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Europe » Iceland October 4th 2021

Iceland - Day 20 to 22 of 22 Hi all We've resisted for all the Iceland blogs so far using the oft repeated "Fire and Ice" in a title, but after the last 3 weeks we felt it was both about time and appropriate. We are starting this blog whilst still at Reykjavík Keflavik Airport, in the departure lounge. So, past the luggage security checks but yet to negotiate into the EasyJet boarding lounge/onto the plane. We will be amongst the first travellers flying into England under the new Covid Travel regulations which kicked in at 04:00 this morning. The main difference this makes for us is that the new rules eliminate the need for us to take a covid test here in Iceland before we depart (though we still have to take a PCR test ... read more
Another steaming field
Kerid Crater
Bobby Fischer chess Centre

Europe » Iceland October 1st 2021

Iceland - Days 16 to 19 of 22 After the shenanigans of weather avoidance of recent days our pace has slowed somewhat for the remainder of the holiday. We had never intended to spend time in the middling-West and certainly not in the "Golden Circle" especially as we had spent time in the latter before, but needs must after our escape from the clutches of blizzards in the NW. Tuesday We woke up to a bright, clear morning and thought all the weather troubles were behind us. We planned for 3 or 4 things that day, but nothing too far away from our hotel. Firstly we set off for "Iceland's Largest Cave", an enormous lava tube which had guided tours and was only around 35 km from our hotel, mostly on tarmaced road though the last ... read more
Hraunfossar Falls
Hraunfossar Falls
Bjarnarfoss Falls

Europe » Iceland September 27th 2021

Iceland - Days 14 & 15 of 22 Hi all Sunday The plan for today and Monday was to take our time on the 450km "interesting roads" journey from our perched-above-the-sea guesthouse in Skagaströnd via a midway stop at Hólmavík at the entrance to the Westfjords, an area that most tourists to Iceland pass on by, mostly because it is remote, to our destination Isafjordur. Our chosen route - sorry, scratch that, Paul's chosen route - was to be our first extensive use of Iceland's unpaved /dirt roads. The expectation is that these will be rough/smooth/uneven. But they are not the "F" roads which are VERY rough/bouldered/river crossings. Just on the way we detoured back a little for a photo-op which we missed on our way in on Saturday. An enormous sheep separation pen. We have ... read more
Skagaströnd church
Sheep roundup pen
Remote church

Europe » Iceland September 25th 2021

Days 12 & 13 from 22 Hi there Akureyri, Iceland's 2nd city - "city", self-titled and also referred to as such by my brother, but Pip objected to that, so Phil fired back with municipality 🤔😂 - by population (but to then get really, really picky Wiki says that as a "municipality" Akureyri is only the 4th largest in Iceland 😂😂😂) . Friday We didn't travel far at all today, just one brief out of town trip, but still filled a good day (though unfortunately the main museum we wanted to spend time at, Into The Arctic, seemed to have permanently closed). We treated ourselves to breakfast today at TripAdvisor's No 1 recommendation - waffles for Pip, porridge / raisins / cinnamon sugar for Paul. Delicious. This morning we did manage to get into the church. ... read more
Akureyri Church glass
Akureyri Church
Akureyri Church

Europe » Iceland September 23rd 2021

Iceland, days 10 & 11 from 22 Wednesday After yesterday's weather fun we were hoping for something more stable weather wise, and on the whole that is what we've had over these two days, albeit at a noticeable cooler temperature than we've had over the last week or more. For the first time on the trip the room Paul had booked comes with breakfast. A delicious selection, cold though of course, of cereals & fruit, local skyr yoghurt, smoked trout, lamb pate & other salamis and cheeses, local breads, crackers, home made preserves, salads... There was also tea brewed from angelica seeds which is supposed to be good for asthma (and colds, bronchitis and urinary infection- don't you love it that herbal remedies seem to always relieve so many varied ailments), which left Pip pondering on ... read more
Lake Myvatn lodgings
Myvatn Woods walk

Europe » Iceland September 21st 2021

Iceland Day 8 & 9 of 22 Monday - You can tell that this place - be it Iceland in general, or Egilsstaðir in particular - has a lot of American tourists given that it has a pretty authentic diner as a place to eat. We stopped off for a breakfast of american pancakes, maple syrup and bacon. All it really lacked was the waitress going around with a filter coffee pot for unlimited refills, and people, there were only half a dozen there including us. For the morning we set off to the coastal town of Seydisfjordur, just 30km to the east of us, accessed over a "pass" road. We passed some strange art work on the way - see picture of painted concrete blocks. Apparently when it was first "installed" there was a small ... read more
Hotel room notice
Egilsstaðir diner
Art work

Europe » Iceland September 19th 2021

Iceland day 6 & 7 from 22 No need to be up with the lark on Saturday as we are staying local, ready for a late afternoon treat - or at least when we woke we thought our booking was for late afternoon. Hostel kitchen facilities for our travelling breakfast and then out, just 3km up the road, to what looked like an interesting little local museum celebrating the life of a notable Icelandic author. Cute outside wall to the building, looking like a giant bookshelf (and also a hiding place for a geo-cache). As we were arriving, around 09:10, Paul noted that he had just received an email regarding our "trip" booking for later that afternoon. We were booked for the last trip of the day, 16:20, but the weather conditions were such that the ... read more
View from hostel
Author museum
Author memorial

Europe » Iceland September 17th 2021

Iceland - Day 5 of 22 Today finds us around 2/3rds of the way across Iceland's southern coast. Taking a reasonably early start we actually back tracked towards Reykjavík for the first couple of hours. As seen in yesterday's blog the view from atop Iceland's most southerly point was non-existent and we didn't even try for an interesting beach just before Vik either. We arrived at Reynisfjara Beach around 08.15 to find its car park almost full. As we walked across to the beach it became apparent that this was probably for the photo opportunities of the rising sun coming up between the cliffs and the stacks out to sea. Reynisfjara Beach is regarded as Iceland's most deadly beach because of 'sneaker waves'. These occasional waves come many more metres further up the beach and catch ... read more
Reynisfjara beach
Reynisfjara beach
Reynisfjara Beach

Europe » Iceland September 16th 2021

Iceland - Day 4 of 22 Hi all After all the lava excitement of yesterday Thursday's progress has been somewhat more sedate. A propos yesterday's blog and pictures we forgot to say that Paul has posted 4 videos to Twitter - his handle there is @airwavey - and to both his & our Facebook pages. They bring over the power of what we were watching. Local news reports today are that the area was evacuated yesterday (Wednesday) though it is now reopened today. The trail we used, however, Route A, is still closed as lava overflowed onto it. 😳 This morning we picked up our transport for the next 18 days. We have gone with a Dacia Duster 4x4, the same make/model as we used for our rough road driving in Armenia & Georgia in May ... read more
Habital cave

Europe » Iceland September 15th 2021

Iceland - Day 3 from 22 We promised you something special yesterday..... We don't know whether you are aware but a new volcano - Fagradalsfjall - broke out in the South western peninsula of Iceland in March this year. Some of the photos on the web have been pretty spectacular, with tourists standing within just a few feet of slowly spreading lava, and not surprisingly it has become quite a tourist draw. We were aware of the volcano when we booked and were hopeful that there would still be some spectacle when we went on whatever day we booked for. In the recent 2 to 3 months research on the web regularly showed us that the best of the eruption had now passed. Anything that was happening now was very intermittent and unpredictable, so booking a ... read more
Look at its advance
Yet more
And more

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