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January 10th 2011
Published: January 10th 2011
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Finally reached Berlin and met up with Eva, staying in her very comfortable and convenient apartment in Kleistpark which she shares with a German-speaking girl from Guatemala. We spent an pleasant weekend catching up both together and also with a German friend we know from Sydney.

Sunday we made a 2 hour train trip to Dresden to see that beautiful city and the marvellous restoration that has been done after the terrible bombing in February 1945. Amongst other treat we went to a performance of Carmen in the Semperoper. This magnificent opera house has finally also been restored.

It's hard to explain briefly, but Eva had a long term intention to go to the wedding of a very dear friend in Singapore this week. She even has the ticket booked for tonight. I think the challenges of moving into a new apartment, in a new continent last week, plus applying for a job which would really suit her (application closed last Thursday) plus learning German, plus me coming for a few days...she overlooked the fact that she was booked to go tonight! So, of course, yesterday, on the train to Dresden I realised and we both agreed that it was too late to cancel of change the booking. So she is off tonight.

I am going to go and spend a few days in a small hotel near the centre so I can get about to concerts and museums more easily. So we are leaving Kleistpark now for my new hotel and the airport and something to eat along the way. I had actually hoped to spend the whole day in Dresden looking around. However, one of the effects of travel is to teach you to be adaptable. ....


10th January 2011

One of the effects of having children teaches you to be even more adaptable( than travel does).Dresden is apparently remarkable--a tribute to mankind's determination to preserve beautiful architectue & a lesson in the wicked destruction of war, The good & the bad. I think it was Norman Lindsay who said that man's (not woman's) two great natural urges were to create & to destroy. Glad you had at least some memorable time with Eva.I spoke to Susan last night. She was in bed with 'flu so missed her 1st skiing day at Courchevel. She hoped to be able to ski today which I thought was a bit optimistic & probably not the sort of advice she'd give her patients. Otherwise they all seem to be fine & enjoying things. Looking forward to meeting you in Zermatt(?). Ryan will be there too. Love,Helen. Keep blogging!

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