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North America » United States » New York October 3rd 2008

Day93- Friday This is a quick update. More later, but no time to spare. Travel is really a hectic pastime! Tuesday evening I flew to NY after spending the morning at the Getty Centre. Wonderful place. Then taxi to the airport.Arrived after midnight at hotel. This one is really cute. Quite small and friendly. Tiny room but clean and cosy. In 49th between Broadway and 7th Avenue. Chicago , one of the shows I hope to squeeze in is playing across the street. And St Malachy"s, the actors chapel is opposite! It is an amazing location...walk away from Broadway to 9th and there is the really NY...washed clothes in a laundry for 3 dollars...whilst having breakfast with all manner of locals on theri way to work. 49th between 8th and 9th is mainly walk up apartments ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Palos Verdes September 30th 2008

Day 92- Monday Yesterday we flew from Colarado to LA where we were met by Connie's sister (No 6!), Cathy and her two lovely daughters, Sophia and Anna. They live south of the airport, about 30 minutes in good traffic, right near the beach ( broadly speaking , Redondo beach) . The girls, like the rest of the family are heavily into sport and , most interestingly what is known here as "Junior Lifeguards" or nippers/ surfclub in Australia. They trained, qualified and did surf patrol during the summer vacation. But they don't seem to have a Sunday morning program of weekly competitions. We had a lovely time driving and walking around the district. Overalll the feel is similar to Sydney. Lots of California bungalows, eucalypts but of course some real mansions with water views. Day ... read more

North America » Bermuda September 29th 2008

Day 90- Saturday Our trip to Boulder has been booked as long as our overall package...for the purpose of visiting Connie's number three sister...Colleen, mother of Kat, whose company we enjoyed in Chicago and then Boston. Connie merely said that it was a university town near Denver , perhaps similar to Armidale. All I could imagine was a single rock, presumably in the middle of no-where, like a desert. How wrong could we be! After flying across the praries, with only occasional signs of activity we reached the airport. In the distance ahead, we could see the Rocky Mountains. Collen collected us from a state of the art airport, definitely the best so far and transported us 25 miles, about 40 minutes along a freeway, bypassing Denver itself. Connie's prediction was correct...a charming town. A population ... read more
Hot tub

North America » United States » Minnesota » St. Paul September 29th 2008

Friday- Day 90 When I finally awoke about 9am on Friday morning, Murt, Connie's stepmother announced that since this was my last day in Minnesota I should go and have breakfast of doughnuts at a special local place. Connie and Nora wanted to have a last day together and see Connie's own mother, Flo ( who came to visit us at Dolls Point about 4 years ago.) After that we went sightseeing around the district before dropping Rollie off at his golf club . More sightseeing and shopping...lunch and then we all got together to go to the baseball. Minnesota twins versus the Kansas City Royals in the local indoor stadium. Really interesting. About 20 family members there together to sing at half time. But I have to say that despite everything I really prefer cricket ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » St. Paul September 25th 2008

Day 89- Thursday Yesterday was the first day when we needed a is definitely getting cooler. But there are many more stages to come. I would love to come back in the real winter. It sounds amazing here. The lakes freeze over and of course everyone skates and does cross country skiing around the city. In due course the lakes become so frozen that the local newspaper announces that it is OK to drive your car on the lake. In addition, people put little huts out there so they can do lake fishing after cutting a hole in the ice. Today was a bit warmer. Murt took Nora and me to the Mall of America for actual shopping. Not only are things in genreral here cheaper to buy but in Minnesota there is no state ... read more
Mississippi upstream
Tyrone Guthrie theatre

North America » United States » Minnesota » St. Paul September 24th 2008

Day 88- Wednesday We have been having a very welcome rest and some family time here in Minnesota, staying with Connie's father and step mother. They have a lovely home here on the shores of LAke Owassa, about 15 minutes from downtown St Paul, twin city with Minneapolis , across the Mississippi river. Connie is the second of Rollie's 9 children, 8 of whom are girls, with names starting with "C". Mert has three additional children. There are 25 grandchildren, 20 of whom live nearby. Connie's 3 are the eldest, and the youngest is 5. Many of the children come here each day before or after school for care or car pooling with their cousins. There have been 6 here this afternoon and three mothers swung through to pick them up. So there is always a ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » St. Paul September 22nd 2008

Monday Sunday morning I had set aside to visit the National Civil Rights Museum in the motel where Martin Luther King was assassinated. According to the brochure it was open from 10am. Unfortunately when I got there it was closed until 1pm, the time of my flight. So I only got to look on the outside. Disappointing, as Eva said it was the most impressive part of visiting Memphis. So..back to the airport and back to is a major hub, this was my fourth transit there. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to leave the airport , so I read my book. For whatever reason I was seated both flights yesterday in business class. A great improvement on sitting up the back. Especially here, where people travel so much they all have the idea of ... read more
Loon Stalking
Rollie and Murt's house on the shore of Lake Owasso
Mississippi Source

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis September 21st 2008

Day 84- Saturday Aside from the fact that I have long wanted to visit New Orleans for it's own sake, as a unique and fascinating city, I was really imressed to to see various aspects of the Mississippi River. The location New Orleans is interesting...between the final curves of the river and the amazing Lake extensive and with such amazing long "bridges" across. These are things that I for one can only begin to comprehend having seen them with my own eyes. And since they enter into our cultural heritage through movies and social historyI commend them to you all as well. Thus it was enlightening to travel 65 miles along the river to visit the old Creole plantation. Much of the time the actual river was obscured by the levee, about 30 feet high. ... read more
Downtown Memphis

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans September 19th 2008

Day 83- Friday This is my third day in this great city and I am just about to check out and make my way to Memphis for the weekend. I am pleased to say that there seem to be quite as few tourists (mainly from the US) here at present and it seems to be business as usual for most.. Nevertheless, lots of places are still awaiting restoration and some have closed down. I think Amtrak must have a death wish. Not only do no US residents know anything about Amtrak passes such as we have enjoyed for $350 for 30 days but Amtrak do not even seem to care about the customers they have. I have mislaid my pass but have email confirmations of my bookings but Amtrak will not honour them. They say I ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah September 17th 2008

Day 83 (maybe?)- Wednesday I started off yesterday by doing one of those on/off bus tours around the old part of town. Their idea was that you stay on board for 11/2 hours to see everything then spend the rest of the day going back to visit in detail where ever you wished. However, since the old town is laid out according to a very careful grid plan around some 20 squares with lovely public gardens in the centre of each by the time the mini bus had taken me round in no fewer than 20 small circles I was confused and decided I would be better left to my own devices. In the early afternoon I joined a walking tour to view architectural marvels. That was much more my style. Then today I sucumbed finally ... read more
In memory of Johnny Mercer
Mercer -Williams house
Fountain in Forsyth Park, Savannah

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