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July 24th 2018
Published: July 26th 2018
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Woke to light coming into the small areas of the curtains that weren’t closed and faint sounds of voices. I peaked out the window and said “what time is it?” Axel replied “4am” “What!! I have to pee! Rubbing my eyes I gracefully I turned myself around in our spacious and luxurious RV .......ok I lie I turned myself around like a bull in a china shop, hitting my head off the top of the van and flung open the van side door. “It’s a beautiful day and it’s only 4am” I said. Then I headed to the public bathroom. “What the heck are all you people doing in here at this hour! Are you all nuts!” I said to myself as I open the restroom door to 20+women and children half in line and half standing around with tooth brushed hanging out of their mouths. “Is this what happens in Iceland? Does everyone get up this early?”. Pushing my way through a sea of tooth brushes, I found an open bathroom. I opted to take my tooth brush and complete my oral hygiene by the van with a bottle of water. As I walked back to the van and I see the number of people awake I think to’s a wonderful world....well yes but I also think, it can’t be 4am. Children do no wake up at 4am, I don’t care what country you’re in. Once back in the van I ask again “are you sure it’s 4am because there are a lot of children awake and that’s not normal” Axel replies, “well it is back home.” And he giggles. Oh funny guy. We pack up and head to the grocery store/cafe/bathroom across the street. There we grab a coffee and connect to the internet for a few minutes to touch base and download the map for the day’s journey.
First stop, the Black Beach. See next blog

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