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Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg October 6th 2015

Back in the second largest city in Germany. A city of water. Surprisingly, more bridges and canals than Amsterdam and Venice. Got smashed up horribly in WW2 with a terrifying firestorm created by bombing in 1943, killing an estimated 43,000 and destroying much of the city and dock areas. It's always been one of Germany's wealthiest areas and still is. A centre for banking, the media, big industries like AirBus and others, and an important port for exports and imports. A day of walking, some shopping and for Lyn to prepare for two days of work in Scheessel, visiting schools and attending evening seminars for parents and students. It's encouraging that already, just a few days after doing her thing at fairs, she's already getting follow up enquiries to come to HVHS. And that's what it's ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 30th 2015

Saturday 26/09/15 Down to the supermarket for some breakfast goodies. The day clear and sunny. Lyn had an all day seminar, meet prospective students, thing to attend. We walked to Mundsberg station to get the U Bahn to Lubecker, changed trains there and arrived at Stefansplatz station 20 minutes later. From there a short walk to 5 Rothenbaumschausee where the event was to be held. There were other teachers there from NZ - Thames, P. North, Nelson etc. I helped her set up then left on my mission to find a bike hire place. An hour and a half later, and after four different bits of direction advice from good German citizens, of still NOT finding a bike hire establishment I gave in and hired, gasp, an electric bike, which place I was able to find. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg September 14th 2015

Zoe On Saturday we went to a Seal Hospital in the car. I had a sleep on Paula shoulder the hole time, the ride to the Seal Hospital took around two hours. When we got there we went to the get the tickets, then we went to look at some of the adult seals, the adult seal were big and small, But they were mostly big. It was very fun looking at the adult seals then we went and looked at the baby seals, the baby seals were very cute one of them was always laying on the ground and looking at us. The next day we drove to Heidelberg it took at least eight and a half hours to get there, when we got there we had dinner and I had chicken and potato. Then ... read more
Bella and Paula
Windmill farm

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 12th 2015

On Friday we got a train to the train station then we got a boat to the city. There were lots of houses on the river bank. There were big ones, small ones, fat ones and thin ones. Then we got to the city and went to a cafe. I has chips and sausages. My sister bella had chips and nuggets. There are lots of wasps in Germany, so what we had to do was catch them in our glasses. So when we we had an empty glass and it still had the smell of the drink you were drinking, the wasps should go in there, then you flip your glass and the wasp would be trapped. Then we all went to the toilet and when we got back there was a dead wasp in Bella's ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg July 23rd 2015

19:50 und wir warten... Nach einem brütend heißen Tag im Bezirk Mödling und vielen getroffenen und gut erledigten Vorbereitungen für unsere Reise nach Hamburg ++ sind Stefan und ich am Wiener Hauptbahnhof angekommen und warten auf den EN der uns über die Nacht friedlich nach Hamburg bringen soll. Wie wir den Kälteschock 38 Grad auf 21 Grad erleben und überleben werden - mal sehen; mit Sicherheit wird uns die Abkühlung gut tun und für unser geplantes City-Hopping sind das allemal bessere Bedingungen :-) ...und da wird auch schon unser Zug angekündigt und Stefan schultert den Rucksack und wir packen die Trolleys und Sackerln und sind bereit zur Besteigung. Unser Zugappartment ist sehr nett (nicht so luxuriös wie damals mit Mama) und Stefan ist positiv überrascht. Zur Feier öffne ich gleiche einen ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg May 29th 2015

Just after Barb and I arrived in Hamburg we received news that a member of our extended family and dear friend Jean Tominov had succumbed to cancer at her home in Las Vegas at age 58. Jean was one of the first friendships we forged after moving to Las Vegas in 1994 and along with Bill Fisher, her childhood friend from Chicago whom had also just moved to Vegas, had a great 10 year run of some of the most memorable adventures 4 people could have in Las Vegas...and that's saying a lot! She will forever be in our memories, and most importantly, in our hearts. We had recently had many discussions about how she would be joining us on our next travel adventure, and now that companionship, while it may have lost it's physical embodiment, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg May 28th 2015

Nearly a full day's train ride through Germany landed us in Hamburg, another city that Barb and I have been in before and so enjoyed that we wanted to share the experience with Larry & Lisa. The unseasonable cool and wet weather that dogged us through most of Switzerland seemed to continue chasing us up through Germany as well so we spent most of our outdoor time in warm, water proof clothing! We had 3 basic goals on our list, the first was a visit to the absolute BEST display/collection of model railroads (and a lot more stuff) than we have found in all our travels. The Minatur Wunderland is without a doubt the most intriguing display of miniature "society" on earth! 3 floors of a large warehouse complex near the pier is filled with trains, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg February 25th 2015

More for Tuesday, Febr 24 Afternoon spent at Miniatur Wunderland (, which is an incredible miniature models: mountains, villages, history, model trains, cars, cities, airports with planes landing and taking off according to a schedule! Views of Germany through the ages, modern Hamburg, soccer stadium, and the USA section has Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, the space shuttle (and even an underground area 51--no photo). Afterwards, we went for pizza at a restaurant across from the Hamberg Opera.... read more
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Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg February 25th 2015

Tuesday Febr. 25 In the morning, we walked down some "atypical" streets in Hamburg, visited Basti's office (he works for tis-group), had lunch at a very quaint restaurant. Then later went to the miniature museum.... read more
eating at Max

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg February 25th 2015

Wednesday noon: picked up by Stephan and went to Art Gallery--Hamburger Kunsthalle. Some famous artists on display (photos): 2 by Renoir; Van Gogh: The Sower (appropriate for our state capitol--pose is pretty similar; an earlier Picasso; Edvard Munch: Girls on the Pier; Max Liebermann The Net Menders (plus a close up detail); Edward Manet: Nana ; Friederick: the sea of ice; Monet: Waterloo Bridge; a close up detail of Rachel Ruysch: Still life in flowers, 1691!; and Wilhelm Schubert von Ehrenberg The Sala Regia in Vatican 1667--very interesting perspective! After, went to Italian place for mid afternoon meal with everyone and then to Basti's home! Tomorrow, fly south to see Petra. We will really miss our dear Hamburg friends. Such wonderful families!... read more
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