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Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion July 19th 2014

À 9h02, tous nos bagages sont sur le quai. Nous attendons quelques minutes les voitures qui ont nous être livrés à la marina en espérant que la nôtre sera d’une bonne grosseur car on dirait qu’on a plus de bagages qu’en partant de Montréal. On est soulagé en voyant arriver un Toyota Rav-4. Ça devrait rentrer ;-) Nous débutons notre périple routier par le Canal de Corinthe : impressionnant. Par la suite, nous nous dirigeons vers Mycènes. En arrivant, une averse ! Nous n’avons pas vu de pluie depuis si longtemps que les filles décident de rester dehors. Heureusement, ça ne dure que quelques minutes et nous pouvons par la suite profiter du site. Il est vraiment impressionnant de voir toutes ces constructions encore debout après près de 3500 ans. Par la suite, nous nous dirigeons ... read more
Porte des lions - Mycènes

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion May 20th 2013

Athens city of history and birth of civilization. We had heard so many stories about Athens and Greece--dirty, unfriendly, broke no services crime demonstrations work stoppages. Well none of that was true during our visit to this historic and ancient city. The graffiti is bad and you notice it from the time the train leaves the airport on your trip into the center of the city. However the airport is efficient clean and easy to navigate and we had no problem locating the train platforms, we did have help from very friendly local Athenians. Upon arriving at Symntagna square we then hailed a local yellow cab to complete our journey to our hotel. Our first night we ventured a few blocks from the hotel and found a great Italian restaurant and of course the ever present ... read more
Acropolis from Ancient Agoura
Long ballastrade of museum ancient agoura
Museums of Ancient Agoura

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion June 21st 2012

Took a morning bus the short 40 or so minute drive to Epidavros. This is technically another great healing center of the ancient world, just like the Asklepion that I visited in Bergama. But, the true claim to fame is the theatre. It's hands down one of the most impressive, largest, and best preserved ancient theatres in the world. The acoustics actually are the most remarkable thing about the place. You can be all the way up at the top, and be able to easily hear a person down on the stage. The ancient Greeks didn't need microphones! Plays are actually still performed here. I think that's a great thought - all of the great Greek plays that we still read today were not only typically first performed here, but to this day audiences go and ... read more
In a beautiful setting
In full bloom

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion June 20th 2012

Took a day-trip today about an hour North past Argos to Ancient Mycenae. This is another connection back to Troy in Turkey. Mycenae was supposedly the kingdom ruled by Agamemnon, the Greek leader, and his brother, Menelaus. Historically, at least, it was also the most powerful kingdom in the Greek world from about 1600-1200 BC. The ruins, too, were very impressive. Mycenae sits in a very dramatic landscape, right in between two mountains. It also was built out of these absolutely massive blocks of stone. Once Mycenae fell, people thought that only a race of giant Cyclops' could've actually built the place. It's most famous for its Lions Gate, and the famous Treasury of Atreus and the other tombs of the royal family. If you remember the photo of Agamemnon's "Death-Mask" that I posted from the ... read more
One of the mountains
The surrounding countryside
The other mountain

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion June 19th 2012

Caught a morning bus out of Athens for Nafplio, a small seaside town on the Peloponnese. It was a beautiful drive. We followed the coastal highway along the Gulf of Megara, and then cut inland at Corinth. A very stark, dry landscape, with a lot of goats wandering around on rocks. It's only a couple hours drive, and got in around 2ish. Nafplio is one of the most beautiful towns I've been to. It's incredibly small and quaint, and really only has a tiny downtown full of restaurants and shops that go all the way up to the water. It's a town made for relaxation. I have a great room, too, at the Isioni Pension. A tiny, family-run place down a very quiet street. Today I basically just explored Nafplio and hiked up to the Palamidi ... read more
Palamidi Fortress
Stair Madness
Nafplio from the stairs

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion June 8th 2012

I awoke early and went up to the Lido Deck and laid on a deck chair and listened to an explanation of the setting of the sales and watched the crew climb the rigging and do their work. Completely fascinating, I was so engrossed I completely missed breakfast by the time Toni found me about 10 am which was time for the first lecture by Dr. Frank Hildebrandt (German), who studied classical archeology, ancient history, prehistory and medieval archeology. By the way, more than half of the people on board are German. The lecture was great, all about Homer and ancient Greek mythology and history. That lecture was followed by a lecture on the Aegean Sea by John Meffert and it also was quite informative and then it was lunch time. At 12:30 pm Sea Cloud ... read more
bed arrangement
our room
inside the tomb of Agamemnon

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion May 1st 2012

K - Given its well-publicized economic problems some friends have asked us whether Greece is a mess - rumors of inadequate public services, garbage in the street etc. seem to abound. I am absolutely sure that the life of the average Greek is full of major concerns and uncertainties but from a tourist perspective there is little to suggest a country in crisis. The places we visited were all clean and the people welcoming. With the exception of the train service which no longer runs internationally and which has been suspended in some areas (replaced by buses) we would not have known there was a particular issue. We were not of course there during a strike period. One thing that did shock me a lot however was the level of graffiti in Athens (and to some ... read more
A local fisherman leaves Diakofto harbour
A boat passing through the Corinth Canal
Sunset at Nafplio harbour

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion June 21st 2011

This morning we left the hotel for the archaeological site of Mycenae. The first stop was the Treasury of Atreus or sometimes known as the Treasury of Agamemnon. This was used as a tomb for royalty. The beehive like structure inside and the size of the tomb allows us to know it was for a king. After taking several pictures, we made our way across the street to the palace ruins. The visible ruins date back to the 13th century and we first had to pass through the Lion’s Gate. This relief is the oldest monumental relief in Europe. After surviving the passage through the Lion’s Gate, we continued to make our way up to the remains of the palace. After checking the remains of the palace, we went into the museum to see the artifacts ... read more
Sunset in Nafplion
Treasury of Atreus
Walls Inside

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion June 5th 2011

Monday 30th May 2011 A short drive today from Tolo to Mikenes near ancient Mycenae calling on the way at the delightful seaside town of Nafplio. The town was the first capital of modern Greece, from the start of the Greek Revolution in 1821 until 1834. Due to its strategic position it has quite a chequered history changing hands between the Ottomans and Venetians time and again. Its harbour is guarded by three castles one on a small island ( Bourtzi ), another just above the old town ( Akronafplia ) and one capping a tall cliff above the town ( Palamidi Fortress ). The town itself has narrow atmospheric streets lined with elegant Venetian houses. We strolled along the harbour and then into the town. In Syntagma ( Constitution ) Square we found the Venetian ... read more
Nafplio Fortress
Promenade Nafplio
Nafplio street scene

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion July 22nd 2010

Szukajac przyjemnego miejsca w miare blisko Aten, gdzie moznaby zaznac plazy i morza, pojechalismy w koncu do Nafplion. Wstyd sie przyznac, ale jakos nigdy wczesniej w czasie wedrowek po Grecji nie zakonotowalam tego miejsca, a to byla stolica kraju, do roku 1834, kiedy to zaszczyt ten przypadl Atenom. W czasie greckiej wojny o niepodleglosc, Nafplion byl jedna z glownych twierdz ottomanskich, przez rok oblegana przez Kolokotronisa, lokalnego Kosciuszke. Gdy w koncu miasto upadlo, wziete glodem, wlasnie ze wzgledu na swoje umocnienia zostalo siedziba rzadu tymczasowego, a ksiaze Ianis Kapodistrias - pierwszy lider nowego panstwa - uczynil je stolica w roku 1929, a 2 lata pozniej zostal tam zamordowany. Nafplion Wlosi nazywaja "Napoli di Romania" - jako ze znajdowalo sie na terenach Wschodniego Imperium Rzymskiego, a Kapodistrias to naprawde Capo d'Istria, czyli dzis Koper w Slow... read more
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