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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 31st 2012

A leisurely breakfast, many slept in as we all had different departure plans. Raggi, having set everything up, departed for a camping trip on a secluded fjord island in the northwest. Wayne and I, joined by Joan and Milbrey, headed for a soak at the Blue Lagoon on the way to the Keflavik airport. The "lagoon" is a man made pool that captures the outlet water from the geothermal power plant for Reykjavik. It is well run, and many spend a spa day there. Met our driver for the transfer to Keflavik, and boarded the Seattle flight. A few hours later I was driving home. Ignored the yard that needed mowing, unpacked, and gathered info for the next day's start of a Materials Science class at UW. Back to reality(?)... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 29th 2012

Blue Lagoon is situated around 40 km from Reykjavik on the way to the airport Kevlavik.It s an outside swimmingpool, actually you only can sit and walk ,with warm water from the geysir system.Approx 35 degrees c. Next to the pool a kind of industrial complex to control everything.If the sun shines the blue is probably better than today with all the grey clouds. I visited the pool on my last day in Iceland. It s rather boring to sit and walk a bit in the warm water. Around the Blue Lagoon it looks like a moonlandscape. Yesterday evening I went on a tour to see the tear in the American/Eurasion tectonic plates, a waterfall fed by the glaciers and the Gulfoss geysirs.Now you realise how bad it is for your character when you see too ... read more
Blue Lagoon

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 29th 2012

Hallgrimskirkja is the cathedral of Reykjavik. Visited yesterday the organ/violin concert in the afternoon. This church has an huge organ and I wanted to hear it. Friday I took the citytour. Reykjavik has 120.000 inhabitants and the small cities around another 80000 what means that on one spot in this large country about 65% of the population is living.Was looking for an ATM and found one in the oiffices of tghe Landesbankinn. The offices are big and look like everywhere in the world rich. Hot water also from the tap comes from the geysir system.They are using the steam and hot water from the earth to use as heating system for the city.The cold water has an different system and you can drink it without any problem only thing is you have after using the hot ... read more
Organ of the Hallmgrimskirkja
City airport Reykjavik
Tear in the tectonic plates

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 29th 2012

I am pretty certain we are the only people checking in at Moruya with a destination above the Arctic circle. But I may be wrong. For 30 years I have wanted to visit Iceland. Don't ask me why, it's hard to explain. Icelanders are a unique, insular people, confined to a windswept, barren island in the north Atlantic. beholden to the very visible and obvious power of mother nature. But instead of giving up and returning to the (relative) warmth and easier life in Denmark or Norway, they made it work, and built a modern vibrant culture, right on the doorstep of the Arctic. I think it started with a Desmond Bagley spy novel "Running Blind", which I would have read in the seventies. A non-native Icelandic speaker, does something cold war-esque in Iceland. I can't ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 27th 2012

About the time I checked out wednesday to walk to the Thorshavn harbor the drizzle stopped and the wind took over again.Wind took over so much that the ferry captain was scared to damage a threemaster, a huge sailing ship, of the denish Marine.After various trials the ferry captain asked the denish captain to move his ship a few metres what they did by hand what costed quite some manpower. After it had been done we could leave with 1 hour delay.Sea was not too bad and I spent my last denish money to drink wine .Anyhow you never can buy much wine for also at sea its high priced. Reached Seydisfjoerdur at 7.30 thursday morning.I took the scheduled bus on 7.55 to Egilstadir .Nobody expected a minibus for 9 people and I had the last ... read more
trying to leave
Leaving Thorshavn

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 26th 2012

Departed SeaTac Thursday afternoon on a direct Icelandair flight to Keflavik. Landed Friday morning and were met by Raggi, our guide for the next 10 days. As the rooms were not ready yet, we dropped our bags at the hotel and took off on a walking tour of old Reykjavik. After an afternoon of further sight seeing, shopping, napping we met up for a seafood dinner before heading off to an evening of adjusting to the new time zone.... read more
1st High School in Iceland
Althing - Parliament
Basalt column Lutheran Church

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Fludir July 26th 2012

After breakfast it was on to Thingvellir National Park on the north shore of Thingvallavatn, Icelands' largest natural lake. The park is a UNESCO Heritage site as it where the seperation of the North American and European tectonic plates is measured. Here the plates are currently moving apart at 2 cm / year. The rift runs through the center of the country from southwest to northeast and is surrounded by a region of crust breaks. If anyone offers you a drink of pure glacier water be wary. Think of all the soil and rock that is dragged by glaciers. It takes years for the water to filter out the stuff the glacier carries. For example, water from the Langjokull glacier takes 25 years to make the 35 km trip to Tingvallavatn. Rain water can take 6 ... read more
Measurement zone
Booth foundation
Laugarvatn - Fontana Spa

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 26th 2012

From 5 - 15 July 2012 I was on a hiking trip in Iceland. It involved driving to different sites around the country, one or two hikes a day along with stops at various points of interest, then ending up at our accommodations for dinner. Sometimes we spent two nights at the same location. While not an all out hiking and camping trip, this method of travel allowed us to experience more of the country in a manageable amount of time. For those of you who are wondering why I am only posting now, I made the decision not to get hung up on media, postings, news, etc. while enjoying the trip. After 1 1/2 weeks of classes, home and yard maintenance, a wedding, and cross country flights, I am now relaxing in a humid Rye ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík » Kopavogur July 24th 2012

We are now sitting in Iceland waiting for the flight to Halifax. Our holiday to Scotland has had too many highlights to describe. Visiting family and friends, attending an amazing wedding and finally being true tourists. Its hard to believe we fitted so much into 15 days, we managed to explore a lot of Scotland within this time and even a small part of England. We would like to Thank all our friends and family who were able to meet up with us and treated us to meals, presents and sweeties, it was so great to see you all. We hope everyone enjoyed reading the blog, we had a lot of fun exploring the old buildings and writing about our adventures. Just wait for the next big trip!!! Shane and Karla... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 21st 2012

"Ooh it's fresh outside". Funny about that Penny. Had we been exiting the airport terminal in Hotandhumidland, an expression of surprise would have been appropriate with the mercury tipping 10 degrees. On the other hand, even if you knew Jack diddly squat about Iceland before arriving, with a name like that you really should have some fleece locked and loaded. The touchdown in Reykjavik was perfectly synchronised with a glowing sun nudging the Atlantic horizon, right on cue at 11.40pm. The light pink hues of that sunset morphed 2 hours later into a soft, pastel orange as the sun poked its head back above that same horizon. In between, the sky never turned completely black. At 66 degrees north, the days are long come July in Iceland. Those long daylight hours sent our body clocks into ... read more
West coast
Oops. Skogarfoss again
The horses are hairy

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