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Europe » Iceland » South » Vík July 22nd 2018

Nez jsme se rano vykyblikovali a dohodli, co vlastne budeme delat, bylo pul jedenacte. Prejeli jsme do Skogaru, odkud se da jit hezka tura do horskeho sedla. Takze neco pred jednou jsme vyrazili. Hned na zacatku byl moc pekny vodopad Skogarfoss, zcela obklopeny turisty. Cesta pokracovala proti proudu reky, ktera tu vykotlala moc peknou roklinu s mnoha vodopady. Turistu postupne ubyvalo, porad jsme stoupali a slo se docela dobre. Na rozcesti jsme se podle planu vydali obtiznejsi cervenou trasou. A na ni jsme od posledni doby ledove byli asi tak desati v poradi. Uplne opustene se dve postavy sunuly do kopce, pomalu se ztracely v mlze a jedine rusily okolni ticho. Prvni prechod asi 5-metroveho snehoveho jazyku zpusobil dobrou naladu. Pozdeji nas z letargie nevytrhl asi prechod asi pulkilomertoveho snehu. Fakt to zacinalo byt nekonecne. Podle ... read more
Cestou k Fimmvörðuskáli
Krajina se menila znacne
Fimmvörðuskáli - takto to nahore melo vypadat

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík May 11th 2018

We did not know what to expect today except that the weather was going to be “not pleasant”. It turned out to be extremely cold with temperatures varying during the day between below zero to 7 degrees plus the icy rain and wind with low cloud made conditions just a little less than comfortable! We didn’t shirk any walking to sites, particularly the Katla Glacier, where the conditions were at their worst. This glacier has receded nearly a kilometre since 1990 due to global warming. We visited Skogar and Seljalands Waterfalls, neither as powerful as yesterdays but they had height. Due to the wind, the spray from both was not refreshing to say the least. Reynisfjara, the black beach, was exactly as described; black. Black rock, black stones, black pebbles, black sand. The sea was rough ... read more
Skogar Waterfall.
Skogar Waterfall.
Skogar Waterfall.

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík March 2nd 2018

Do you enjoy waterfalls? Well we have 'em, lots of 'em. Your trusty travelers obtained a very early start this morning thanks to HP-11:45. Yes, all morning the two birds in the caravan complained bitterly to HP-poor fella. At any rate we traveled ESE along Highway 1, otherwise known as the ring road as it completely circles the island. This is Islanders conception of a super highway-two lanes with a speed limit of 90km (56 mph). The road was actually quite fine for us as we repeatedly stopped during waterfall alerts. All of the falls we will show you are within a mile or so of the coast and quite close to the road. Most can actually be viewed from the highway, so the birds were often chirping "oh, how beautiful, stop, stop", and HP dutifully ... read more
Several Falls
Turf House
Secret Falls

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík August 9th 2017

Hello from Iceland – Blog 1 Canberra/London/Iceland Before you start reading the blog we want to say a big hello and super hugs to Lucas, Flynn and Liam. Also hi to Ollie. So we have tried the direct flight from Canberra and it is a no brainer – straight to Singapore. Not sure if Singapore Airlines think it will last given the aircraft is a bit old and the seats are a bit on the hard side!! But that said they have plenty of space and the flight was very smooth. Premium Economy from Singapore to London was much more comfortable and the extra touches were appreciated. Did note however that the quality of food and booze on SA was not quite what it used to be – more European type food and ordinary wine. Arrived ... read more
Barn and restaurant at Efsti Dalur Farm
beautiful boiling pool with blue cave
Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík June 12th 2017

I asked my kids to write today's blog but they fell asleep on me so you're stuck with me again. I'll try this get their perspective another night. Spent the morning at Skaftafell National Park - a popular place for camping, hiking and glacier tours. We did a relatively short hike to Svartifoss water falls. The unique feature of Svartifoss is the hexagonal basalt columns surrounding the falls. Very picturesque. From here, we drive back down highway 1 to Vik. Highway 1 is Iceland's "ring road" circling the entire island. I hope to return some day and spend a month exploring all the other regions we missed this trip. I recommend it for anyone traveling here in the future. Vik is a large town compared to most we've seen. By large I mean it has a ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík June 7th 2017

Heute sind wir relativ früh, also gegen 08:00 losgefahren. Zuvor habe ich noch die beiden etwa 0,3l-Gläser Bier von gestern Abend bezahlt. Die haben über 20 Euro gekostet. Wenigstens war es isländisches Bier vom großen Gletscher. Heute habe ich dann im Supermarkt für etwa 6 Euro zwei 0,5l-Dosen Tuborg Bier aus Dänemark mit etwa 2,25% Alkohol gekauft. Isländisches habe ich im Kühlregal nicht gefunden. Nach der Abfahrt sind wird zur Gletscherlagune Jökulsarlon. Diese ist sehr sehenswert und es haben dort schon zwei James Bond Filme gespielt. Dort haben wir eine Bootsfahrt gemacht. Das war ganz interessant und ist auch nach Lonely Planet ein großes Highlight. Anschließend sind wir zum Nationalpark Skaftafell wo wir teilweise zu einem mittelinteressanten Wasserfall gewandert sind. Es haben nicht alle Teilnehmer den ganzen Weg geschafft, ich aber schon. Aber wie schon vor ... read more
Bei Kap Dyrholaey.
Im Nationalpark Skaftafell.
Das große Lavafeld.

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík November 26th 2016

Our tour of Iceland has been incredible thus far and just when you think it can't get any round a bend and are blown away at the breathtaking scenery that lays before you. It seems as if every corner of this country has a hidden beauty to share. Today, we see some of the most beautiful Glacier patches Iceland has to offer. Locals referred to them as the "Northern Lights of the Sea" for their ability to reflect the colors of sun.... read more
Glacier Lagoon
Glacier Lagoon
Glacier Lagoon

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík November 25th 2016

Nothing like a good road trip with family! Today we traveled across Iceland to Skaftafell on the eastern shore. Along the way we saw some of the most incredible waterfalls, got awesome views of Iceland's active volcanos, and watched a stunning sunset from the black sand beach...and more importantly, we found the Aurora Borealis!... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík September 10th 2016

This was a day I had been looking forward to, some key sites that I couldn't wait to get exploring...starting with the famous ice lagoon of Jokulsarlon, Skaftafell national park and finally finishing in Vik with its black sandy beaches and basalt columns... On advice from some locals we pre-booked a zodiac tour of Jokulsarlon a couple of days previous and after only an hour or so from leaving Hofn we spotted the icebergs and tourist buses just off the Ring! You read about this place, see pics but they really don't do the spot justice; it is absolutely gorgeous...we were a bit early for the tour so were able to take a stroll along the edge of the lagoon and get our first glimpses at the utterly beautiful luminous-blue icebergs slowly making their way ... read more
The lonely highway...
Bundled up...

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík April 3rd 2016

Ohhhhh man this morning was tough. We were still on a high from seeing the lights the night before & checking that off our bucket list, but getting less than 3 1/2 hours of sleep was not our favorite part of our trip. We had a quick breakfast at the hotel (the included breakfast buffet was actually amazing!)... but my morning sickness came back rearing its ugly head and I threw up in the restaurant bathroom! WHOOPS!!! That was the first time I threw up in public my whole pregnancy. Oh well... funny memory?? Baldwin, our tour guide from yesterday picked us up again for our South Coast Tour! Yay! We liked him. We started off Skogafoss waterfall. Okay, another REALLY impressive waterfall!! We opted not to hike to the top (it's slippery and we figured ... read more

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