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10th January 2011

One of the effects of having children teaches you to be even more adaptable( than travel does).Dresden is apparently remarkable--a tribute to mankind's determination to preserve beautiful architectue & a lesson in the wicked destruction of war, The good & the bad. I think it was Norman Lindsay who said that man's (not woman's) two great natural urges were to create & to destroy. Glad you had at least some memorable time with Eva.I spoke to Susan last night. She was in bed with 'flu so missed her 1st skiing day at Courchevel. She hoped to be able to ski today which I thought was a bit optimistic & probably not the sort of advice she'd give her patients. Otherwise they all seem to be fine & enjoying things. Looking forward to meeting you in Zermatt(?). Ryan will be there too. Love,Helen. Keep blogging!
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9th January 2011

Envy get thee hence! Can't wait for u to get back and coach up my archaic Tscherman too! Enjoy your last weeks!
3rd January 2011

NYE Blog
Once again a real treat to read your blog. You certainly aren't wasting any time--like Ryan who has surfed & partied non stop since he reached Sydney. At least he was there with the family for Christmas including.Adrian, Mikey& Elizabeth + Kerry. Also he went with the Sparks & me on C&S's wedding anniversary dinner at Bilsons. The kids were in great fom & obviously enjoyed each other's company--something you don't see at home as they are coming &/or going too quickly.Poor Elizabeth has hurt her knee so won't be staying at the Sparks--too many steps, which has become such a problem for me that I'm thinking it's time for knee replacements. All OK as Amy is taking Jessie back to Maitland. She (dog) gets on well with Minimont.Had A good NYE progressive dinner party with S & C's friends. One lap was orienteering through the bush. I skipped that onr & drove to the others. Love, Helen
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2nd January 2011

Finally have cuple of days just for me! I love reading about your time on the old continent. ''Speisestaerke" I belive is cornflour you will ned for the pavlova.
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2nd January 2011

Finally have cuple of days just for me! I love reading about your time on the old continent. ''Speisestaerke" I belive is cornflour you will ned for the pavlova.
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2nd January 2011

Hi Erica, Hope the weather is not making things too difficult for you. Wishing you good health and happiness in 2011. MAUREEN
30th December 2010

3 blogs together! What a joy! You seem to be having a great time with a few irritations to test your patience.I was hitch hiking 100s years ago & we got stuck in a railway station in Germany in winter with 2 boys whom we had befriended in jugendherberg (?). One ws an Aussi & the other US. They insisted that Jill & I had their sleeping bags & we'slept' on the table in the waiting room.So nice!We had a very nice dinner at Bilsons. All Sparks except Georgia & everyone in very good form.The kids are very funny (when I can hear/understand what they are saying).Time to get my ears tested & learn some of their language. Ryan seems to be having a great time at work & certainly here on hols.He has been to the beach every day & is catching up with his friends -lots of them. We've had a couple of horrid days, cold & rainy but yesterday & today lovely.~26. Forecast for the next 2 days'30+.Love Helen
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28th December 2010

It was great to see/ hear you on Skype by accident. Actually, I was at the computer at ~2.15,1415 today & the same little piece of advice was in the RH lower corner of the computer ie that Erica Buzo was on line. I thought it might have been you trying to get one of your kids so I didn't interfere. Chris rang after this & said it would have been ~4am.When I spoke to you yesterday, Patrick had told me I must press "end call" before the cross end button in the top RH corner. I thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas blog. You & Elizabeth are the top pudding makers. Hers was luscious. Hope Michael gets something out of his "test" chef experience. You are amazing having a 5 hour trip to Cologne to the opera for your Christmas celebration. We are going out tonight to dinner as a farewell to Ryan--not that he's goind till the3rd Jan but I guess he's got other things on his busy social calendarLots of Love
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24th December 2010

happy christmas
Hi Erica Christmas in Germany sounds like what it should be!!! Idyllic. (although a bit cold) You are very brave to do it by yourself but I guess it has paid off. We are all fine here and miss you too. Love from Jacqueline and everyone here.
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22nd December 2010

I feel it !!!!!
Your descriptions are so vivid, Erica, I can truly picture and get a vivid sense of what is going on. Reminds me of my Denmark days. How lovely to feel so welcome and be amidst such friendly and unassuming people. Xmas fever is building up here, and it is the same thing every year. I try to keep in mind that each Xmas and NewYear should be a celebration of life and not get too frazzled with too much happening at once. Take care of yourself, Looking forward to the next blog. love gilan
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19th December 2010

Blog 4
You sure are having an interesting time & not wasting a minute of it. Sounds as if you are doing well in your german. It seems to be hard work & a lot of fun. Isn't it great to think that you can go anyhere in the world & find friends, or as Anne of Green Gables would have said "kindred spirits" (saw the sequel of "Anne of Green Gables"on TV last --schmalz). Hope your computer recovers. Love Helen
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16th December 2010

A busy girl
How much you are cramming into you "holiday"! .Still, the benefits will outweigh the lack of sleep etc. I found german grammar imposible but easier to understand than French when we were travelling around Europe.We are having a hail storm here--the temp was ~27C earlier today. I think I had my final b'day dinner last night with my special dietitian friends, so my B'day lasted from16/10 to 15/11with several celebratiions between
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14th December 2010

I have just commented on Blog 3 & found the little notice "submit comment" which I had failed to do. It was a rave review as it made me feel as if I were there with you.I love the range of descriptions from the travel to the town,the people, what you had to eat, the furnishings-- all really better than photos, which should be used to complement your travel story--ie not as the main feature. It's now late. I have been shopping most of the day with Susan & have just returned from the swim club where I clocked up the usual 1Km. So, I'll go back to Blog 1 tomorrow. Love
14th December 2010

Blog 3
I have the same comments as before--your writing reminds me of Betty McDonald who made everything she did, & everyone she met,extremely interesting. Thanks so much. Love Bubu
13th December 2010

Great! Have enjoyed your reports so far ... but I think I haven't read the second ... all sounds PERFECT ... for my part, I suddenly realised today walking down from Central to Railway Square that I'll be going to an Italian restaruant in Camberwell (London) this Saturday night ... xx bj
23rd September 2008

hi, Erica am enjoying reading all your travel stories. love kerry
5th July 2008

Your host
er, forgive me but who is your host? How did you meet him?
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