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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Landmannalaugar August 23rd 2011

Landsmannalaugar is full of wonderful hiking opportunities, but getting there is a little tough. A 4WD is highly recommended along with knowing how to use 4WD driving skills such as crossing rivers.... read more
River crossing
River crossing

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 19th 2011

Our highs, lows, and everything in between Our vacation has officially come to an end, and our final verdict: two thumbs up! It was a ton of fun and we saw some amazing sights along the way. A quick recap of some of favorite (and least favorite) things about this vacation: Highs -Snorkeling Silfra. The views were quite amazing, and how often can you say you drank the water you were swimming in?! -Snowmobiling on Langjokull. Again, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We felt like we were the only people on the planet when we were up there. -The geysers. I’d never seen one before, and seeing how crystal clear blue they are was pretty neat. We also saw the water bubble up just before erupting, which was awesome. -Lots of daylight. When you can walk the streets ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 18th 2011

What a sad day; it's our last day in Iceland but the good thing is the Golden Circle Tour was on our agenda. This tour is another jam packed, 8 hour day, loaded with fun! Just like the last few days we were picked up at 8:30 and driven to the bus terminal where we transferred to another bus with about 15 people total on the tour. Our first stop today was our only stop yesterday, Þingvellir National Park. But today we stopped at the top of the park on a cliff overlooking the entire park, well as far as you can see at least. The Park is enormous and obviously can't be seen by the naked eye. We were able to see the sites we visited yesterday from a bird's eye view. It was quite ... read more
Rachel and I at Gullfoss
Rachel shooting at Gullfoss
S.W.A.T. Snowmobilers

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 18th 2011

A classic tour of Iceland For our final full day in Iceland, we opted for the iconic Golden Circle tour plus a snowmobiling excursion. We got picked up at our hotel at 8:30 am, then transferred to a smaller bus with a few other people. Our first stop was Þingvellir park, which we'd actually visited yesterday. And it was a good thing we did, because today's stop was fairly short. We pulled up to a cliff overlooking the park where we were able to take some good panoramic photos. Then we drove down through the park, where we actually saw another group getting ready to head out. We never stopped at the lower part of the park though, so the other people on the bus never got to see Silfra. They're missing out! Then ... read more
Jason at Gullfoss
Game on
Langjökull glacier

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík » Kopavogur August 18th 2011

Við hjónakornin höfum ákveðið að halda úti ferðabloggi meðan á bakpokaferðinni stendur. Við leggjum af stað 3. september, byrjum í París þar sem við verðum í eina viku og þaðan fljúgum við svo til Frönsku Guyana, Surinam og Guyana. Þaðan ætlum við niður til Brasilíu og sigla niður Amazon. Að öðru leyti höfum við ekki skipulagt þetta mikið, við stefnum á að vera í Bólivíu um jólin og enda ferðina í Bandaríkjunum næsta vor, annars látum við okkur bara berast með straumnum. Undirbúningur stendur sem hæst, þessa dagana, flugmiðar, check! malaríutöflur, check! minniskort, check! vatnsheldar hlífar á bakpoka, check! Immodium, check! check! og svo sannarlega check! Ekki vill maður eyða allri ferðinni á dollunni! Við bloggum örugglega ekkert aftur fyrr en við erum farin í ferðina, fylgist endilega með :)... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 17th 2011

An underwater escape Today we got a little bit earlier start to things with an 8 am pick up for our Silfra snorkeling trip. We grabbed some breakfast at 7:30, and just after 8, Stephen and Kevin from came to pick us up. They're both young guys, one from Germany and one from Ireland, and they made the trip fun. We picked up a few other people along the way: Mikala from Germany, a diver from Norway and another diver from Denmark. It was about an hour's drive to Silfra, which is in Þingvellir national park. When we got there, we met up with about a dozen other people with our tour company. Most were diving, but 5 of us (including Jason and I) were snorkeling. The guides took us for a quick walk ... read more
A view from the top
Bright green algae

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 17th 2011

Naturally with my lack of sleep over the last week my wake up call from Rachel came 15 minutes earlier because was picking us up from the hotel between 8-8:30 so we had to be ready. Approximately 8:15 we were picked up by Kevin (from Ireland) and Stephen (from Germany). When they picked us up, a girl by the name of Mikala (also from Germany) was already in the van. We then picked up two more guys who were going to be diving. The one kid Edgar had 16 dives already under his belt, impressive! The ride to Þingvellir National Park was about 45 minutes-1 hour. I'm not quite sure because I was falling asleep, yet again. I forgot to mention the kid Stephen was driving the van and I'm not joking when I tell ... read more
Observing the view
Taking 35mm photos
Rachel peeking below

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 16th 2011

A tour of land and sea Today was our first full-day tour, and we spent it exploring the South Shore. We were up at 7 am again and were out the door by 8:30. Our tour was combined with a few other people who were doing a glacier walk, so we all met up at the bus station and headed out. We drove for at least an hour and half, checking out some sights along the way. We saw an big, old house that apparently now is a prison for white collar criminals. We also drove by a geothermal power plant, lots of Icelandic horses and Hekla. Our first stop was at an N1 gas station, where we stretched our legs and grabbed some snacks. Then it was back on the road. Our first real ... read more
Me climbing the basalt columns
Skogafoss waterfall
Seljalandsfos waterfall

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 16th 2011

Our days have been starting off way too early. Sure 7:15 isn't early anymore by my standards since I wake up at 5:45 but I mean this is vacation and I can't even catch up on sleep. Today's trip consisted of a full day bus ride to a glacier, Halsanefshellir (black sand beach), Skogasafn museum, Skogafoss waterfall and Seljalandfoss waterfall. This trip was jam packed with cool stuff and it was definitely going to be an all day event. The first stop was the glacier; to get to that point it was just shy of a 2 hour drive. Even without a 2 hour ride I'm glad we decided to take a tour there because we would have NEVER of found this place! Once we turned off the main road there was a bumpy, rocky, rough ... read more
Halsanefshellir beach
View from basalt columns
In front of Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 15th 2011

For part two of today's funstivities (yes, I made that up) we went to the world famous Blue Lagoon, home of the Chase credit card commercial! It would seriously awesome. Once we arrived after the 45 minute drive from our hotel we enter the locker rooms and get out our bathing suits and headed over to the shower. Rachel led me to believe that I was going to have to shower naked before enter the Blue Lagoon, along with everyone else entering, in a community shower. Thankfully that had stalled showers, a couple of which had doors. That just would have been uncomfortable for reasons I don't need to mention on here. Anyway, the temperature outside was probably 50-55 today and we just had to shower plus the addition of 20 MPH wind gusts... yeah it ... read more
Bunch of Caspers
View of Blue Lagoon from the top

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