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21st July 2015

You look like your already having the time of your life. Xoxo
17th August 2014

hi! very interesting to follow your visit to Norway, we are norwegians going to Canada for a 17 days trip around BC and Alberta on wednsday. flying to and from Calgary, my 4th visit in 6 years, just loving it.
19th August 2014

That's fantastic! I loved Norway and will return next summer for certain! Have a wonderful vacation in Canada :)
3rd August 2014

Dattsa bigga pepperoni! :)
From Blog: Rome on Fire!
1st August 2014

eating horse
Just curious are ya'll eating the horse you both fell off of? Lol. Looks like you are having a fabulous time. Xoxoxo
1st August 2014

A dream come true...
Wonderful pictures, such a lovely life, so glad you are enjoying yourself, I couldn't be happier with all the images of everyone and everything..I am thoroughly enjoying myself through them! Hugs and kisses to all! :)
30th July 2014

A dream come true...
I know I shouldn't laugh, but had a quiet giggle inside my head, at the "ugly dismounts"! Hopefully the bruises will go away soon...Your story is so descriptive, appears I am seeing it through your eyes! I am thoroughly enjoying it! As I have always thought, that their summer homes are a wonderful retreat for all ages, and has become a family gathering place. So lovely to have a common ground for all, with loads of memories from years gone by, and now adding a few more. It is wonderful that the horses are there too, hopefully you will be able to go for an "easy" trail ride soon, when your bones sort out where they are supposed to be! Loving the pictures...keep them coming! Can you believe the weather has been 13c and up to 19c. here? Brrr...very chilly! Hugs to all!
27th July 2014

Wishing you a safe trip, loads of fun!!! Big hugs to everyone for me. Love you. I sure do hope you have charged all batteries that are needed and made sure you have your chargers. XOXOX. Tons of pics please.
26th July 2014

A very warm welcome to you from Luxembourg !
Enjoy your travels ! Karim

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