Published: July 4th 2011
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Today we travelled to this town which was where Martin Luther was a priest and set out the reforms that created the Lutheran church.

The town is set out with museums, shops, cafes, churches and various places that were actual places in Martin Luther's time.

Martin Luther was a priest in the Catholic church and was concerned with the excesses and corruption within the church. He preached here and focussed on the 10 commandments as a creed for living. When he saw that this was not being followed he delivered 95 theses to the church and posted this on the church door for all to see.

This set out the schism which divided the catholic church and created the Lutheran church. He married in his later life and had children and created many other reforms that still exist today such as quality education for all and all clergy should be learned and univeristy educated men.

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Lutheran churches are relatively plain with few statues, no sign of the cross and little excess

Cranch senior and junior were imprtant painters of the time

His actual bible and vestments, most do not wear these types any more
Cafe lunchCafe lunch
Cafe lunch

Some of it was healthy, Andi and Cassy

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