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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Selfoss April 28th 2015

Oli poutapäivä. Tuuli edelleen kovasti. Suuntasimme pohjoiseen. Kävimme katsomassa Geysirin alueen ja sitten sen vieressä Gulfossin komeilla putouksilla. Vanha Geysir purkautuu enää aika satunnaisesti, mutta sen vieressä oleva Strokkur purkautui noin 5 minuutin välein ja kerkesimme nähdä sen muutaman kerran. Gulfossissa kävimme ensin kahvilassa. Vedin päälle vielä sadevaatteet kun olin lukenut että koskesta tulisi niin paljon kosteutta. Ehkä olisi tullutkin jos olisi ollut kesä ja olisimme voineet kävellä lähemmäs. Palasimme Selfossiin ja kävimme lounaalla samassa paikassa kuin eilen. Jatkoimme Hvolsvöllurin ohi itään päällystetylle pikkutielle, josta näkyi hyvin jäätikölle. Sielläkin kävimme katsomassa putousta. Ajoimme lopuksi hotelliin Skogafossin lähelle. Siellä ajelimme edestakaisin kahden hotellin välillä. Kun hotellin pitäjä ei suostunut a... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Selfoss April 27th 2015

Hostellissa oli hyvä aamupala. Auto oli varattuna maanantaiaamusta klo 10.30 alkaen. Meidän piti alun perin lähteä kiertämään Islanti myötäpäivään. Mutta koska sää on selvästi keskimääräistä kylmempää ja pohjoisessa tuli lunta, niin muutimme suunnitelmia. Peruimme kaikki majoitusvaraukset. Saimmekin auton jossa oli nastarenkaat, mutta emme lähteneet silti kiertämään saarta myötäpäivään. Ajoimme ensin Reykjavikiin, lisäsimme renkaisiin ilmaa, koska autossa paloi varoitusvalo. Jorma luki karttaa. Ajoimme Reykjavikin keskustaan, pysäköimme auton kirkon viereen. Kävimme kävelyllä vanhassa kaupungissa. Siellä oli paikalliset vanhojen päivät. Poikkesimme pullakahvilla. Ajoimme Selfossiin. Pysähdyimme näköalapaikalle, kun saavuimme ylängöltä laaksoon. Tuuli oli kova. Selfossissa kävimme pankissa ja syömässä. Toisessa paikassa oli wifi, ja tutk... read more

Europe » Iceland April 27th 2015

Wed May 27 Day ??? Glacier Life The trip up to the glacier was beautiful and memorable. Me and Hendrick took the car, “Gary” which is a really old army ambulance from the 70’s. There was a hatch inside the cabin to see the engine, it could not go faster than 70km/hr (45km/hr up hills) and it plowed through all the snow here on the glacier. There were 7 trucks traveling up in our convoy carrying snowmobiles, our caravan/house, the toilets, two dog trailers, and tons of other gear. In total the trip took us 8 hours with many stops. We went through a 6km tunnel that runs under the ocean. When we got to the glacier, we sat in out vehicles for about 4 hours waiting for something to happen but nothing did. Siggi said ... read more

Europe » Iceland April 22nd 2015

Magical lights in the sky and I’m not tripping? Yes please. The Aurora Borealis has always fascinated me. It just seems so unreal and unnatural, yet it is completely pure and absolute. The pictures I’ve seen, while incredible, I am sure do not do justice to the real thing. I simply must see the northern lights. I wouldn’t mind seeing them inAlaska, but rather, I envision seeing them somewhere more exotic, likeIceland. I could kill two birds with one stone this way. Visit a new country and see the lights. I feel it will be one of those very present moments in which I do not even want to take photos, but rather simply watch, and enjoy and be in awe of what this world can do.... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík April 12th 2015

After such an amazing, but very tiring, two day trip down to the south of Iceland I'm ready for a lie in and a lazy last day in Reykjavik before flying home tomorrow. It feels like coming home whenever I get back to the Rekjavik Downtown Hostel now. What a great choice it turned out to be. The staff are lovely, it's in such a good location and really quiet so you actually get a good night's sleep. I'd highly recommend it to anyone wondering which youth hostel to pick in Reykjavik. Saga Museum So what to do on my last day? There are still a couple of museums I haven't checked out so I decide to go back to the harbour area and take a look at the famous Saga Museum. Basically it's a series ... read more
Floki Vilgerdarson took three ravens on his voyage to Iceland in 870AD and later received the nick name Hrafna-Floki after the raven
Ingolfur Arnarson settled in Iceland the place his two wooden pillars landed ashore at Reykjavik
Skalla Grimur Kveldulfsson, the incredibly strong blacksmith who smelted swamp iron. He had to be strong to get the rock from the ocean bed.

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík April 11th 2015

Having limped to our hotel in the dark in a snow storm the previous night we hadn't seen anything of our surroundings so it was a total surprise to see what a beautiful spot we are in when I open my curtains and blink in the bright sunshine streaming in the next morning. I quickly get showered and dressed and have a spot of breakfast before heading out to explore. Close behind the hotel is a big mountain range, the snow dazzling off its steep sides in streaky patterns. In front, only a few hundred metres away, is the sea! What a wonderful setting for a hotel and how lucky are we to be greeted by sunshine. I head down towards the fenced off cliff looking down on the seashore and spot a couple of curious ... read more
Beautiful Icelandic horse
Lumps of glacier washed up on the beach
Lump of glacier ice

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík April 10th 2015

So today I begin my 2-day trip to the south of Iceland with EXTREME Iceland. I'm hoping the tour company's name provides the exciting trip it seems to promise. I've been looking forward to this trip more than any other so expectations are high. I'm picked up at my hotel and taken to Extreme Iceland's base where Bjorn our tour leader for the trip is waiting for us in a minibus that quickly fills up with people among whom are lots of excitable young Chinese girls! As we set off we have problems with Bjorn's headset mike - he's on his own so needs to be driver and guide as he's going along so this is kinda important equipment. We even have to go back to base to sort it out which isn't a good start, ... read more
Steam bore holes
Crack in the rocks hiding Gljufrabui Waterfall
Gljufrabui Waterfall

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík April 9th 2015

After my late night watching the northern lights I have a lovely long lie in. When I eventually rouse myself, a peek out of the window reveals a snowy day - perfect for my planned museum trip - hopefully the Maritime Museum will finally be open after two failed attempts over the Easter period so far. I slip and slide my way to the hostel kitchen - I have to go outside across the yard to get to it and there's quite a bit of new ice to negotiate. I tuck into a big bowl of porridge and raisins and a squirt of runny honey that someone's donated to the 'free food' box and then set off down towards the harbour area where the Maritime Museum is located. I spot an hilarious triangular video sign on ... read more
Sign on a building site
Waving off the boats - Thor's hammer logo in evidence still
Seaman's Day - tug of war

Europe » Iceland » North » Akureyri April 8th 2015

I'm greeted by another sunny day in Iceland, my last day in the north of the country. I sort out my stuff, check out of the hostel and set off to do a bit of geocaching and exploring in the older parts of Akureyri. I remember to take a photo of one of the traffic lights. They are so cute - the red lights are in the shape of hearts! For my first geocache hunt I'm taken near to the Hof building (where I'd caught the bus to Husavik from) and see another cool sculpture by the waters' edge; this time a silvery fish tail is pointing skywards. The sculpture is by a guy called Petur Bjarnasson and is called Farið or 'the flight'. I don't ... read more
Akureyri College
Finding the botanical gardens geocache

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík April 8th 2015

Arriving back in Reykjavik I find that Oskar's assertion that when it's sunny in the north it's the opposite in the south of Iceland is actually true - today at least - as Reykjavik is pretty overcast and a slight flurry of snow is falling as I step outside the domestic airport. But what the hell, I'd planned to do a spot of geocaching around the shoreline footpath and over towards the Perlan on a massive roundabout route back to my hostel, so that's what I set off to do despite the less than perfect weather for it. I have to throw on all my layers and pull my scarf up over my face as the wind is bitingly cold on this exposed walk. But thankfully the snow stops and the sun breaks through the clouds ... read more
Raven crawwww!
Enjoying a bit of sunshine

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