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North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah September 16th 2008

Day 81- Monday After spending a great day in Washington, visiting all the classic locations yesterday I left Connie and Nora about 5.30pm to go to the Kennedy Centre. According to my guidebook there are daily free performances there . So... left them at the National Portrait Gallery ( one of 18 parts of the Smithsonian complex) and went to see the great cultural centre. LIke all of expense spared...magnificent with an expansive terrace overlooking the Potomac river. The was indeed a live free performance on at 6pm, A Jazz pianist with guitar, drums and saxophone. As well as playing her own composition on a Steiway she utilised the maain Concert Hall pipe organ. A great treat. Then my frustration was that the traain I had expected to take to Charleston and Savannah was not ... read more
Mr Lincoln
Vietnam Memorial
Washington across the Potomac River from the Kennedy Centre...

Day 80- Washington We aren't mad...we had to move on today as there seemed to be no vacant rooms in NY..even in New Jersey! And according to Nora there are no vacancies in youth hostels till the end of October! So..when you come... get your acts together and don't be like us. Plan ahead and book!!! Actually, I wasn't worried as I am returning to NY for about five days at the beginning of next month as I have four nights booked at the Met! The season doesn't start till then. An there will be a few matinees and other slots for more shows. I had such a pleasant day yesterday walking all around midtown and the theatre district and up to Central Park, just getting the feel of the city. It is such a great ... read more
Second sight
View from the top

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan September 12th 2008

Day 79- Friday Sitting here in the magnificent reading room of the NY Public Library on 42nd street in order to use the computer. The internet in my hotel didn't seem inclined to co-operate for me. After my busy day in Boston on Monday, we picked up a hire car in order to go to Cape Cod and Nantucket. This entailed driving a couple of hours to the south, stopping of at Plymouth on the way. Here we saw a replica "Mayflower" and saw the rock inscribed to commemorate the arrival of the Pilgrims in 1620. Then on to Provincetown, on the furthermost tip of the peninsular. After the spectacularly clear blue days in Boston, it was rather overcast with a few spots of rain but this really only accentuated the windswept atmosphere of the cape. ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston September 9th 2008

Tuesday Morning The blog server was down for 6 hours last night, apparently so of Monday, 8th September I can report: I set out early this morning from our very nice and relatively cheap hotel in Chelsea, beyond Logan airport at 8.30am. There is a shuttle bus from here to the airport train station, via the airport. From the station, I travelled two stops toward downtown, to "Aquarium" , the same as yesterday. Here I alighted and began walking. I am sure I must drive Connie crazy. At night I read my guide book and prepare a list in my notebook of the priorities for the next day. This way I sleep all night and wake up knowing exactly what my priorities are. Connie and especially Nora do not always share my priorities, so today, being ... read more
Monument to ether discovery
Ether monument

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston September 8th 2008

Day 74- Sunday Reflecting on yesterday, my highlights were the Boston Public Library and the the " Make way for ducklings scenarios, both live and bronze in the Boston Common. Today I set off on a trolley "hop on, hop off tour" with additional support from the Boston subway. It was a glorious late summer's day, perfect for wandering around going in and out of famous edifices and walking around. I guess today's highlight was the JFK presidential library. After enjoying the great James Garner, Jack Lemmon movie "My Fellow Americans" I had to check out at least one presidential library. So the JFK in Boston seemed the obvious contender. It was wonderful! In a fantastic harbourside location with magnificent views across the bay...a most impressive recreation of his campaign and key aspects of his presidency. ... read more
3 in one
Make way for Ducklings!
Start of the academic year at Harvard

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston September 6th 2008

Day 73- Saturday After maintaining an average of at least every second day till we reached the US I'm afraid things have been more difficult to maintain. One obvious difficulty is that we have mainly been with Connie's family and even though there are computers around , when one is with a group of people it is difficult to get some quiet time for solitary activities. So to back track over the past week... Last Sunday and Monday I was in Palm Beach with Connie's sister, Christine and her husband, Joe. They live in a golfing resort and the likes of Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods live nearby. Greg Norman used to too, until his recent domestic rearrangement. Palm beach is rather like a bigger and more extravagant version of our Gold Coast complete with natural ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Palm City August 31st 2008

Sunday Morning There seems to be a problem with the blog publishing photos at present. Will fix later when things are rectified. It is a great service, which I highly recommend. Christine and I arrived in Palm Beach on SAturday evening, having flown 21/2 hours from Chicago. Her husband, Joe, met us and brought us back to their Florida home which is in a gated golfing community. (Makes sense when you and most of your neighbours fly north for the summer unless you are having your Chicago house renovated). I am feeling much better now and expect to be able to join Connie in Boston in a few days. Meanwhile we are experiencing slightly stormy conditions originating from Hurrican Gustav which is heading towards poor New Orleans. People are again being evacuated. ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 27th 2008

Day 63- Monday What a day! Our last evening in Urgup, Cappodocia was spent having dinner in a lovely retaurant on a rooftop terrace. Down below was the express bus station. At eight our dining was interrupted by 5 young men down below lined up in front of the 8pm to Istanbul ( a vile 12 hour journey) singing the Turkish national anthem. The bus had to wait till they finished before it could move off! I could only assume that the five were farewelling one of their friends who was off on some international adventure, perhaps to somewhere like Insearch to study. Monday morning, after sleeping badly, as one does before a big journey, we were awakened by the call to prayer from the minarets of the various mosques in the town. Our shuttle ride ... read more
Chicago skyline
Italian Restaurant

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul August 24th 2008

I am doıng thıs for tomorrow- Monday as there probably won't be tıme then. Turkey has been a wonderful place to vısıt. Of course ın two weeks we have only seen a small part. The rest wıll have to waıt untıl next tıme. There has been so much that has been breathtakıng. Those people I know who have been to Turkey have all been most enthusıastıc about ıt and now I know why. It ıs really the crossroads of the world. Inhabıted sınce ancıent tımes ...the Hıttıtıes. Romans, Chrıstıans, Ottomans, Greeks and the sıte of many wars and ınvasıons. One of the thıngs whıch has been a revelatıon to me has been the place names and all the changes not just Byzantıum,Constantınople then Istanbul but nearly everywhere has multıple name changes as a result of the ... read more
Fruıt shop boy
Mosque ın Bursa
Attaturk Brıdge

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia August 24th 2008

Day 59-Sunday ıs really our last day ın Turkey and the end of stage two of our trıp. All beıng well by Monday evenıng we wıll be ın Chıcago. Thıs weekend sıde trıp to Central Anatolıa has been great. Yet another set of completely dıfferent experıences. We are lucky we decıded to fly here on Frıday evenıng and back agaın tomorrow mornıng . Twelve hours each way on a bus would have taken more tıme than we could afford and I had no desıre to do ıt overnıght. For the most part the countrysıde resembled flyıng across Central Australıa- arid and for the most part unınhabıted. We were transferred from Kayserı to Urgup where our hotel was located. The drıver of the mınıvan dıd not seem to speak much Englısh so we had no ıdea ... read more
Cave Shelter
Underground cıty at Avanos

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