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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos June 14th 2021

Our next stop was Naxos. We wanted to spend a week in one destination and we didn't know if we should spend it in Naxos or Paros. After reading a lot of blogs and guides, I decided that Naxos was the right choice for us. And it was! We left Santorini in the rain. Sailing past Ios, we could hardly see it. Actually, it was sort of like the last time we were there. You could say we spent our honeymoon there. As young backpackers, we left for a 2 year trip through Europe, Asia and Australia, straight after we got married. Our first stop (after Athens) was Ios and it wasn't very successful. We were there off season and everything was closed. It was cold and very windy and that old memory is why we ... read more
Amazing water in Naxos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos July 11th 2019

I need to rewind back a few days, I wrote a blog two nights ago and it didn’t save! I left you last with the question as to go back to Spiros for dinner or try the hyped-up restaurant ‘Giannoulis’ that always had a line of hungry tourists awaiting its dishes. I walk into Prokopios and ‘Giannoulis’ didn’t have a line around it yet. I was a little early for dinner, it was only 7pm. Dinner buzz starts closer to 8pm in Greece as sunset isn’t until 9:30. I took this as a sign that I should try ‘. ‘Giannoulis’. I should have gone with my gut-literally. Spiros was a better restaurant! Don’t get me wrong ‘Giannoulis’ was nice but definitely not worth the long wait that I could observe half way through my meal. I ... read more
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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos July 6th 2019

I was born to travel and as a result I work to travel. I never thought about writing a travel blog until I was encouraged by a dear friend who is also a fellow wonder-luster and travel blogger. So here I go!!!! My trip will entail 11 nights exploring some of the Greece’s most beautiful Cycladic Islands. I flew from Sydney to Singapore where I had a seven hour stopover before flying to Athens then one last flight to the Island of Naxos. I would recommend doing a city tour of Singapore as your allowed to leave the airport but I arrived at 7 pm and the last tour leaves at 6:30p, damn! I have spent the day in Singapore before so I wasn’t that upset, but it would have been a great way to kill ... read more
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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos October 24th 2018

In 2000 during my first trip to Greece, I was far from the maniacal peak bagger that I am at present. I visited both Naxos and Rhodes back then without any interest in summitting the high points of either of those islands but I did get to the overall high point of Greece on that trip, Mt. Olympus. Greek Island high points Parts I & II were both on Crete in 2014 as it was necessary to summit 2 peaks to be assured of hitting the highest one. After 3 weeks blowing through the Balkans and finishing my overland stretch in Thessaloniki, I visited 3 islands on this trip, returning to both Naxos and Rhodes with a stop in Santorini which was far and away the easiest way to bridge the other 2 islands out of ... read more
On the Ascent of Mt Zeus
Temple of Apollo, Naxos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos May 6th 2016

Naxos is one of the larger islands of the Cyclades and is the capital of the province. It has good beaches and is therefore guaranteed a strong tourism interest but doesn't just rely on that, having a strong agricultural industry and a stronger government presence. The fact that it was a straightforward ferry trip from Tinos was also a major factor for us, although the 6 hour trip back to the mainland was long enough. We had switched ferry companies for the trip from Tinos to Naxos. Fast Ferries is one of the major companies (and this ferry had an escalator – not sure if this is standard but it was the first time we had come across one). We used them simply because their timetable picked us up at Tinos and shifted us to Naxos ... read more
Same General Store
First glimpse Naxos Hora
Remains of Temple of Apollo

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos October 1st 2015

.... Thursday we were not allowed off the ship until dinner. It was to be a home hosted meal which is a wonderful feature that Grand Circle offers. The gangplank was held down by sturdy seamen for all 37 of us. We took a large bus to several drop off points. We were given directions to walk up, and up, and up until we saw an open door. We walked through rain, wind, then heavier rain until we saw a lady waving us into her home. The wind was blowing with such force that it was difficult to stand up straight. I was delighted to see that two of our hosts had been part of the dance troupe from the previous evening. Three other women were in the large warm kitchen/ dining room area. Their welcoming ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos September 27th 2015

Blog from my Turkey/ Greece trip April 2015 For weeks I couldn't get the Gilligan 's Island theme song out of my head. I've made a few changes to reflect my recent tour of some Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea that almost ended in disaster. Just sit back And you'll hear a tale A tale of a fateful ship That started in Kusadasi Aboard this tiny ship The mates were mighty sailing men The captain brave and sure Thirty-five passengers set sail that day For a seven day tour The weather starting getting rough The tiny ship was tossed If not for the courage of the fearless crew The 'Artemis' would be lost The 'Artemis' would be lost So this is the tale of our passengers They're here for a long time They'll have to ... read more
I library Ephesus
Ephesus Grand theater
Storm coming

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos May 30th 2015

Home now but continuing the tales of the trip that didn't go quite as planned. I love to travel alone despite the misgivings of those who think the rest of the world is one big bad scary place. I like the independence it gives me to see what I want for as little or as long as I want and to go back again and again if I so choose. I like the freedom to sit and observe the wonderful parade of people, both locals and tourists, going right by me oblivious to my camera. I like watching the people selling bread, hot corn, tea, or roasted chestnuts. I like watching the shills trying to get folks on their buses and their ability to speak so many languages, all with one goal, to get the butts ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos April 10th 2015

Some of you know I like to travel 'off season' - fewer crowds and cooler weather are just a few of the reasons. So when I booked this trip starting in Istanbul, then touring several Greek islands, and ending in Athens, I was keenly aware of how hot it can get in Greece. Thus, I opted for an early April date. Well, it has been not only cool but downright cold. My umbrella, rain ponchos, long underwear, gloves, and a hat from Peru have all been used. Really we had hail and sleet yesterday. I joined the tour in Istanbul. The following day (Tuesday) we had a very early morning flight to Izmir to visit Ephesus. But that will be another blog.... We were hurried out of the carpet salesroom ( not a bad thing) because ... read more
Ropes frayed from ship tossing

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos December 17th 2014

Dean writes......It was a cold and stormy night - only jokeing ..... that was last blog. This time it was a sunny day when we left Turkey from the town of Mamaris. We had an early taxi booked for 7.00 am for the short trip to the port where we boarded a big car and passenger ferry for the island of Rhodes. Again we are so glad that we were not travelling in the busy summer months, as we have heard time and time again about how it is sometimes quite often a nightmare boarding these ferry's with lots of people pushing and shoving to get through what was a very small entry door before going up an escalator to the upper decks, unfortunately no order what so ever! After a pleasant two hour ferry ride, ... read more
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