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Europe » Germany » Saxony-Anhalt » Lutherstadt Wittenberg January 12th 2019

Nachdem die 12. Woche für meinen neuen Kunden in Niedersachsen zu Ende gegangen ist, habe ich ein weiteres Weltkulturerbe in Mitteldeutschland, nämlich die Lutherstadt Wittenberg besucht. In den 90ern bin ich zumindest auf der Bahnstrecke durch die Stadt ein paar Mal hindurch gefahren. Nach ereignisloser Fahrt und problemlosen Findens eines Parkplatzes bin ich zuerst zum Marktplatz mit Lutherdenkmal, Rathaus und Stadtkirche. Von dort bin ich weiter zum Schloss und der bekannten Schlosskirche mit dem Thesenportal. Dann bin ich wieder zurück und habe eine Kaffeepause eingelegt. Schließlich bin ich an Cranach Haus, alter Universität und Melanchthonhaus vorbei zum Lutherhaus und habe dieses besichtigt. Anschließend bin ich zum Auto zurück und wieder zu meiner Projektwohnung gefahren.... read more
Marktplatz mit Rathaus und Stadtkirche.
Schloss und Schlosskirche.

Europe » Germany » Saxony-Anhalt » Lutherstadt Wittenberg October 19th 2018

Matkustin Wittenbergiin junalla klo 8.28-9.46. Jätin suurimman osan matkatavaroista rautatieasemalla säilytyslokeroon. Kävelin Luthertalolle. Siellä meni reilu tunti. Museo kuvasi hyvin myös Lutherin arkielämää. Jatkoin keskustaan. Kaupungille on ominaista kapeat pienet kanavat tai pikemminkin ojat, jotka on kaivettu esiin ihan vastikään. Kävin vielä lounaalla ja kävelin takaisin asemalle. Juna Berliiniin lähti klo 13.46. Majoituin nyt Prenzlauer Bergissä. Samalla lipulla pääsi jatkamaan vielä päärautatieasemalta Gesundbrunnenin asemalle, joka oli lähempänä määränpäätä. Illalla menin vielä käymään Halenseellä Jukan luona kylässä. S-Bahn vei sinne 20 minuutissa. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony-Anhalt » Lutherstadt Wittenberg September 22nd 2014

From Berlin to Koln 19 to 21 September 2014 Driving out of Berlin with showery rain we drove south on the A115 and then on a secondary road towards Lutherstadt Wittenberg, a UNESCO World Heritage town. Thus area was where Martin Luther joined the local monastery and contributed much towards developing the region in the 1400s such as starting a school for all children, building several churches, expanding the monastery ans generally improving the lives of others. We later visited the town, Eisleben in which he was born and died. He traveled extensively throughout his adult life. His father was a copper miner. As we walked around Lutherstadt Wittenberg, we noticed extensive renovation to many of the buildings, but the notable one was the Castle Church which was massive. We couldn't go in there as they ... read more
Hann. Munden in central Germany in the Erlebnis Region - the door knob in the shoe repair shop
Eisleben Germany was having its annual fair when we were there (12)
Bremke in central Germany on 20 Sept 2014 (6)

It was sad saying Auf Wiedersehen to Berlin, but fortunatly in German that expressing means "till next time". The ICE to Lutherstadt was not too bad at all, just 40 mintutes. Tomorrow I am off to the once again growing city of Dresden. The city here looks like everything is being built, the castle church is being fixed up still, the church is being fixed up, Luthers house as well is being fixed up. The reason is in 2017 the 500th anniversery of the Reformation will be happening thus the work needs to be done early. Looking on the outside of the church it is understandable. Oddly enough, until 1993 the Soviets had a "western" outpost here in Lutherstadt Wittenberg (it is important to know the difference between "Wittenberg" and "Lutherstadt Wittenberg"). In the house of ... read more
solar on companies too
cool graphiti on way to alt stadt

Today we travelled to this town which was where Martin Luther was a priest and set out the reforms that created the Lutheran church. The town is set out with museums, shops, cafes, churches and various places that were actual places in Martin Luther's time. Martin Luther was a priest in the Catholic church and was concerned with the excesses and corruption within the church. He preached here and focussed on the 10 commandments as a creed for living. When he saw that this was not being followed he delivered 95 theses to the church and posted this on the church door for all to see. This set out the schism which divided the catholic church and created the Lutheran church. He married in his later life and had children and created many other reforms that ... read more
Martiin Luther

Well, ever since you read “South Germany Day 1” you have probably been wondering “So when will he get to the Luther sites?” Wait no more, that is practically all that the rest of this post is about. You might notice that I skipped a day, that is because the entire day was spent riding on the trains to get to Wittenberg so that I could see the Luther sites Sunday morning, then start back to Maastricht. It was about eight hours by train to here, and then about the same to Maastricht. So I am going to skip the train-riding day and get to Sunday morning, and the sites that I came all that way to see. Breakfast was excellent, I was not expecting such a variety of foods available in a hostel. They had ... read more
Hymn book
Castle Church
Inside of Castle Church

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