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May 11th 2018
Published: May 11th 2018
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We did not know what to expect today except that the weather was going to be “not pleasant”. It turned out to be extremely cold with temperatures varying during the day between below zero to 7 degrees plus the icy rain and wind with low cloud made conditions just a little less than comfortable! We didn’t shirk any walking to sites, particularly the Katla Glacier, where the conditions were at their worst. This glacier has receded nearly a kilometre since 1990 due to global warming.

We visited Skogar and Seljalands Waterfalls, neither as powerful as yesterdays but they had height. Due to the wind, the spray from both was not refreshing to say the least.

Reynisfjara, the black beach, was exactly as described; black. Black rock, black stones, black pebbles, black sand. The sea was rough and plunging. An unique area and one we’re happy to have visited.

The pipelines from the geo-thermal energy stations and fields are bent in a zig-zag fashion as that keeps the temperature even. The pipes are above ground and on small pillars which are on small wheels. During earthquakes, of which there are daily occurrences, the pipes do not rupture due to the pillars being able to freely move.

We arrived back tired, cold and mostly dry, hungry and in search of a wine. That did not take Jane long to find at all. Dinner did not touch the sides. Hot shower next.

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