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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos August 1st 2008

Day 34 When you have heard high praise about certain places all your life it is difficult to describe your first response. You actually feel ashamed to have to resort to cliches and superlatives as though you are the first person to have ever been there. The Greek islands are just like that. Amazing! I asked the owner of the delightful restaurant where we dined this evening about the holidaying Greeks who are everywhere, and he explained that most of them are Athenians . He realised that we are from Australia- assumed Melbourne, as it is the second largest Greek population in the world after Athens. He has cousins from Canada who are here at present. And his charming wife is actually from Germany- has been here for 11 years. They have a three year old ... read more
First glimpse of Santorini

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos July 31st 2008

Day 33 After three delightful days on Paros, our time came today to move on. We took the noon ferry to Naxos, only about 45 minutes away, round the other side of the island. Quite a different atmosphere. A bigger island, with more of a "town" like feel. The main town seems to have developed round a medieval Venetian castle. Many more boats at the marina, including private yachts and smaller cruise ships at anchor, all interspersed amongst local fishing boats. Our island hopping package had given us vouchers for a delightful small hotel. A driver in a van met us and took us there along with four US uni students here on an internship for "animal studies" - ie pre-vet science. We have come across quite a few US students on summer school credits. On ... read more
Marble pathway in Apeiranthos
Valley below Aperianthos
Lunch on Naxos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos July 15th 2008

Napoli was a dirty crazy city. Totally run by the Mafia. Its dirty coz no one picks up the rubbish. Word is the Mafia used to run it, but they got kicked out. So now no one wants to do it, because that would be stepping on the mafia's turf, and that's not conducive to living a long life. The EU contributed about 20 million euros to helping the city's rubbish problem... which promptly disappeared. So now the garbage from the markets that overtake the main street (north africans selling fake Gucci which is mafia produced) out the front of where we were staying just flies around the plaza all day in the hot breeze. Some big street sweeper drives around at about midnight, and by morning 2/3 of it is gone. Then it all starts ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos July 14th 2008

Just thought you might like to see a few images of this island. I am sure that you are already over reading my bits of news but perhaps the photos are worth sending. Love Hil... read more
Old Bell

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos June 2nd 2008

NAXOS I’ve put in the last view from the hotel in Kalambaka looking up from the hotel at Meteora and St Stephens in the afternoon light. The girls had been drinking and said they saw in the shadows of the stone forest an African elephant head looking down on the town. Athens: After getting our gear and returning to the Jason Inn, we went upstairs for drinks on the top deck which had a fantastic clear view of the Parthenon about 1 km away. Later that evening after we had dinner, Di returned when the lights were turned on and got a good shot of the floodlit Pathenon. Up at 5.00am and we waiting to get into the restaurant hopeful that we could get an early breakfast so we could get away by 6.10, but the ... read more
The Blue star Ferrys at Pireas
The hotel room at Naxos
lanes in Naxos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos May 17th 2008

After a few much nicer days in Ios, we have moved onto Naxos and have been here about 4 days now. It's a really nice island, quite different to Ios as it has much more of a family feel - lots more places to eat but far fewer bars! The weather wasn't so good on the first day so we explored the town which has quite a lot of history linked to it. We visited the castle that dominates the old town of Naxos and was built by the Venitians under their rule from about 13th century onwards. Unfortunately, due to the Naxian's dislike of the Venitians, a lot of the castle has been torn down or covered over with more classic Cycladic architecture, but you still get a feel of how dominating this castle must ... read more
View of the archway from Grotta beach
Naxos town

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos May 12th 2008

Hi all, so the big day has arrived, i have found a very nice sports bar, which apparantly is also the popular bar for ladies of the night to ply their trade, but most importantly, is showing the leeds match tonight!! im buzzing, im currently teaching "marching on together" to our canadian pals, so there'l be a good crowd in tonight! so, to update u with the events of the last few days. On the evening of our first full day here, we went for a wander round the old town, which, sadly, had an old market bit, full of little shops selling silk scarves and girl stuff like that, so the girls messed around looking at that while me and eric pined for some seafood. we had tea at a nice restaurant run by a ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos May 10th 2008

Hi all, just adding quick entry as havnt had the chance to for a few days. that is because the last two days have been a bit heavy, none-stop travelling for 48 hours. the last time we added sumut was the morning when we left monopoli. from there we changed our plans, deciding to get the ferry to patras from brindisi instead of bari, as i was a bit cheaper. we arrived there at around 2pm, and i just chilled out reading on a bench in the sun by the harbour, and kerry went for a wander, seeing the cathedral etc. it was here that we met a canadian couple, eric and julia, who were getting the same night ferry as us. they seemed pretty decent, for north-armericans (!), and so we stuck together in our ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos November 9th 2007

I am going heavy on the pictures, light on the content this time, folks. Here is the Reader's Digest update: Spent a few days in Santorini, Greece, rented a 4-wheeler and didn't kill ourselves even with Chris at the wheel (or handlebars). It was only a 50 cc and I'm pretty sure my parent's neighbor's 6 year old son has one that powerful. We were CRUSIN' uphill. Came to Naxos and almost didn't get off the ferry. We are talking a BIG ferry and they almost couldn't put the ramp down on the pier due to winds and turbulent seas... Seriously almost didn't let us off. Once they did I think my 40 ound bag was the only thing that kept me from flying off into the harbor. The next day was nice and we sat ... read more
It's All Greek To Me...
The Acropolis
Athens Olympics

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos September 20th 2007

Greetings from Naxos!!! Our first Greek island. Got to Athens on Tuesday. Had souvlaki at the best souvlaki shop in town or so we're told. It was very good. Then off to the Akropoli. Peaceful, poetic above the modern town of Athens. Lots of construction going on with the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike (we think that's the name). Still amazing. Greek dessert at night. Then back to the hotel from Syndagma. Very nice people. Got the boat from Pireaus to Naxos this morning at 7:25. Soft breeze and smooth sailing. Ahh...nice time for a nap. Now we are on Naxos. Had stuffed tomatoes and shrimp -- very fresh and very intact shrimp. Had Citron -- comes from Naxos. Green is sweet. White is medium and we think orange is the strongest. Temple of ... read more

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