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Erica Buzo

My old friend and neighbour from Melbourne ,Connie and I have been planning/ dreaming for years of some teaching junkets to take us round the world to places we've never been able to visit. So this is our first foray. Wish us luck!

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region July 4th 2012

After blogging constantly to stay in touch on previous trips, I feel I should try this time once again since so few people have visited Myanmar. But not expecting much technology I am doing this on my iPhone via wifi in a bar! Poor Myanmar! It is a lot like Cambodia in the poverty of many of the people in a country of potential prosperity. From the bar where I sitcan see see mangey, rabid dogs and homeless people sleeping under tarps.... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt January 18th 2011

How lucky I am to have been invited to share this last week of my trip with Chris and Sue's last week. Not ever having skiied, I would never have come to such a place. So different from anywhere I have ever been before. It really has to be seen to be believed. So beautiful and so amazing. It is fascinating to see so many people form different countries all enthusiastically skiing in this winter wonderland amid the Alps. Everyone is doing it...families with children and babies, older people ... Then they all seem to enjoy sitting on terraces eating and drinking in the sunshine. It has not been cold this week, although I believe it is going to get cold again tomorrow. I had a try and was quite successful, but felt that for me ... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Leipzig January 14th 2011

One hour from Berlin by train is Leipzig. A lovely city to visit, rebuilt since the war and re-developed since re-unification but still retaining much of it's heritage and charm. Here lived JS Bach, Felix Mendelsohn and Robert Schumann as well as the young Goethe at different stages of their lives. Now there is a fine opera house and world famous Gewandhaus concert hall. About 15 years ago one of my students told me about the delights of Leipzig and I have wanted ever since to visit. In particular, she told about the Auerbachs cellar, mentioned by Goethe in Faust. How marvellous to have the opportunity of seeing these myself, and in the winter when there are few other tourists. It's all so civilised. Waiting in the Thomaskirche to pay my respects at the tomb of ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin January 11th 2011

After the mundane business of yesterday with organising Eva to go to Singapore ....finding alternate accommodation for me (walking distance of the Philharmonie!) farewelling her at the station and then going to dinner in the suburbs with friends ( after 5 different train changes!) I found that Eva had missed her connecting flight to Frankfurt and so had decided not to go. I shall refrain from expressing any thoughts or feelings in writing!!?? So she had to ring Liz at 6.30am to try and contact QANTAS as they were shut here. Poor Liz. However, she was not totally out of luck. Got to go to Butterfly at SOH with my ticket last night and was totally entranced. So today I set out to see what tix were available at the Philharmonie, only to discover that the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden January 10th 2011

Finally reached Berlin and met up with Eva, staying in her very comfortable and convenient apartment in Kleistpark which she shares with a German-speaking girl from Guatemala. We spent an pleasant weekend catching up both together and also with a German friend we know from Sydney. Sunday we made a 2 hour train trip to Dresden to see that beautiful city and the marvellous restoration that has been done after the terrible bombing in February 1945. Amongst other treat we went to a performance of Carmen in the Semperoper. This magnificent opera house has finally also been restored. It's hard to explain briefly, but Eva had a long term intention to go to the wedding of a very dear friend in Singapore this week. She even has the ticket booked for tonight. I think the challenges ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg January 4th 2011

I'm just starting to feel as though I know what I'm doing as a language student this week and of course I finish on Thursday. Friday is a public holiday, the 12th Day of Christmas commemorating the visit of the Three Kings to the Christ Child. Student numbers have increased again after the Christmas-New Year holidays. We received a few new students into our class including, for example, a young Italian uni student who needs to improve her German for a difficult exam. So she's here for two weeks. As with all language classes, we must always introduce ourselves to new students , saying where we come from and why we are here. So I have been reflecting on why I am here.The primary reason is the same as before I set improve my German ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg January 2nd 2011

At last I am able to catch up. Have been away from my computer for a few days. Last Wednesday and Thursday were unbelievably cold here.....minus 17 I think! But deceptively blue and clear. The Irish lawyer in my class wanted to go and have lunch and book tickets for the opera that night. Against my better judgement, I went along with him. We shared a substantial size typical bavarian dish in a brewery and a beer. After that I fell asleep for a couple of hours. Waking at 5.30pm I realised that I had to rush to the shops to buy the makings for a pavlova as i had undertaken to make one for a class party and also a Japanese girl who has spent 2 years in new Zealand wanted to learned. This time ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg December 28th 2010

I was glad to return to my cosy room at the Horizonte Language school, tucked away in the centre of the Medieval Town of Regensburg. It is situated on the northernmost point of the Danube River, where it turns south east. It was a very prosperous trading city during the Middle Ages. These two weeks, over the holidays, the student numbers are quite depleted. Lots of people have gone home. Our class of 8 has dwindled to 3! But that makes for even more practice and individual attention. The pace of the class is really intense but very pleasant. The school is a smallish, independent one, started about 20 years ago by two men, one of whom still serves as director. It is very high quality and generous. The teachers are very caring and helpful. Staff ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne December 28th 2010

Sorry. Not only have I been really busy but I managed to lose the last post. So, I'll try again. I broke off in mid sentence on the freezing platform of the station at Frankfurt Airport, waiting for trains that never came, However, eventually one came and i made it to Cologne, where, on the advice of my brother Chris, I had booked into the Ibis hotel at the station. He wasn't joking. I was accessed through a door in the station right next to the ticket vending machine! With only two hours to go before the opera started at 6pm I needed to eat. Almost everything was closed except a super posh 5+ star hotel near the Dom. Asked the bounce guy where I could have lunch at 4pm. He directed me to the piano ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg December 26th 2010

Christmas Eve about 15 of us enjoyed a wonderful feast from different countries. My desperately chosen contribution was Christmas Pudding, the recipe for which I actually have in my computer having typed it out for a friend a couple of years ago. As soon as we had finished we hurried to the cathedral for Midnight Mass which begins here at 10pm. It was very crowded and we had to stand in the side aisle where we could still glimpse proceedings but had a better view on a large CTTV screen. Then back to bed and up early to the station. It was very quiet in the snow covered streets, but really busy at the station. The train arrived on time but there were various annotations on the departures board about delays. It should have been a ... read more

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