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Asia » Cambodia » Central July 3rd 2008

Day 5 - Kratie Yesterday, after my lazy morning we went to lunch at an amazing cafe called "Friends"just near the Royal Palace. It was started by someone to help street kids- orphans, prostitutes,etc. It is a classy cafe that would be impressive in Kirribilli or Bronte. Excellent tapas. Friendly service. Behind is a great complex of facilities-rehab, school, life skills workshop, hospitality school with several grades, and craft workshop. Most impressive and inspirational. Poor Cambodia is in a very wretched situation. It is almost as though the whole nation is in a depression of guilt and frustration going back several decades. However, there isan enorous amount of aid coming in from everywhere , as well as foreign investment. A lot of evidence of Korean companies. And the Japanese are building a bridge up to the ... read more
Red sun falling
Beng Melia

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Phnom Aural July 2nd 2008

Sunday 29th June Finally took off from Sydney after a five hour delaydue to aircraft maintenance. So instead of getting to Bangkok at 10pm got there at 4am. Had a compensatory voucher (from my travel agent for some other mix up) for what seemed to be a 10 star hotel so thought that rather than sit 4 more hours in an airport , took the shuttle bus and enjoyed a few hours of luxury.Then up and on the 8am flight to PP Looking out the window of the wooded hills I couln't help remembering the lovely Cambodian girls I had taught about 30 years ago back at what was then the Westbridge migrant hostel. In their mid teens, they had lost all their older male relatives in the POl Pot regime. They themselves had been force ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney June 21st 2008

I have finally received my e ticket and itinerary. Departing Sydney Sunday 29th at 3.50pm to Phnom Penh via Bangkok. Still practising each day so as not to forget what to do and of course to encounter as many problems as possible before I set off and am on my own with all these hi-tech gad. gets ... read more
Penelope Merelyn
Christ Church Saint Laurence

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney June 10th 2008

Just trying to get started with a map and some photos.... read more

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