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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos October 7th 2019

As we had been anchoring out quite a few nights in a row and our next stop was going to be the last one in Greece before heading to Turkey we thought we’d book into the marina in Kos. We made contact with them to make a reservation and found out that we could stay at the marina on Thursday night, and would have to move out the next day as they fill up with the bareboat charter boats that return after being on their week’s vacation. With what we were seeing in weather predictions we figured we might have to stay a few days. We wondered if it was worth going to the marina, but decided that it would be nice to get a “Hollywood” shower and get a chance to wash the boat down. ... read more
On Our Way to the Island of Kos
Standing in Greece, Looking Over at Turkey
A One Night Stay in the Kos Marina

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos October 5th 2017

05 ekim günlerden Perşembe “Kurtlar vadisi” biraz gecikince, hafif heyecanlar yaşandı. Allahtan dün limana uğrayıp Atakan kardeşimizi bu sabah için sıkılamıştım. Limana vardığımızda hatırı sayılır bir kuyruk ama pasaportları topladığım gibi doğruca Atakan’a… Kafası ile hafif bir “anladım abi” işareti ve bizim işlere bir öncelik verdi evel Allah.. Turistlerin bu mikron salise düzeyinde yapılan bu sessiz iletişimi çakması mümkün değil.. Yeşil Marmaris’e girip yerleştik. Gemi zamanında kalktı ve yarım saatta Kos’a vardı… İşte o andan itibaren,planda olmayan seyahat numaraları başladı . Bir süre önce Kos limanı ,depremden bir hayli etkilendiği için yeni limanı koyun karşısına almışlar. Esas ve eski yerimize gitm... read more
sugar cafe
hippocrates ağacı

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos September 26th 2016

Geo: 36.8975, 27.2862 Gün 05 günlerden Pazartesi: Sabah erkenden buluştuk .. Otelin hesaplarını dünden halletmiştik . Hemen minibüsümüze atlayıp limana yönlendik. Önce yanlış limana girmişiz... 2 uyarı aldık: Birincisi liman görevlisi tarafından …gemimiz öteki iskeleden kalkıyor ve aracı limana sokamazmışım .. İkinci uyarı Yusuf tan, gemi kalkışından 63 dakika erken gelmişiz. Öteki limana intikal edip minibüsü park yerinde bıraktık. Aracı teslim alanın olmayışına en çok Yasemin şaşırdı .. Elimizden geldiği kadar ada'dan araç araklamanın zorluklarını anlattık. Gemimiz saatinde kalktı . Program gereği önce, Symi'ye uğradı ...oradan ver elini Kos .. Ar... read more
Sugar cafe
to kriti klasiği
Cafe sugar

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos September 23rd 2016

Geo: 36.8975, 27.2862 Gün 02 günlerden Cuma: Sabah Otel sahipleri, bize sahip çıkarak kahvaltıyı biraz erkene almışlar. Sağ olsunlar . Kahvaltıdan sonra ,gece anlaştığımız ,dünkü pilotları beklemeye başladık . Allahtan ,gelmeyeceklerini çabuk anlayıp, iki araba istettim . Bizi limana bıraktılar . Perez 'le,Yasemin biraz erken gelmişler liman kapısında buluştuk. Polis 15 temmuz olaylarından sonra, artık herkesten SGK raporu istiyor ...buna çalışmayan eşim de dahil .. Çıkış pullarını niçin damga olarak değil de pul olarak verdiklerini anlamak mümkün değil. Böyle işlere kafa takmamalıyım . Teknemiz Asım Kaptan .. Bu konuda yapılan tüm esprileri geçiyorum . Yerleştik. Gemi 9:30 da kalktı.. Dostluğumuz 60 ... read more
paf puf
sugar cafe

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos June 30th 2015

It took a while to wind down from the excitement of getting here but I soon learned to embrace it. The urgency to have excitement and adventure fill every day subsided as I knew that there was more of that ahead Routine relaxed to consist of laying by the pool or beach, reading, writing, walking and bathing. In the evenings after returning from dinner in town we usually sat outdoors near the resort lounge. Here we had WiFi and also a beautiful fresh breeze that came from the beach. The breeze was welcoming. If there was no breeze the mosquitoes were relentless and got a good feed from both of us during our fortnight. The days have been so long that it hasn't been getting dark until 9.30 pm and to get fresh air into the ... read more
Dinner at Alikes
The Coast Around Alike Salt Lake
A Beautiful Taverna

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos June 22nd 2015

Two days sitting by the pool reading and I was getting restless so we decided to do a day trip with a scooter and explore. Another warm day was ahead so the breeze on a scooter should be pleasant. Tomas had a bike licence so we took out a 125cc for 25 Euro. The smaller engines were 20 and little scooters 15. This is what was suggested considering we wanted to cover some distance and climb hills with the weight of the two of us. Our Dutch neighbours had mentioned that they had toured the Island with a quad bike the previous year so offered some suggestions of where to go. They circled locations on our crude map of the island which was the best I could find. The scooter dealer that opened earliest at 8.30am ... read more
Paradise Beach
Selfie Patadise Beach
Paradise Beach

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos » Kos June 19th 2015

Tomas, still suffering with "man flu" bravely dragged himself up for a day trip to Kos Town. The weather was expected to be a little cooler with some cloud and possibly rain so I thought it might be a good day for walking and exploration. As it turned out it was still mainly sunny but the breeze and occasional cloud cover did make it a good day to be more active. The bus to Kos left Tigaki hourly. We chose 9.25am but were waiting at the second stop away from the beach and there must have been so many people at the first stop that 3 busses went by before we were picked up about a half hour later. Extra busses just kept being filled until everyone had been collected. Everyone had a seat and no ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos June 16th 2015

Arrived 10.30 pm. I prepaid a shuttle with Resorthoppa which was very cheap and took us to the door of Oasis in Tigaki. On first impression it looked like we were the only ones staying here and that it was a little simple and isolated. In retrospect it is not a surprising impression for arriving in the middle of the night. I was initially concerned that we had commited to spend 2 weeks here. I commented that at least Tigaki had street lighting unlike other tiny villages we had dropped people off on the way so it couldn't be too boring. Our room did have a kitchenette with everything we needed and everything working with fridge, table, balcony and ensuite. It was clean and tidy and not at all shabby. Our impression changed for the better ... read more
Our Plane
Kos Fresh Air Arrival Lounge
Tigaki Bakery

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos » Kos June 10th 2015

Kos, the home of Hippocrates, site of an ancient hospital (the Asklepieion), and a quick, visa-free way to go to the coast of Turkey. The harbor is filled with local fishing boats, charter boats, and sailboats. The town is a biker's domain. Being our third visit to the island, we stayed in town, visited markets, side-stepped the many bikes, strolled around the castle, and stopped by Hippocrates tree. According to Greek lore, Hippocrates planted the plane tree and taught under the tree. In reality, it is probably only 500 years old, so the math doesn't compute. Still, it's a beautiful tree and a romantic story. Our primary reason for coming to Kos was to go to the coast city of Bodrum, Turkey. This is the ancient city of Halicarnassus and the site of one of the ... read more
Passing by the island of Symi
Funky panorama of Symi

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos June 28th 2014

Amy went to Greece for a simple reason - her Mum and Dad were finally going to tie the knot! So, a very exciting week was spent in the lovely island of Kos, preparing for the wedding. Amy's grandparents and uncles were there, so she had lots of people to play with, and she got to go to the beach and even dipped her feet in the sea. She also made it to the highest point in Kos (Mt Dikeos) and to the capital Kos Town. Amy absolutely loved all of the food in Kos, and ate more Greek salads than most Greek people have ever eaten! She also enjoyed the kleftiko, vine leaves, watermelon, aubergines, yoghurt, and more... The highlight of the week was - of course - seeing her Mum and Dad get married ... read more
Three men and a baby
Amy & Mum chilling in Kos Town
On top of Kos

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