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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Selfoss August 16th 2012

Off on a two day bus tour of the south of Iceland. First stop is in the mountain range outside of Reykjavik, where there are yet more steam vents – literally hundreds of them. They are used for power, but they are also used to pipe hot water to Reykjavík for heating and bathing. Most Icelanders’ hot water is piped straight out of the ground. Even travelling dozens of kilometers it is still scaldingly hot! Next is Þingvellir ('ll' is prnounced 'tl', and the letter þ is a soft "th". So it's prnounced thingvetlir. þingvellir is a special place for two reasons. It has been the home of Icelandic democracy since the 900's, the original parliament, where it remained until almost 1800. It is also the point at which the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates ... read more
Turn left for America; right for Europe
Gullfoss. That is a LOT of water

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Grindavík August 15th 2012

A bus day. Starting with a very quick tour of the city (the city isn’t huge and big buses aren’t allowed in the tight inner-city streets). A stop at the imposing and austere Hallgrimmskirkja. It is the tallest building in Iceland and dominates the city landscape. Lutherans aren’t exactly renowned for having fun and this shows both on the inside and the outside. We pass myriad monuments to Icelanders – it doesn’t take much for them to drop a statue or devote a building in memorial to citizens who in other countries would be otherwise forgotten. After the city tour, we head out to the Reykjanes pensinsula, back towards the international airport at Keflavík. For the record the consonant combination 'fl' is pronounced 'pl' in Icelandic. So it is pronounced Keplavik. You are starting to sound ... read more
Blue Lagoon - worth the 35 euros entry
Don't leave the path lest you boil

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 14th 2012

A travel day today. A relaxed morning in ilulissat and we said goodbye to the view from our hotel – possibly the best hotel view ever – and headed to Ilulissat airport. It is a short runway airport so only propeller planes can land there – no jets. The jets land at Kangerluassaq a couple of hundred kilometers south. The short runway means weight restrictions for take off so the plane takes off without refueling and has to land at Kangerluassaq for fuel; Once we leave KL we head east over the inland ice. Previously we have only seen coastal ice in the form of glaciers and icebergs. This is the second largest ice cap in the world and it is awe-inspiring. River after river after river of ice as far as the eye can see. ... read more
Best hotdogs in the world-from outside our hotel!

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 14th 2012

Some menus from our trip.... From the Reykyavikur restaurant "Fiskfélagið" = "The Fish Company" Rock salted beer glazed salmon & langoustine salad, fennel jam, frozen cucumber, Icelandic kryddbrauth (rye bread) Grilled beef rib eye and pork cheek, sweet onion jam, pepper sauce, bearnaise paste and fries Blueberry skyr mousse & blueberry muffin with caramelised almond, yoghurt skyr paste and home made marshmallow (skyr is a cultured cheese sort of halfway between mascarpone and yoghurt) From the Greenlandic buffet: Sashimi of Greenlandic halibut Greenlandic shrimp (very small but very tasty; when unpeeled almost universally pregnant) Dried fish (no thanks - like chewing on a rubber tyre but not as nice) Sushi with shrimp (yum) Smoked whale (looks like dark prosciutto) Salted scallops Halibut terrine Mussels Mattak (whale blubber) Seal soup (f... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Grindavík August 12th 2012

Some stories begin in the middle and work their way backwards ……this story begins on day two of our trip with us soaking in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland discussing the events of the previous two days. The Blue Lagoon, along with the excellent hotel of the same name would prove to be the best medicine for these two weary travelers. These waters are heavenly and the rich mineral content of sulfur and silica are said to have medicinal value, especially to those suffering from psoriasis. We found them to be utterly relaxing and if they do indeed possess extra value due to their content, all the more reason to hop in and enjoy. The waters are courtesy of the nearby geothermal plant, which takes the vented water from the ground all for ... read more
Their chef can cook!
View from our room
Icelandic Beer

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 10th 2012

Transferred off the boat and then bussed a couple of km to the heart of Longyearbyen. Jumped onto wifi to skype the kids which was fun. They seem to be doing well without us! We had only had very limited email for the week on the boat. With four hours to kill, we walked into every shop ion Longyearbyen TWICE. Donna satisfied her need for tourist tat. Friends and family – prepare yourself for the surprises she has in store! Longyearbyen to Tromsø. If you are wondering what the ø does in Tromsø it turns the last syllable into an “oo” sound, roughly rhyming with Trom-Sue. Tromsø to Oslo then a 3 hour wait. Oslo to Reykjavík, which is a 3.5 hour flight, landing at 10.45pm. It was PISSING down in Keflavik and Reykjavik. Torrential, and ... read more
Leave your gun outside

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 4th 2012

C'est un peu comme revenir à la maison ce retour à Reykajvik. Ma mémoire des lieux est intacte. Seul le batiment Harpa à changé, en 2010 ce n'était qu'un chantier. Température magnifique, loin de la chaleur suffocante de Montréal, ça fait du bien! Une journée assez relaxe et un festival de musique dont j'ignorais l'existence jusqu'au moment de l'entendre. Autre bonne nouvelle, la brasserie Borg.. enfin une Pale Ale Islandaise qui a de l'allure! J'ai aussi eu la chance de rencontrer et discuter avec le seul horloger ici, à défaut de me payer une superbe montre de 2000$.. il a nettoyé et ajusté la mienne gratis.. Je le remercie encore et lui souhaite bonne chance pour son concours de pêche demain dans les West Fjords. Pour ceux qui aime les belles montres : Moi demain je ... read more
Photo 2

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Selfoss August 3rd 2012

We saw friends and we saw waterfalls. It sprayed a little water but it was fun. We saw horses and one horse tried to eat my hand. We saw a horse show. We got to pet them and it was really fun. We saw geysirs. They smelled like eggs. We saw a really big one and it was fun. We went to a little park and me and my friend saw a beautiful place. I called the flowers "celebration flowers". It was really fun. - Sofia Aug 3, 2012 Journal Entry. So after a good night sleep we met Lenny and Maddie at their hotel just a few blocks away. It was so good to have a friend my age on the trip. We took a day tour through Reykjavik Excursions, the same company that took ... read more
Gulfoss - So beautiful
Icelandic Horse Show
Me and Maddie at Gulfoss

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 2nd 2012

We landed in Iceland and went to the Blue Lagoon. There was a geyser and some drinks. It was really fun. - Sofia Journal Entry After many months of talking about our summer trip to Ice and Green as I liked to call them, it was finally time to travel. I had been so excited. I was also very happy that for a week of the trip, I would be travelling with a friend, Maddie, who is one of the daughters of Daddy's good friend from college, Lenny. We were going to meet up with them on our second day. This would be the 3rd time I had seen Maddie. Once in Hartford, Connecticut where they live, and then once in south Florida. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So, after a short layover in New York (not enough time to ... read more
Blue Lagoon
Me, Maddie, and Troll
Laguna Blue at the Blue Lagoon

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 31st 2012

A leisurely breakfast, many slept in as we all had different departure plans. Raggi, having set everything up, departed for a camping trip on a secluded fjord island in the northwest. Wayne and I, joined by Joan and Milbrey, headed for a soak at the Blue Lagoon on the way to the Keflavik airport. The "lagoon" is a man made pool that captures the outlet water from the geothermal power plant for Reykjavik. It is well run, and many spend a spa day there. Met our driver for the transfer to Keflavik, and boarded the Seattle flight. A few hours later I was driving home. Ignored the yard that needed mowing, unpacked, and gathered info for the next day's start of a Materials Science class at UW. Back to reality(?)... read more

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