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Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt May 8th 2013

On 9th May we fly to Perth to see our son and daughter-in-law Adam and Ange for 4 days before flying to Frankfurt, Germany to see our friends Kevin & Julia who we met in Africa. Kevin has been most helpful with the issue of us buying a motor home in Germany. He found that as foreigners, we cannot register and insure a vehicle in Germay/Europe so we have had to go to Plan "B".... and that is buy a vehicle through Turner Cars and Campers in The Netherlands where they find vehicles for us and check them out mechanically and negotiate a good price for us. They have found a way so that we can register and insure a vehicle as foreigners in Europe. We will be going by train from Frankfurt to Utrecht which ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt March 8th 2013

When I think of our time in Frankfurt, my mouth starts to water. From a friend who lives in Frankfurt I learned that the local favorite dishes are Possman Apfelwein and schnitzel with green sauce. Sampling these and finding a Black Forest cuckoo clock were our travel goals in Frankfurt. On our first morning in Frankfurt, we took a trolley to the tourist center of the city called Romer. Stepping off the trolley, it felt like we were transported to a postcard scene of Germany. This section was restored to how it looked before WW2 (the entire city was destroyed). Along with the facade, there were lots of quaint shops and restaurants that are worth a visit. Online research suggested that Handwerkskunst was the place in Frankfurt to buy my cuckoo clock. The store was close ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt December 18th 2012

Arrived in Frankfurt at around 5.30 in the morning and made it to our hotel at around 7am. Decided to stay awake all day so we could minimise jetlag and so launched straight into breakfast at the hotel. Spent the day walking around Frankfurt and found the christmas markets which seem to be set up in all the major towns and cities in Europe. Had our first taste of Gluwein (hot mulled wine) and will probably be our last as I think it is an acquired taste! Connor is going quite well with his German speaking. Very proud to see him talking in the local lingo although almost everyone here seems to have a good grasp of English so it's not really a problem. Sussed out train station which is huge and booked tomorrows train transfers ... read more
Christmas markets in Frankfurt
Walkway along the river in Frankfurt

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt October 27th 2012

Sarah and I spent our first two days in Frankfurt, getting over jetlag and getting into the German language (though many people, especially the young people speak very good English.) Some words are easy as they sound the same (eg. old is spelled alt but prounounced the same as old but with a German accent.) Frankfurt is very business oriented though there are some nice squares in the old town and an easy riverside path. We have read that the weather at this time of year can be overcast and rainy and we were not dissapointed. Mostly it has been grey with a little drizzle here and there, but during our walking tour it started to rain and we just had time to rush under part of a building before it came down in sheets. In ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt September 11th 2012

Note: This post was written on a plane somewhere between Frankfurt and Bangalore. More on Bangalore and SB later :-D I have this tendency to read my horoscope in the newspaper. Not because I’m deeply connected to that stuff, but more out of a general interest in what some stranger has to say about me. (For those who are interested, I’m a Taurus, which means I’m stubborn and vain. Go figure.) If it were confession time, I’d tell you that at the state fair this year, I even laid down two dollars (and a dollar-off coupon) to have my signature analyzed against my horoscope. But it isn’t confession time, so you didn’t read that on my blog. In any case, I picked up the newspaper on September 10, 2012, the morning of my departure, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt September 11th 2012

ASTEP = Artists Striving to End Poverty ASTEP is a program dedicated to bringing the arts to disadvantaged children throughout the world. They have programs in India, Africa, New York, and Florida. Each program is a little different, with different partners and different target groups. Whatever the target population, though, ASTEP’s belief is that children can gain important life skills through the arts, and that these life skills are especially valuable for students who were born into an impoverished situation. TGF = The George Foundation TGF was started by a man named Abraham George. In short, he spent his early years in India, became very successful in America, and upon a return trip to India realized that he wanted to help the rural people in some way. He has several non-profit projects in the rural areas ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt July 10th 2012

We took photos and said our goodbyes to our friends at home base after lunch. We said goodbye to Kilimanjaro on our way to the airport but once airborne we flew directly in front of the mountain. We know two people who are climbing now so it was fun to imagine them hiking up as we flew past. My seat mate was a young man going to school in Dubai who had just summated Kili. It was a much tougher endeavor than he had imagined. His climbing companion had to turn back and go down so my seat mate summated with his guide. Last week someone died of altitude sickness below base camp. Our guides on the coffee tours said people die every year because they don’t pay attention to the early symptoms of altitude sickness. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt July 3rd 2012

Well the adventure has begun! We arrived at Calgary Airport still nervous about whether they were 'really' going to take our Trike whole. We were just thrilled when the Air Transat fellow walked up to us and said, "so there is the infamous trike"! Air Transat was just fantastic, they welcomed us, chatted with us, reassured us that they were prepped for the trike and readily checked us in via the First Class line up! (It was a straight roll in for the Trike). It was quick and painless in the end. Our bags weighed in at 26 & 33 pounds & then about 6 pounds carry on. It all fits great on the trike and we don't expect any issues around this part of the trip. We are now happily sitting in the Chinook Lounge ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt June 22nd 2012

Lufthansa 690, 451. Los Angeles, CA to Tel Aviv, Israel with an 8 hour layover in Frankfurt. Of course I would not stay all 8 hours in Frankfurt International, that'd be a terrible waste. So I got out of the airport and took a train to the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (main train station) where I branched out from there. Just a dull comment, the Frankfurt train public transporation puts the greater LA system to shame, but I mean, which city doesn't right? From the HBF, I walked to a pub with an over-friendly German lady who offered me a beer at 4PM, which I declined, and had a little lunch of sausage and potato salad. A train ride later, I was at one of Frankfurt's famous Cathderals, called the "Dom". Astounded by its granduer, I alter also ... read more
My German Lunch
One of the Doors to the Dom

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt April 25th 2012

Josh and I (Paul) have decided to have a boys week (or so) in Europe. I recently bought a new car and the opportunity presented itself to pick it up at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart. It seemed like an ideal opportunity for a road trip. We plan to pick up the car and drive it on the roads it was built for - the german autobahn. We will ultimately hook up with a Porsche group on an organized driving tour of the south of Germany. Ever once and a while, I expect, we will stop to check out the local environs. We started off our trip on an early evening flight from Toronto. An unexpected upgrade to business class had josh thrilled. This is the first time he has flown in the rarified air at ... read more
Gaylords In Frankfurt
Train Delays in Germany

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