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Black beach 250AB0AC-1360-48F1-AB08-AE3A859362EE.

Black beach

July 24th 2018
Woke to light coming into the small areas of the curtains that weren’t closed and faint sounds of voices. I peaked out the window and said “what time is it?” Axel replied “4am” “What!! I have to pee! Rubbing my eyes I gracefully I turned myself around in our spacious and luxurious RV .......ok I lie I turned myself around like a bull in a china shop, hitting my head off the top of the ... read more
Europe » Iceland » South » Vík

Icelandic Flag Settled by Norwegian and Celtic (Scottish and Irish) immigrants during the late 9th and 10th centuries A.D., Iceland boasts the world's oldest functioning legislative assembly, the Althing, established in 930. Independent for over 300 years, Iceland ... ... read more
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