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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund November 1st 2020

Vonku pekne pocasie. Cez vyprazdnene ulicky centra okolo ikony dortmundu kostoliku sv.reinolda si to pomalicky valime na ranajky. Ludia v centre nosia masky rozne, niektory ich maju nasadene spravne, iny pod nos, iny pod bradu a iny vobec. V centre su povinne masky. Vzdy ked idu okolo policajti, ludia si ich nasadzaju. No policia to neriesi. Ja bez masky, julia s maskou, bo je vystrasena z pokuty. V pustych ulicach par bezdomovcov co si pakuju svoje haky paky z pred krytych obchodov, ci vyberaju smetne kose. Bezdomovci nemecky vyzerajuci, ziadny imigranti. Parkujeme v kaviarnicke Gloria Jean's Coffees . Zakusok a kapucino sa uz nesie na malu terasu. Medzi cakackou julia opat vyplnuje covid dotaznik s osobnymi udajmi. To ak by bol niekto nakazeny aby sa dali dohladat ludia, to je teoria ale prax je podla mna ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund October 31st 2020

Budicek 5/15. Rychle pobalenie sa na dve noci, nasadnutie do auta a smer fut.stadion dolna streda. Pred tento velkolepy svatostanok prichadzam presne o 6/00 (testovanie zacina o 7/00). Uz tu stepuje asi 5clenna skupinka dievok. No tie sa neprisli otestovat ale oni budu robit testy. Ma posielaju nech si idem este nakupit alebo proste nech este niekam idem, bo testy zacinaju az o 7/00. Co samozrejme neakceptujem a staviam sa k natiahnutej paske vo vyske clenkov pri budove. Som tu prvy, asi po 15.min prichadza dalsi zaujemca. Ukecana zenska zrejme uz v dochodcovskom veku resp tesne pred dochodkom. Vdaka nej cas ubeha dost rychlo. Postupne zacinaju prichadzat dalsi a dalsi ludia. Par desiatok miut pred zaciatkom testovania, prichadza miestny 78rocny spravca tunajsieho cintorina. Suverejne vyhlasuje, ze on ma privilegia a stavia sa na zaciatok rady. Ja ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dusseldorf December 6th 2019

Christmas Market Day 4.... & coming home It’s St Nickolas Day...... It was the night before St Nickolas day and all through the Zimmer, not a creature was stirring, not even Kisty. You get my point.... I wake up to a squeal from Lori’s room, I’m thinking, someone has come in and got her, so I immediately lock my door. Sorry Lori, Yes, I finally came out and everyone is safe. St Nickolas came last night; gifts were hanging from our doors and our breakfast area was totally set with an AWESOME German breakfast. We all sit down to breakfast asking each other did you do it? No, I didn’t, did you? It was a wonderful breakfast. YEAH! I Believe, I Believe...... However, today is also a sad day, all things must come to an end. ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Düsseldorf August 7th 2019

One of the things to do for Marion on this trip was to go to a German city on the Rhine. So off we went, and we invited Peter also, since he had not been this far into Germany yet. It’s only about a 75-minute drive, but the highway is quite busy with international trucking. We noticed almost right away when we entered Germany, that there looked to be more space and that land use was not as tightly organized. The highways too were not as numerous and had fewer interchanges. And believe it or not, the speed limits were a bit slower than the 130km/hr on most highways in the Netherlands. We found a central parking space close to the Altstadt or old city. We walked though the area with numerous restaurants, probably one or ... read more
Looking like tourists in Düsseldorf
Refreshments on top of the Rhine Tower
The Rhine Tower

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne July 25th 2019

One grand cathedral, one grand palace garden and some more The basic plan for our vacation can be summarized in the sentence "We flew to London and then slowly we made our way back home". Home is Stockholm in Sweden and when travelling slowly from London to Stockholm it is almost impossible to avoid going through Germany. The first German city we arrived in was Cologne. Cologne Before we came to Cologne we only knew of one thing we wanted to see there - the cathedral. We had high hopes before coming there but still we weren't prepared. The cathedral is absolutely gigantic. Add to it that we arrived at night when it was dark. When it is dark you can't see any details of the cathedral. Instead we sensed that there was this gargantuan building ... read more
Replica of the top of the spire
Stained glass window

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne July 22nd 2019

July 22 Cologne We had a fabulous dinner last night with our new found friends, Diana, John, Beatriz and Terry. There was much laughter reminiscing about the ill fated windmill tour in the Netherlands but now we we sail on to Germany.......... This is our first time on tour in Germany and Cologne is our first port of call. We were told the city was nearly destroyed in WWII and that there is only a very small portion of any medieval buildings left. The biggest of these would be the Cologne Cathedral named after Saint Peter, so off we bused to explore what we could of Cologne which sits right at the waters edge on both sides of the Rhine. The enormous Cathedral is easily seen from a distance. The bus dropped us off in front ... read more
Magi Shrine
Not on the pub crawl list but funny just the same
It is said you must rub his hand for good luck.........I just do what I'm told

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dusseldorf July 17th 2019

I wake up, all the lights in the cabin are on and it’s noisy, I look over and Kirsten is smiling at me. Wake up sleepy head ...we’re going to be landing is 1 hr. I’m served breakfast and it was good, but more coffee would have made it better along with another 2 hours of sleep. We land. Kirsten, OMI and I are out the door and on our way through customs. It’s always easy when you’re at the front of the line. We make our way through the airport and find the Alamo car rental counter. How boring, until the agent behind the counter looks at Kirsten and points out that her drivers’ licenses will expire on July 27th, 2019 and she can’t rent the car. OK, so Kirsten asks her to put me ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Lemgo July 9th 2019

Short trip to my old birth place. Should be an interesting trip, a trip down memory lane, providing that everything works OK, and the timetable works. A trip that would not be allowed if certain family members had their way. Anyway, first message received this morning telling me that the flight would be delayed by 30 minutes. That will mean a bit of a rush from arriving in Düsseldorf to catch the 18.02 train To Bielefeld and Lemgo. Not a good start, got a phone message to tell me that my flight is delayed until 16.05. Which means, of course, that l will miss my connection and probably not get to my hotel until at least 23.00. Arrived at my least liked Manchester Airport and found the usual chaos. Information board tells me that my flight ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Munster May 12th 2019

Castellano debajo del frances Vous l’aurez compris… nous montons vers le Nord… et aujourd’hui nous nous dirigeons vers Münster, à ne pas confondre avec le fromage français mais bien une cité universitaire qui mérite une petite visite. C’est une cité qui a marqué l’Histoire, puisque c’est ici qu’en 1648, les grandes puissances belligérantes de l’époque mirent un terme à la guerre de Trente Ans. Détruite à plus de 90 % en 1945, la vieille ville a été reconstruite presque à l’identique. D’où l’étrange impression de visiter une ville ancienne… toute neuve. Merci le Routard de nous apprendre tout cela ! Il nous raconte aussi : l’animation est assurée par les 55 000 étudiants que compte la ville, mais aussi 300 000 habitants et 2 vélos chacun… : un pour tous les jours et un autre pour ... read more
un tableau de bord bien équipé
une agence de voyage qui gâte ses touristes en route ! (1)

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne May 11th 2019

Castellano debajo del frances... Pollux entame sa cinquième année de grand voyage… il se porte à merveille et son chauffeur lui a préparé un terrible itinéraire pour ce printemps et été 2019… J’ai eu la chance de trouver sur Google cette carte de l’Europe, qu’une fois que vous cliquerez sur le lien, vous pourrez également cliquer sur un pays et obtenir des informations sur celui-ci…. Conservez donc dans vos favoris cette page et retournez-y à chaque frontière que nous passerons… Pour vous faciliter la vie j’essayerai de remettre moi-même le lien à chaque changement de pays… Nous voici donc partis cette année, sous la pluie… c’est assez rare pour nous, mais il faut faire avec, sinon les voyages deviendraient impossibles ! ... read more
01 en Allemagne les champs d'électricité !
02 une arrivée sympa au camping de Brühl (1)
02 une arrivée sympa au camping de Brühl (2)

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