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Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion September 25th 2022

25 EYLÜL 2022 PAZAR Sabah kahvaltımızı kendimiz hallettik. Yolumuzun üzerinde Naphlion diye bir kent var . Doğrusu tepede bulunan kaleye tırmanmayı gözümüz yemedi. Daha doğrusu benim gözüm yemediği için, derhal kaleyi boklayıp Sveta nın tırmanmasını engelledim.. Bilahare buranın ünlü plajı Karatonas ‘a doğru seyirttik… Arabamız için fıstık gibi gölge bir yer bulduk .. Oldukça geniş bir plaj İşletme yere para almıyor sadece ne yiyip ne içeceğinle ilgileniyor .. Doğrusu çok iyi vakit geçirdik Ayıp olmasın diye öğlen atıştırmasını da ayni yerde yaptık .. Karatonas ziyaret edilmesinde yarar olan keyifli bir “beach”... Güneş altında çift taraflı bir kızartmadan sonra Nafplion da markete uğrayıp ,otelimize döndük .. Yerimiz denize karşı... b... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion September 6th 2022

He who plunders with a little boat is a pirate; he who plunders with a fleet is a conqueror… ~ Greek Proverb HE SAID... Today we were continuing to explore the atmospheric town of Nafplio. We woke early and headed down to Hotel Agamemnon’s bright open breakfast area. We settled at a table with a view of the Argolic Gulf, mesmerised by the picturesque beauty of this quiet coastal city. As always, I started the day with Greek yoghurt and muesli. It’s a breakfast I’ll never tire of. We left the hotel in the mid-morning and drove into the countryside on the outskirts of Nafplio, where fruit trees and grape vines stretched as far as the eye could see. The landscape was parched and arid, with stark mountains lining the horizon. Our first destination was the ... read more
view of bourtzi fortress from our balcony
bougatsa breakfast
treasury of atreus

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion September 5th 2022

Where there is a sea, there are pirates… ~ Greek Proverb HE SAID... Today we were travelling west from Poros to Nafplio– by ferry and minibus. We woke early and prepared for our departure from Poros, the last of four islands on our Saronic Gulf adventure. We were returning to the Greek mainland, which in reality had been visible on the western horizon the whole time we’d been exploring Aegina, Moni, Poros and Hydra. We made our way down to Hotel Pavlou’s outdoor dining area for breakfast, and while the service was a little slow, the staff were trying hard. I settled for Greek yoghurt, fruit, tea and juice. It was a simple breakfast, but enjoyable all the same. Hotel Pavlou was a little too far from Poros Town, and some of the staff were annoying ... read more
water taxi
peloponnese peninsula
elena from bairaktaris apiary and farm

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion November 6th 2018

This morning I drove from Nafplio to the site of the ancient city of Mycenae. You may know that, according to Homer, Agamemnon was king of Mycenae when he set out to fight the Trojan War around 1250 B.C. Whether that is true or not, Mycenae was certainly a prosperous city/fortress in Bronze Age Greece and I had done some reading about it, so it was satisfying to actually see the site. The most famous feature is the Lion Gate which has carv of two lions over the entrance e. I was there early in the morning and a group of dogs was hanging around and followed me around the ruins. I unintentionally included one of them in my attempt to take a timed picture with my iPad. Another impressive ancient structure is the tholos tomb ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion November 5th 2018

I spent the morning at the site of the Asklepios sanctuary in ancient Epidavros. It’s about a 40 minute drive from Nafplio where I’m staying. The site is famous today for its extremely well-preserved Greek theater from the 4 century B.C. Considering the theater is older by several hundred years than the many Roman ruins I’ve seen in my travels, it does look really good. And it continues to be used today for theatrical and musical performances. On the way back to town, I drove up to the looming Palamidi Fortress that overlooks Nafplio. There isn’t anything to do up there, but the views are good, both of the the town and the Aegean Sea. For lunch I went to one of the many waterfront restaurants and had a Greek salad that was very good - ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion November 4th 2018

This morning I rented a little black Peugeot car from Hertz and drove to the Peloponnese peninsula. It is located west and a little south of Athens. I have not been to this part of Greece before and it is a hilly, mostly rural area. The soil looks rocky, but there are places with active agriculture. I saw quite a number of olive trees, which I expected, and many groves of orange trees, which I did not expect. Using the car’s navigation system, I made it to the town of Nafplio which was buzzing with Greek visitors. It is a weekend seaside getaway for Athenians, I’m told. I visited their archeological museum and was impressed by the bronze sheet body armor from the 1400s BC. Then I wandered around this very photogenic town and took a ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion July 24th 2018

Jusqu’ici tout va bien : nous avons échappé aux incendies de forêt et aux orages Surtout, l’affluence partout est digne d’un mois d’avil sur la côte d’azur, autant dire une vraie bonne surprise Chaque baignade est un plaisir : température de l’eau idéale, eau limpide, juste pas tout à fait assez de poissons aux yeux des sornekeleurs experimentes ...... read more
Isthme de Corinthe

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion June 10th 2018

The first port of call on our cruise is Nafplion, Greece. Nafplion was the first capital of Greece, now a charming seaport. I braced my ankle and jumped on the tour bus with Jack to the ruins of Mycenae and Epidaurus. At Mycenae we saw a replica of the gold mask of Agamemnon. King Agamemnon had a complicated history including leading the Greek army in the Trojan War. Once his tomb was excavated, the Golden Mask used at his funeral was discovered by Heinrich Schliemann, a German, in 1876. Present day archeologists have begun to doubt that Herr Schliemann was completely honest and accurate on his supposed discovery. The archeological site in Mycenae we visited has been more recently dated a century or two earlier than Agamemnon’s death. History and controversy.... read more
View from the ruins of Mycenae
Jack and artifact

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion September 5th 2017

Most of the time these days, Maria Chiara and my holidays have something to do with weddings - either ours or other peoples'. On this occasion friends had invited us to their nuptials in Nafplio, a pretty town in the Peloponnese Peninsula, with Greece basking in late summer heat. It's a widely known fact that Greece is a summer paradise, and so plane tickets were incredibly expensive. After days of searching we found cheap tickets arriving on one Greek island and leaving from another, neither of which were particularly close to the wedding. It was a bizarre scheme, despite which we still managed to pull off a fairly stress free holiday and most importantly we didn't miss the wedding (although that was by a fine margin.) Once we had safely negotiated the attendance and enjoyment of ... read more
MC, me and the deep blue sea
Taking a dip in Gerolimenas
Portrait / Self Portrait

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Nafplion May 24th 2017

Our day in Nafplio has been far less historic and more focused on helping the local Greek economy. We spent the morning shopping in the little boutique shops and had a wonderful Greek lunch! After lunch, we walked along the cliffs to a beautiful and serene beach. Last night was the deck BBQ on the boat, so Scott and I were both a little sluggish after partying a little too late last night. Yesterday afternoon we left Itea and passed through the Canal of Corinth on our route to Nafplio. The canal is 4 miles in length and 70 feet wide; barely wide enough to get the boat through! It was amazing to see from aboard and there were even some locals standing on a bridge above the canal watching! After passing through the canal we ... read more

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