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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg December 24th 2010

Well..I'm pleased to report that it has just in the last half hour started snowing quite heavily. Just as well as I had to bury the ice cream to go with the Christmas Pudding in the snowdrift outside my dormer window! Although we have small fridges in our rooms, they have no freezer compartments. Those of us still remaining in the dormitory are having a multicultural feast tonight prior to going to Midnight Mass at the Cathedral. It is only about 5 minutes' walk from here. We have been warned to wear everything we own. Not only is it a Medieval stone building with no heating but people keep wandering in and out and opening the door! I have spent the morning making Christmas pudding. I had prepared the fruit last night and soaked it in ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria December 18th 2010

I awoke this morning with the intention of spending time catching up on my classwork that I have missed. However, as I lay in bed I realised that time is short and in a month if I look back on today I would not regret not doing homework, whereas I would regret not getting around Germany as much as possible. So....I decided to make a day trip to Nuremburg, since it is only about an hour away by train. I trudged carefully the 20 minutes walk to the station but had just missed the train. The next one was not for two hours so decided to go to Munich instead. (other options through Regensburg this morning were Vienna or Prague but they need an overnight stay!) It was a bit like Dr Zhivago, travelling through the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg December 15th 2010

It has been snowing gently all day today. Finally I get to use the gortex hiking boots, merino thermals, polar fleece parka and gortex jacket that we were obliged to equip ourselves with before bushwalking in Tasmania. On that occasion we actually wore short-sleeved T-shirts and took off our boots and paddled in the sea most of the time along the Bay of Fires! Today, however, I was glad of them all simultaneously. After class I set off on a different route, clomping carefully through the snow and ice, through the old town to the shopping mall near the station where the shops are said to be cheaper. Mostly I bought stationery to try and organise my studying. I also tried to buy some kiwi fruit from Italy in a huge food barn. But it appeared ... read more

Europe » Germany December 13th 2010

I have survived my first day as a language student and am sitting here doing homework in my room on the fourth floor of this modern built but old style building in the old town. The language school adjoins, so we can just walk through at 9am. Before that I raced down into the street to a cafe to buy coffee and a croissant. To be honest, I didn't really want a croissant, but that was the easiest and quickest choice. Hopefully I'll graduate to being able to buy what I really want sometime soon. It is quite challenging to spend the day scrolling through your mind trying to find the words you need to express yourself. "What might that person ask me?" "What should I have said?" I was subjected to a placement test ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Regensburg December 13th 2010

Sunday morning after a wake up a call I took the Paddington -Heathrow express back to catch my flight to Munich. From there there was a connecting bus to a station called Fleising and the local train about 1 hour to Regensburg. The entire carrige was rather entertained by the conversations of four American servicemen returning to their local base from a weekend's snowboarding in Austria. They have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since this trip has been rather hectic in its preparation up to now, it was only on the train that I realised that I had not printed out my instructions for finding the language school. I knew it was in the old city near the famous bridge across the Danube and the cathedral. So, with my pathetic German and aided by a kind ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » The Strand December 12th 2010

Dear Family and Friends Having only recently been delighted to have finally edited and had bound my previous travel blog I really appreciate having details of accommodation, costs and of course perfomances attended for my own reference. So please forgive the details and what appears to be excessive name dropping. In addition, a few friends will want to know such things. Last time, leaving USA after 4 performances at the Met, two in Chicago and countless musicals I had to jettison my programs in order to close my suitcase. One always expects to remember details but I'm afraid I do not remember enough. So much of this is in the end for myself. But it is great to be able to share some of this adventure as it happens with those of you who are interested. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Kirribilli October 10th 2008

Day 103- Friday Back home at last. What a wonderful journey! Arrived back this morning and met by the kids and taken to breakfast at a favourite cafe at Bronte- Swell. Finally went to the hairdresser after 15 weeks this afternoon. Beautician tomorow morning at 9am. "Pearl Fishers " tomorrow night. Family slide show on Sunday pm, work Monday 8 am. Looking forward to vegemite toast for breakfast. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best!... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago October 8th 2008

Day 101- Wednesday My bag is packed and I'm ready for the shuttle to the airport as I have had to check out of my hotel room. Luckily ING Direct banking have a free internet cafe across the road. You just have to buy a drink. It is rather cold and windy in Chicago today and I am attired for a long flight to Sydney...with bare legs and sandals so am not suited to wandering the streets marvelling at the beauties of this great city as I had planned. I have finished my 6 weeks in the USA in the same place as I began...Chicago. What a great city. Really beautiful, sprawled along the shores of Lake Michigan. When I marvel at the spectacular architecture, the locals modestly assert that It is due to the fact ... read more

North America » United States » New York October 6th 2008

Day 99!- Monday I'm regrettably now awaiting the shuttle to Newark airport for my final domestic Chicago for two final nights of opera. Then home on Wednesday and back to work next MOnday. Only when I focus on specific places and events dp I realise how much I have done and how long it has been. The scary part is that I am still having a wonderful time...I guess when the travel bug bites it gives and insatiable appetite for not just more of the same, but better organised next time. Oh dear. Saturday evening I went to " Chicago " . It was rather disappointing really. Not only were there seven substitutions in the cast but the male lead, Tom Wolpa (Billy Flynn) not only didn't even try to dance but could barely move ... read more

North America » United States » New York October 4th 2008

Day 97- Saturday After Thursday evening at the opera I decided that I needed to smarten up my appearance considerably if I was to be worthy of the seats I had booked. Unfortunately I am the victim of the various circumstances of my travel.... I posted my opera- going gear from Cambodia to Chicago ( in an attempt to lighten my load , since I would not need those garments in Asia!)- but it has not yet arrived and in addition my shoes were nicked from my hotel room in Bangkok. I had the perfect pair of multipurpose , comfortable yet elegant shoes suitable for walking distances, going to the opera and airline travel and security checks! I have been unable to find a replacement, but did buy some most inelegant but flip flops in Naxos, ... read more

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