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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Amorgos August 31st 2018

We’ve flown to Greece to spend a few days sailing with our friends from Melbourne who live on a yacht here. They have spent most of this summer in Turkey but we join them just as they start their sail back across the Aegean to Greece. We fly into Kos and meet them there. We have some good days sailing, first north to Leros and then a long day sail across to Amorgos. Although we originally planned to sail further, either to Naxos or Paros, but the weather forecast isn’t great so we decide to sail north from Amorgos anchor for the night and then sail back to Amorgos from where there is a regular ferry we can take to Pireaus. Amorgos isn’t one of the better known Cyclades islands but is a lovely spot. The ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Amorgos June 30th 2009

DAY 76 SAILING DAY 4 The weather outside the bay has calmed this morning. After a crazy night we are tired before we begin. So we are on our way to Amorgos without eating breakfast. This is a small rugged island that has been inhabited since 3300BC. The entrance to the port fills us with total awe and inspiration as this is the stereotypical Grecian village, whitewashed buildings built up onto the mountains with bright blue window shutters. We are going to rent a car and travel around the island. There are six of us going so we are told we will have to rent two cars. But when we go to the Thomas Car Rental we are able to persuade him to allow us to take the mini van as we promise to have it ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Amorgos June 14th 2008

Astyapalea was delightful and Amorgos was as beautiful as ever. We are continuing our travels through the islands and these two stops were especially nice. Both islands are a bit off the beaten path and exhibit a more traditional Greek life style. Astyapalea is shaped like a butterfly and has a fabulous castle ruin above the town of Pera Yialos, where we stayed. We hiked up to the Chora and walked through the ruins several times. The upper area of the Chora is like a ghost town, with doors slamming and hinges creaking as the wind howls through the deserted pathways. The houses surrounding the castle were abandoned in 1953 due to a major earthquake and now are padlocked and slowly decaying. The government is attempting to restore the castle and the surrounding village, but is ... read more
Island of Astyapalea and the Chora
Views of the town below as seen from the Chora
Chora views

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