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Europe » Iceland June 4th 2019

Gisterenavond en vannacht hebben we geleden. Het schip bonkte, trilde en schommelde bij het weerstaan van de elementen. Enkele leden van ons viertal had geen trek of bleef op de kamer. Degenen die toch iets tot zich namen deden dat met zeer veel mate. Van slapen of enig ander vermaak was geen sprake. De verlossing kwam toen het schip verlaat aanmeerde in het noordwesten van IJsland, Seydisfjordur om precies te zijn. De spelling van dit woord doet de IJslandse taal geen eer aan. Een drietal tekens is echter op mijn toetsenbord niet te vinden. Bij het noemen van namen zal dat wel meer voorkomen. Vlot door de douane en op weg naar Egilsstadir voor boodschappen. IJsland is ruwweg 2 keer zo groot als Nederland en telt slechts 400.000 inwoners. Een dunbevolkt landje dat niet op elke ... read more

Europe » Iceland » East » Reyðarfjörður May 31st 2019

Hello again! Here is another chapter of my adventures in Iceland. I hope you are ready for more adventures. I must say that so far, Iceland has many incredible things that will definitely impress you. I will be sharing with you all the details of my fifth day of travel, which I have to admit, it was pretty laid back. After having a lot of adventures so far, I wanted to take things a bit slowly for the rest of the day. Firstly, I woke up around 9 am at my hotel in Nýpugarðar, which was very nice by the way. I was feeling so rested after that perfect good night sleep in the middle of nowhere. The staff was really nice, they offered a traditional Icelandic breakfast that included ham, cheese, celery, and milk. What ... read more
Horse riding

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn May 24th 2019

Welcome back! Here is another short story of my trip to Iceland. These past few days have been a bit hectic, yet, full of magic as I got to see so many interesting spots already. You are probably wondering if I felt sore after hiking at Landmannalaugar. Well, the truth is that I had quite an intense day back there, in fact, my legs were a bit shaky when I woke up the next morning. However, the incredible views and the natural pool, truly made that pain worthwhile. Join me on this new adventure, which I promise will make you want to pick Iceland as your next holiday destination. Here is a summary of today’s itinerary: 1- Skaftafell (Glacier walk) 2- Jökulsárlón (Zodiac tour) 3- Dinner in Höfn, staying at Nýpugarðar guesthouse. I left the small ... read more
Hello seal
Seals resting

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Landmannalaugar May 16th 2019

Hello again, I hope that you are ready to continue following my weekly stories in this beautiful country called Iceland. After a nice good night sleep and a traditional local breakfast in Hrauneyjar, it was time to continue with my trip. Luckily for me, the sun was shining and the weather was nice outside, perfect for another day of driving and exploring. Today, I will be visiting another iconic spot called Landmannalaugar, a truly enigmatic place located in Iceland’s southern highlands. This place promises incredible naturals views of the many volcanoes, waterfalls and hot springs. You should know that there are two types of roads in Iceland, main and mountain roads. Learn more about the weather and driving here. The first ones are suitable to drive all year round with any type of vehicle, but mountain ... read more
Visitor's center
Hiking trails

Europe » Iceland » South » Hella May 10th 2019

Welcome back! Where was I? Well, I must tell you, Thingvellir or Þingvellir is an obligated stop for those exploring Iceland's Golden Circle, so I would encourage all of you to visit this incredible national park. The incredible rock formations along the way look like taken out from another planet, but you don't have to go too far. Visit Iceland to enjoy a one of a lifetime experience. Here is today's series quick itinerary: Leaving Þingvellir Lunch at Friðheimar restaurant (tomato farm) Arriving at Geysir Staying at the hotel - The Highland Center Hrauneyjar After spending about an hour and a half surrounded by this beautiful scenery, I must say that I got a bit hungry, so this was my call to get on with my journey to find somewhere nice to have some lunch along ... read more
Tiny tomato
Hotel view

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjanesbær May 2nd 2019

Let me tell you about my wonderful trip to this mysterious and iconic place. As you may probably know, Iceland has a great number of natural attractions and rich cultural importance for the world. Personally, since I was very young, I have been very fond of visiting exciting places and meeting new people. So I thought to myself, why not exploring Iceland when I have my chance to do so? I have decided to travel to Iceland last September when the weather in Europe was still nice and warm but not too cold. The first thing that I immediately noticed was how busy the airport was. KEF International Airport is Iceland's most important gateway for business and, of course, for the always growing tourism industry. There is only one terminal that receives passengers from all over ... read more
Thingvellir National Park

Europe » Iceland » North April 8th 2019

We decided to take a trip. This time in a hired camper van (to save on costs and travel expenses) for a short trip across Iceland . We have travelled extensively in our lives and wanted to do a trip with a little bit of adventure added this time, so we thought this was a good idea. We already did lots of research online before the trip, so the first thing was the planning and various rental options we could find when we got there quick Google for camper rental Iceland, Iceland camper rental and how to find the best driving routes in Icelandand off we go. Once we had planned the route and picked up the camper from the hire company, we loaded with all o... read more

Europe » Iceland February 9th 2019

Iceland (Feb 5th - 8th 2019) DAY 1: Let's Go! Flying from (8am) Luton to Keflavik (11am), stepping out into Iceland for the first time and battling a blistering icy wind to our hire car, doing our best to slide to our vehicle on the thick and slippery ice, well it's -5C : Awesome! There's no time to waste, we're not heading to the hotel first, we're starting the car, opening up our prepared bag of snacks (breakfast bars, noodles, and beef jerky), and heading off on our first site seeing tour; The Golden Circle. Keflavik IAP > Gullfoss (Route 41, 163km over 2.5 hours by car) I was in awe at the beauty of this country, the lava fields, towering mountains, and a landscape covered in snow and rock as far as the eye could ... read more
Ready for an adventure
1st stop: Gulfoss
Collecting water from the mineral spring

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík February 4th 2019

Reykjavik Final Day The weather forecast for our final day in Iceland was calling for snow. Since most of the roads we had traveled on were treacherous enough already, we chose not to head out and tempt fate with more snow scheduled to fall. We decided to intentionally sleep in a little and spend another day exploring Reykjavik. We awoke to see snow beginning to fall. The sky was filled with dark gray snow clouds, which did not allow in the sunlight. This morning was the first time it was actually twilight at 10 AM. This is what we had expected all week. The temperature had risen a bit but was still a degree or six below zero. The main roads in Reykjavik are well prepared for snow. First, they are not smooth surfaced cement or ... read more
The Penis lamp, a MUST have
Proof it exists
Snow on our last day

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík February 2nd 2019

Iceland Road Trip Day 3 Another day dawned in the most northern capital city in Europe. The plan was to get up around 7 AM and drive along the more southern tier of the Golden Circle. Good plan, but not perfect execution. We got up at 9 AM and hit the road just before 10 AM. It was a little colder today than yesterday, with a temperature forecast of -10 C. Also, we had a bit more wind to help drive the temperature down further, so we bundled up with everything we had and hit the road. Our first stop Reykjafoss in the Botanical Gardens in Hverageroi. The big attraction in the gardens is supposed to be the water falls or FOSS in Icelandic. In conjunction with that, there was a geothermal park right outside the ... read more
Beautiful Farmscape
Breathtaking Scenery
Pjorsardalur Valley

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