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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens March 6th 2012

So Guys, March has finally arrived, which for me means travelling, travelling and more travelling. Despite only arriving back from Leeds 5 days before, I left early on Saturday morning for Gatwick Airport to fly to Athens. What originally had been a simple journey on the train from Luton, became rather annoying, as the Thameslink line through Central London was being shut all day, and so i had to get off at St. Pancras and use the underground to reach London Bridge - further lengthening my journey. However all went well and I arrived at Gatwick in plenty of time. The flight itself was rather great, and as I reached the Alps, the clouds disappeared - giving me an excellent view out of the window of the Alps, the Croatian coast, and Albania before reaching the ... read more
Olympic Stadium

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens March 3rd 2012

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens February 2nd 2012

After a wonderful week in Belgium and seeing everybody again, it was time to go back to Athens. I didn’t really feel like leaving so it was good that Sigrid was coming with me! That made me excited to come back again:) Wednesday (30-11-’11) We were both pretty tired so we slept in until 11o’clock. Then we went to the Omonia market, both to show Sigrid what the markets are like in Athens and to use her as my personal carrier :p haha no, we wanted to cook ourselves a lot that week so we would save some money:) After bringing everything back to the apartment and eating some dinner, we went to the Olympic site that was used in 2004. Deserted as always, it was nice to see the beautiful buildings and walk around for ... read more
At dinner
At new year's eve
In the bar at new year's eve

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens January 4th 2012

Five years ago (almost to the exact day), I was in Paris with five hours between flights. It was meant to be four days, but a series of unfortunate events made me miss two different flights out of Dublin. By the time I made it to the City of Lights, I was already scheduled to leave for Lisbon. It was midnight and -5ºC outside, but it was Paris. I caught the bus into the city and found it sleeping. I hid my backpack in a bush and pranced down the deserted Champs-Élysées, under the Arc de Triomphe and through the frozen gardens of the Louvre. The only other person I saw was a bum who followed me for a few blocks, yelling in French. Cold and a bit scared, I returned to the airport, thankful for ... read more
Western Gate
Greek Convenience

Europe » Greece » Attica » Cape Sounion December 29th 2011

... Temple of Poseidon The temple for the god of the sea and everything in it is situated in a pretty idylic spot. I spent two days trying to get to Poseidon. The first time with an American girl, failed, we ended up spending half the day on local buses going around in circles. As fate would have it, there was a second time a few days later when I was supposed to go there with a crew of 4-5 people I had met. Unfortunately the ordeal of changing my travellers cheque in Athens lasted approximately 3 and a half hours. The last time I will use a travellers cheque while travelling, I hope. So I missed being at the departure point at the time we had organised. I decided to go anyway and finally I ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Vassilikos December 27th 2011

Kah-lee-MEH-rah (good morning), Before I begin to tell you where I have been, let me explain where I am now. My dear friend Hassan is curled up next to the space heater that our host family has provided. He has kindly asked me to toss him a pillow and in my nature I have chosen the kitchiest option our flat could provide - an enormous red, heart shaped "I love you" pillow whose origins we cannot guess. The redness creates a strong contrast to the gray, black and white shades that adorn the rest of our temporary home. Come to think of it, as I have woven myself through the Athenian streets in these past few days, the whole color scheme has been that of a black & white movie. I think the local description for ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Glyfa December 25th 2011

Athens Going to Athens on Christmas Eve was an interesting way to spend Christmas. The flight was suprisingly full and business as usual. I flew with Aegean a Greek airline, which had an interesting and sobering editorial on the crisis currently facing Greece. To be honest I was at the same time a little bit uneasy and fascinated by the trip to Greece. I have a facebook friend who had been posting revolutionary material on facebook over the previous few months and on arriving in Greece I was half expecting to find myself in Armageddon. Maybe there was a cease fire for Christmas, but in any case after hanging out with a Turkish guy for an hour or so and searching for my hostel in the early hours of the morning, I retired safely and soundly ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens December 22nd 2011

Monday (28-11-’11) In the morning I went to Celine’s place to make an assignment about Walt Disney, we worked pretty hard on it throughout the morning so I was glad we finished it in a couple of hours. Afterwards I passed the store to get some food and cleaned the apartment. In the evening ESN organised the eurodinner, they invited all the Erasmus students to come and bring a typical dish from your country. I didn’t know what to make but Elien and Laetitia already made a chocolate cake so I just went with them. When we arrived we were surprised to see that most people really made an effort to cook something. I regretted that I already ate because I wasn’t that hungry anymore. We stuffed ourselves with all the food we could eat, a ... read more
Cave of Perama
Helene, me, Wendy and Lora at the hotel

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens November 30th 2011

Tuesday (08-11-’11) First day back in Athens after travelling for a week. Classes aren’t too difficult so most of them, I could still follow:) In the evening we had dinner at Elies’ place, she made pasta with soup vegetables. It was very delicious but I was smart enough not to eat too much because Margaux (Elies’ roommate) also made desert! They had icecream, chocolate and brownies, so yes we had a very good dinner! Wednesday (09-11-’11) Another day of classes. In the evening I skyped for the first time with Chloé, it was nice to finally catch up! I also skyped with Didier and my mom:) Thursday (10-11-’11) Yep, another day of classes. But also Tanais’ birthday! I made her breakfast and me and Miriam got her a present from Stradivarius, one of her favourite stores;) ... read more
Helene, me, Lora and Wendy at Karaoke
Me and Mieke
Mieke and Mom in front of the Acropolis

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens November 20th 2011

Friday (28-10-’11) In the morning, I still had to book our hotel where we were going to stay in Santorini. Because of the low season, we could stay in a very nice romantic hotel for a reasonable price:) I left to get Didier from the airport and was there just in time, only to find out his flight had been delayed so I had to wait there for a little while. I was so excited to see him come through those doors! In the evening we ate some spaghetti with spaghetti sauce I made the week before:) Saturday (29-10-’11) We woke up early in the morning to catch our ferry to Santorini and eight (yes, eight :s) hours later we arrived:) We took a cab to our hotel where we could choose our room and received ... read more
Me and Didier at black beach
Didier and me
White tower

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