelled in a 4WD with a camper box on the back. We stayed just one night (the last, after handing back the camper) in a guest house, so we will be talking about camping areas rather that other accommodation. And the photos are mostly of some of the signs we saw there. The Weather We will start with the obvious. We visited in July/August. We lived in the tropics for 25 years. Iceland in summer was, for ... read more
For Lucy & Aidan 2
We could all 'heart' traffic lights
When you want people to pay attention

Europe » Iceland » South August 21st 2018

The Golden Circle is very popular. Not too many who tour the country would miss it and, while we gave that option consideration, we have found that there is a reason that large squads of tourists go to places. They are nearly always worth visiting. So we did. We had intended to spend a day or two in Vik and factor in a lay day. We have been on the road now, moving constantly since 29 July and in the past we have found that it can be handy to have a day or two to switch off. It was raining but the wind had dropped so we had an excuse, but there were no puffins at Vik either. Apparently, puffins like the rain, wind and cold about as much as we do. Who would think ... read more
The trail to Gullfoss
Almost a stereotypical scene
Been better days

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik August 21st 2018

After the crowds of the Golden Circle we were looking for a place where crowds wouldn't be. Our plan had been to go back to Reykjavik because it is the capital city and we hadn't had much of a look around. Or we could have a look at Akranes, another place that looked good that we had skipped in our run from the rain on our first visit to Reykjavik. Unfortunately, Reykjavik has just one camping area, Reykjavik Camping, and it is large, capacity 900, full of people who have been travelling for a couple of weeks or are just setting up. Similar minimal amenities to most camping areas. Crowds at attractions are one thing, waiting for a shower in a long queue, that is another. We decided to see how Akranes was going. Akranes is ... read more
From Akranes campground
At Sangerdi Harbour
Harbour at Keflavik

Europe » Iceland August 19th 2018

During summer the rangers here at Drekagil hold a walk and talk at 10.00am most mornings at the lava field site for the Holuhruan eruption. This was Iceland's largest eruption for 230 years, and its most recent. The volcano Bardarbunga (great name) started to move in summer 2014. There was major concern. An eruption under the ice cap of one of the most powerful volcanoes in Iceland could cause catastrophic flooding in glacial rivers (jokulsa). Bardarbunga is a 180-190 km long mountain range with a fracture system running SW to NE. It is hidden by ice with a caldera filled with up to 850m of ice. The eruption that rolled around underneath all of this, causing the earthquakes that are signals for volcanic activity here, eventually made it out into the open through a fissure last ... read more
This Road's Not Too Bad
A bit sandy here
Sorry about the blurry photo: bit skiddy here

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík August 19th 2018

A long haul today. Just under 500 km. I must be going soft. 1,500 kms in outback Australia is a good day. Could be just be a little more to see here - and the 90km/hr speed limit is there for good reason. This post will take us down the east through the fjords to where the glaciers come out to play and on to Vik, the southernmost point of the island of Iceland - and the place where there are supposed be lots of puffins. Nice camp at Reydarfjordur. After doing all our washing and drying (no chance of drying in natural sunshine and breeze here), we slept in and didn't hit the road until just on 11.00am. The plan was to cover some ground down the eastern fjords. The coast line is fjords until ... read more
Take a seat
Tourists attracted
Glacier country

Europe » Iceland August 18th 2018

The highlands of Iceland have very little development and it is difficult to travel around. A great place, therefore, to get away a little from the outcome of the success Iceland has had in attracting tourists. This post will deal with the trip into Askja, the caldera itself and the next post will pick up the side trip out to Holuhraun eruption of 2014 and our trip out to the coast. Our previous post set out our reasons for selecting the F910 option from those available so I will only talk about those other options here in passing. We camped Modrudalur on the 901 that comes off Highway 1, the Ring Road, 26 km after it crosses the Jokulsa-a-Follum. Modrudalur has a bar and restaurant along with cabin accommodation. Importantly for us, it also has fuel. ... read more
Second Ford on F910
Colours near Askja
Caldera edge

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn August 18th 2018

We have reached the half way point of our trip around Iceland. The odometer is about to tick over to half of our allocated distance and we are 10 days in to a 20 day trip. So far, so good. In this post we will cover some of waterfalls and lakes in this central part of the North, talk a little about camping Iceland style and outline our planning for the next leg of the trip into the Highlands. We have previously camped in Europe for extended periods and have noted that they do it differently here. Well serviced camp sites that can handle, say 100 people, have 4 toilets and 2 showers but we have been in a few that have had closer to 900 people that don't have too many more. People seem to ... read more
Jokulsa-a-Follum below Dettifoss
Canyon walls Jokulsargljufur
Dettifoss in the selfie

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Hvammstangi August 17th 2018

This edition brings us out of the Westfjords and into North Iceland. We will cover the trip from Pingeyri to Isafjordur, then down Isafjardardjup, across to Drangsnes. We will cover our first drive through a one way tunnel that has traffic both ways at the same time, our time in Isafjordur, the search for a sim and the camp at Drangsnes. Out of Pingeyri (it should be pointed out that the actual spelling of this town's name starts with an Icelandic 'thorn' - it looks like a p with a top as well as a tail; is pronounced as you would the Th in Thor; and, it seems, should be transliterated with th but then it isn't recognised by some English language apps) it is back into the mountains again for a trip of about 60km ... read more
Birds on a cold tin roof - Isafjordur
Isafjordur harbour
Safe harbour near Drangsnes

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík August 17th 2018

This entry will take us into the North across the top part of the country to places including Siglufjordur, Akureyri and Husavik. We will talk about farms, the Herring Industry Museum and a Turf House Museum, among other things. We set off anti-clockwise around the Ring Road for no better reason than that the weather looked like rubbish in the south and pretty good to the west and north. In fact, in Iceland, there seems to be no better reason to go in a particular direction than the weather. Wind, when it comes up, can be a nuisance or even dangerous. We have followed the weather and enjoyed good weather most of the way, so far. After travelling through the west and north west, the north of Iceland is a bit like a return to something ... read more
Cloud over the fjord again
Landing the catch in Siglafjordur
Reflections in front of Herring Era Museum

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