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German teacher traveling and exploring Germany! Working with the Friendship connection to get students to and from Germany.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden July 10th 2014

So of my whole trip, Berchtesgaden has been the most breath taking. The city here lays on the base of the alps, the streams coming from there are crystal clear and taste like bottled water (I got thirsty on my hike into town and the water looked too refreshing). The trainride here was cool as well, there were a bunch of silly late teens going to some concert in Salzburg who almost got thrown off the train for singing too loudly haha. Something interesting about this little town,it is the only place I saw a memorial to fallen German soldiers, there was a little monument in town and one on a little hill with the names and dates of fallen locals. Sadly, when I got there the tour had been filled so I was unable to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 9th 2014

So it will be hard to say bye to Munich, but the city was fun. I find after time a lot of cities tend to offer the same things but one will be the best. For instance Bavaria for nature, Cologne for the Cathedral, etc. I will say this city seemed to offer a lot of fun things to do, I ended up doing a brewery tour of three of the largest breweries in Munich that was pretty cool, the city itself was overall fun and not too bad to navagate luckily. I did want to check out the Oktoberfest field, sadly there was not much there besides...well a field. I found it hard/frustrating these past two days not really being able to use the internet and keep up with this. Tomorrow I ride out to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Neuschwanstein July 7th 2014

So I woke up early today to get to the train station nice and early for my day trip to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Little did I know, the people, Max and Michelle, that I met yesterday at Dachau were on the same train as me but got kicekd at the next stop since their tickets didn*t start working until 9. Turns out though after grabbing breackfast and getting on a bus they hop on as well and we ended up traveling together for the day. The scenes were simply amazing and part heart attack giving since it was a 40 minute steep climb up the mountain. The bridge overlooking the castel Marienbrücke was cool, narrow and crowded which made it partially terrifying as well, the boards actually bounced up and down as you walked over and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Thuringia » Weimar July 5th 2014

So waking up early this morning I figured I would check out Buchenwald, it is only 8 Km from the ccentral station. There was an hourly bus that ran there so if you were late by 5 minutes you had to wait an extra hour. But arriving to the camp you go into the information center and they send you first to a short 30 minute movie showing hourly. It was very interesting and my school actually a few months ago had a survivor from Buchenwald come speak, he was a Polish Jew sent to multiple work camps and survived the death marches too. What surprised me about Buchenwald was how isolated it was, the Nazis chose this location because of that reason and to keep things away from the public. The camp started small but ... read more
closed now but ill be back
old SS quarters

Europe » Germany » Thuringia » Weimar July 4th 2014

It seemes everytime I get oriented with a city I have to leave, Dresden was fun but off from the ruins of the 3rd Reich to the start of democracy of the short lived Weimar Republic. The city is very quaint and quite fun to travel, my hostel is near the Goethe Platz and everything is right by me which is nice! I find myself getting lost in the downtown area here, though small the streets are windey and around each corner seems to be a small market square, beer garden, statuee or museum. My goal was to get acquainted to the city, see Goethes and Schillers house and watch Germany move on in the world cup. I ended up watching the world cup at a bier garden with an Irish lady who was also a ... read more
statue in market
wrote a lot of fairy tales as well

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden July 3rd 2014

Today in Dresden was a bit slower but worth it. A stroll in the Zwinger Palace was cool, they have four different exhibits, a math and science, porcellon and something else I cannot remember, I checked out the arts one based on suggestion from a travel book and it was definitly worth it. They had a lot of works from Druerer and I even saw an original from Rapheal that was really cool. The architecture here is amazing not only in the design, but also the symetry of the buildings. The art of the time was interesting and there were a few paintings of saints that stook out in my mind, sadly pictures were not allowed and I could not remember the names of them. One was a temptation of a saint in a cave, there ... read more
statue outside of zwinger
building by zwinger
intrigately done as well

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden July 2nd 2014

So saying bye to Lutherstadt Wittenberg was a bit harder today, due to time I had time to either view the Castle Church or the Luther Haus, the woman at information suggested (vorschlagen) that I see the Lutherhaus since the castle church has almost every but one thing covered up for reconstruction. I was happy seeing the Luther Haus though, it was really cool and totally worth the time and money. They had so many books printed (first editions) by Luther along with so many personal artifacts. I was interested to find out that he recieved so many gifts from kings and princes after the reformation. A quote in the museum also inspired me to help the needy, I saw an older man sitting on a street corner looking sickly, i decided to go into the ... read more
2uni  1
uni 2
melanchghon house 1

It was sad saying Auf Wiedersehen to Berlin, but fortunatly in German that expressing means "till next time". The ICE to Lutherstadt was not too bad at all, just 40 mintutes. Tomorrow I am off to the once again growing city of Dresden. The city here looks like everything is being built, the castle church is being fixed up still, the church is being fixed up, Luthers house as well is being fixed up. The reason is in 2017 the 500th anniversery of the Reformation will be happening thus the work needs to be done early. Looking on the outside of the church it is understandable. Oddly enough, until 1993 the Soviets had a "western" outpost here in Lutherstadt Wittenberg (it is important to know the difference between "Wittenberg" and "Lutherstadt Wittenberg"). In the house of ... read more
solar on companies too
cool graphiti on way to alt stadt

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 30th 2014

Berlin was such a fun city, today my goal was to cover 2000 years of German history at the German History Museum and I did. It was simply fascinating all the artifacts they had there. So far, this had been my favourite museum, really big as well. There was even a wall of Pickelhauben! Germany verse Algeria was intense, no scores till over 90 minutes into the game, it was rediculous when the Germans scored that first goal even with the on and off rain. I was surprised with all the police at the event that this man, who dressed up like Hitler (picture attached) ran around with guys and a camera arresting fans for not wearing German jersies. It was funny, they took the fan of the match, who had to compete for the role ... read more
very large, beautiful from outside
berliner dom
berliner dom on the water

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Potsdam June 29th 2014

I started out this morning wanting to see the martin luther memorial church, sadly when I got there after a 30 minute train ride, it was closed, on sunday?! Oddly enough the church is curreently being used by a catholic church while theirs is undergoing strenuous work. So I had to backtrack back to Friedrichstraße and off to Potsdam! Potsdam was sucha beautiful baroque city. A stroll through the park there is a must, the Prussian style park was under some construction, closed mondays and sadly when I got there they were closed, apparently the close at 5.30 and I reached it at 5.35. The architecture of the buildings in natur though was simply breathtaking, the one thing that still surprises me is the excessivly large slugs that go around, they seem to be endless and ... read more
martin luther gedenkniskirche
martin luther gedenkniskirche
martin luther gedenkniskirche

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