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Europe » Iceland » South » Vík July 4th 2014

Day 2 in Iceland along the SE Coast We woke to a day which was overcast but some sun was shining on the glacier. There was the occasional shower of rain through the day. First we drove along the south-east coast to Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, where large icebergs float around. We chose to go on an hour's zodiac cruise on the lagoon. We had half an hour to wait for the trip so ducked into the little cafe and had some mushroom soup - beautiful as it was very cold outside and very light rain. To go on the zodiac, we were kitted out with waterproof overalls in which we felt like sumo wrestlers but was very warm out in the speed boat with them on. It was amazing to see all the different shapes and ... read more
Pams philosophy of life
Horses to hire (2)
south-east  coast Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon (70)

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík July 3rd 2014

Iceland is like an amusement park, by which I mean, it's just one exhilaration after another. Unlike many places where the tourist destinations end up disappointing you, or are so mobbed with people that it takes all the magic away, Iceland's sights can't disappoint, and their majesty cannot be lessened even by crowds of tour buses. On our final full day, we drove all the way to Vik, stopping at several cool places along the way. Our first stop was a friendly bakery in Hverdagerdi (forgive me, but I don't want to stop to insert the Ð all the time or the Þ). Then we drove all the way to the Saga Centre, where I was in heaven, remembering the story of Njal's Saga. On the way, I read the first section of Njal's Saga out ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík March 26th 2014

To the South and it's Pouring! Today's adventure started at 9am, sightseeing and touring around the south shore of Iceland. An hour and a half from Reykjavík, our first stop was the Skógafoss waterfall. Huge and stunning with a massive spray, neither of us have ever seen a waterfall so big. It is 82 feet wide and has a 200 foot drop. The skies are grey, lots of rain and wind, low clouds with seabirds flying high and roosting in the cliffs. A great first stop! We realized after our first stop that we were going to be totally wet all day. Torrential arctic sheets of freezing rain that soaks you to the bone in 30 seconds mixed with 30 mph winds made for a complicated sightseeing tour. Our next stop was a black sand beach ... read more
John and Marleah at Skógafoss waterfall

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík December 14th 2013

"Why on earth would you go to Iceland in the middle of winter?", was usually the first thing out of anyone's mouth when I told them of our travel plans. Well, for one thing, it's about halfway between Europe and the US, so it makes a logical meeting point for Guillaume and I. Also, I've always wanted to go to Iceland, does the time of year really matter? Seeing the northern lights has always been on my bucket list, and there's no way to see them with summer's midnight sun, so why not see what 10 days in winter arctic conditions is really like? I landed in Reykjavic at about 7am local time, though it felt like midnight. The sun wouldn't be up for another three and a half hours. Snow was blowing in chilling gale-force ... read more
Days of Gray

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík August 30th 2013

Iceland’s main artery is a ring road that loops around the edge of the entire country. The buses are sporadic and expensive and we liked the idea of having our own car, free to stop as long as we like, wherever we like, camping whenever we were tired. However, hiring a car proved a little more difficult than we anticipated. Getting out of Thorsmork (where we finished our hike) was difficult in itself. We payed a lot of money to get onto a bus that looked more like an old battered loaf of bread sitting very high above extreme tyres. But the reason for this soon became apparent as we went cross country across the giant rocks of a dry river bed. We had to cross what remained of the river at one point, which was ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík June 12th 2013

This was the last day of our South Ring road trip. We were up and ready for breakfast by 8 am as we had another long day of traveling ahead of us back to Reykjavik. Stephan was an excellent guide and we were looking forward to hearing more Icelandic stories. Or so we thought. Let’s just say that by the end of the day it seemed like he was reaching for things to say and his so called sagas were dragging on and were not that interesting. We first started out going back to Glacier Lagoon. If it wasn’t too cold or if the weather was nice we were going to take a trip on the boat through the lagoon. How funny is that, if the weather is nice; what we were thinking? We are in ... read more
Colors of Blue Lagoon
Some cool formations on the beach

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík August 16th 2012

We went to a place with puffins. Lots of puffins. There were these straight things. We went to a waterfall and it was fun and pretty. We got a little wet. We went behind a waterfall. It looked like sugar. We got wet but it was still fun. The end. Iceland and Greenland. My favorite things on this trip: waterparks, fishing, snowmobiling, whale watching, helicopter, waterfalls, ice beach, car boat, long boat rid to icebergs, and playing with Maddie. - Sofia Journal Aug 17 and favorite list. It was time for our last full day in Iceland. We had a great night staying in the Vik hostel. The town of Vik is very small with around 300 people living there. It is the southernmost town of Iceland, which is still north of most places I have ... read more
Basalt Cliffs near Vik
Sail Away

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík August 9th 2011

Hola de nuevo a todos, tras nuestra experiencia asiatica aqui estamos en este impresionante pais. Todo empezo con el viaje a Alicante desde donde salio nuestro vuelo y tras llegar a las 5 de la mañana a Keflavick, montamos las bicis y sin mas dilacion emepzamos nuestro camino, primer dia, 62 Km a Reyckyavick...duro por la falta de sueño pero empezamos a atisvar la belleza del pais. Tras dormir en un camping nos fuimos a Laugarvatan tras pasar por Pingevellier, 72 km de ruta y un dia increible en el que vimos la falla que separa la placa norteamericana de la euroasiatica, el primer parlamento del mundo (1100 años ni mas ni menos) y dormimos en un hostal de lujo y nos dimos unos bañitos termales en un spa a la vera de un lago increible. ... read more
Llegada al aeropuerto de Keflavyck
La Roci

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík August 5th 2010

Geo: 63.4275, -19.001We rose early, to make sure we were at the National Park in time for our glacier hike. The kids and I needed be kitted with better boots, in addition to the crampons they give to everyone. When it was time, the four of us, plus about five other people, climbed on board an old school bus (clearly from Canada) to head to the glacier. It was raining today, with low clouds, so we did not get great weather for the excursion. Still, it was very enjoyable and informative. First, we had a great guide, Laurent from Glacier Mountain Guides. Second, I had never climbed on a glacier before, and it was a marvelous experience. We had a short hike, about 10 minutes, from where the boat parked to where the glacier began. We ... read more
Swans and signets
Swans and signets
Swans and signets

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík June 30th 2010

Despite a far-too-late night and a vat of wine (thanks for driving me home, Inge) at Inge and Osk's house, I managed to haul myself out of bed for a bus tour of the south shore of Iceland. I was a bit leery of a 10-hour bus tour - especially this little bus which seemed to be riding on its axle, having left whatever springs it once had far behind. But a coffee stop revived me and we were off. As we headed closer to the area where Eyjafallajokull (prounounced "Ella" and henceforth to be referred to as "the volcano here) erupted in March, the landscape started to change. The dramatic green-covered lava fields gave way to flat, black expanses and stopped up rivers that had washed the road out, creating huge ruts and bumps. And ... read more
The glacier
Ice, Ice baby

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