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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vernon June 15th 2017

After four months on the road, 53 hotels and 21 flights, it is wonderful to unpack, sleep in our own bed, drink directly from the tap, and feel completely safe. We have enjoyed every country we have visited. It has been fascinating to leave one culture, food, language, sights, people and immediately experience another. The trip has changed us. When I see someone from one of these countries, I instantly want to know more about that person. Each place has its beauty and also dangers. Upon completion, there is nothing we would change about the journey, and are giving it a 95% rating. That said, we missed our family and friends often and longed for that feeling of HOME frequently. Before leaving Canada, I told a friend that I would be looking for random acts of ... read more
The Day we Left
New Zealand

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan June 11th 2017

This is a happening place and many roads are closed for the activities to celebrate Puerto Rico Day. Strolling to Times Square, the temperature soars to 35 degree C. Two semi-naked women are painted in the stripes and stars of the American flag as we pass by. Chris goes seeking information regarding tickets to the Come From Away musical, but is informed that you must line up at 3 am to purchase any remaining seats. He stops at the 9/11 memorial to view the two square openings where water falls and individuals names surround the structure. Below is a mall where the hustle and bustle is a daily reminder that even after tragedy, life goes on. Following breakfast, we head down to Broadway. At Macy's, the worlds largest department store, the doors remain closed due to ... read more
Inside the Empire State Building
The Manhatten Hat Maker - Great Guy!
The Famous St. Patricks Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath June 6th 2017

Bath, UK, home to the 2,000 year old Roman baths, an abbey, and the Jane Austen center. This is just what the doctor ordered. A historical city where you can eat anything and walk everywhere. The three digit dates of many buildings are surprising to us Canadians. Things were built to last. There is a street performer playing 'It's A Wonderful World', and a stranger and I sing along together. Lunch is at the vegetarian restaurant Acorn. Every street winds off to an alleyway full of interesting shops. It is easy to get lost, but also a fun experience. Today is a journey to the 5,000 year old ancient temple of Stonehenge. The banks (hills) surrounding the stones are called a henge, and are burial grounds. The significance of this structure is unclear, but several theories ... read more
The Abbey
The Arch
The Bath Bridge

Our guide Clayton drives us to the Cape of Good Hope which is within the Table Mountain National Park and is the most SW point of Africa. A quick trip up the Flying Dutchman Furnicular brings people to expansive views, rich vegetation, and the Point lighthouse. Chris captures an image of a Malachite sunbird drinking from the flowers. There are posted baboon signs and a couple of the large animals are running on the pavement. Africans brought in ostriches and their numbers have increased. Their young continually eat grasses road side. Back in Cape town a new day leads us to Long Street, which is a disappointment with shabby shops and many beggars. The outdoor vendors at the Green Market charge as much as the V & A so we simply return to the waterfront for ... read more
Proteas - National Flower of SA
The Painted Houses - The Bo-Kaap Neighbourhood
The World Cup Stadium

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch May 27th 2017

Both Chris and I are now suffering from a stomach bug. The country is experiencing the worst drought in a 113 years, and the reservoir's are down to less than 20%. That causes a great deal of sediment to be in the water. Of course we are only drinking bottled water, but who knows what is being used for cooking. Darryl drives us the one hour trip to Stellenbosch which is a university town in the heart of wine country. Since the 100 year old guest house is next door to the Botanical Gardens, this becomes a favorite spot for a morning latte. The day is spent poking around the charming town shops. In the evening we meet a Canadian couple that were staying at the same lodge in Capetown as us, and we sit for ... read more
The Stellenbosch University Botanical Gardens
The architecture - lots of history in the region
Winter season but the flowers continue

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point May 21st 2017

Capetown. What a relief to step off the plane and experience cooler temperatures. Into the hotel where we crash for the evening. But first, we are given a cell phone for emergencies. There are razor and live wires atop many of the homes gates. Come morning on the bus and up to the 7th Nature Wonder of the World, the Table Mountain. A group of school children high five us and gather for a photo saying 'cheese'. The tram holds 65 people, and ascends 1,067m while the floor slowly rotates so everyone gets a 360 degree view. Up top, the countless trails lead to expansive views including both the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Individuals stand on top of the boulders for impressive photo shots. Once down the mountain, there is a stop at the ... read more
Our residence in Capetown - Blackheath Lodge
Breakfast is great!
Old style colonial

Middle East » Qatar » Doha May 20th 2017

Up very early and a flight to Doha, Qatar. Once in Qatar, there is a 15 hour layover and the temperature is 40 degrees with 60% humidity. Escorted to a hotel 10km away, the boulevards of Doha are covered in sand and the shops sparkle with opulence. On arriving, we receive a cup of Arabic coffee mixed with spices and served with dates. We had initially planned to carry on our adventure in the Middle East to Jordan and beyond but that is just not in the cards at this time. Perhaps on our next visit. Later, flying with Qatar Airways, near the end of the flight at around eight am, Chris and I are asked to come to the front cabin. The stewards have put together a birthday cake, handmade signed card, and champagne to ... read more
Desert to Sea
Oil still rules in Qatar
Arabic coffee with dates - great flavours

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur May 19th 2017

One of the main reasons for visiting India, was to visit our good friend Viney. He comes to the hotel and insists we stay in his home. In a few days time he has arranged for us to fly an hour to Udaipur which is a much smaller city with a population of 450,000 and known as the Venice of the East. Our taxi winds through the narrow streets by century old bazaars so we can stop and visit a textile shop. Stacks of rugs made from antique fabrics and woven wire line the shelves. The floors are littered with baskets of overflowing trims. Through Viney we have been settled in the Trident Hotel that is fit for a king; marble floors, expansive manicured land with peacocks, and incredible staff, one who even brought me a ... read more
Viney & Cathy at home in Guruon
Down by the pool
My good friend Harkesh

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi May 17th 2017

NEW DELHI. The flight is delayed and so we do not land in India until 11:30 at night. Stepping outside is like entering a furnace, still over 40C. In the taxi are two Spanish gentlemen who work in Vietnam for the Canadian shoe mogul John Fluevog. At the hotel, a guard stops the vehicle and checks under the hood of the car. The gates open and the luggage plus us must pass through a security scanner. I am lead into a cubicle and patted down. We go to bed and rise five hours later for a two hour drive to Agra. India is a tapestry of rich colours, textures, and ancient times. Am surprised that in a city of 24 million, there is little traffic on the highway south to Agra. Thatched huts are strewn over ... read more
Off to the TAJ with Ramesh!
At the gate to the TAJ - 47 degrees C
First view through the gate - looking directly north!

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » The Peak May 14th 2017

A nine hour flight brings us early evening into Hong Kong, a city of seven million. There is a peaceful harbour, mountains, and unending high rises. Into the Central District to be dropped off at the Butterfly Hotel, with a small room on the 26th floor. In the morning it is a bit of a task to find somewhere for breakfast. The hotel has provided a mobile hot spot for wifi, so Google directs us to Home Eat to Live where coffee is only served with soy milk. The manager Marion is from Paris and she makes several suggestions for sight seeing. The day is 26 degrees C and extremely humid. Having researched beforehand, first on the agenda is a stop at The Old Western Market in search of silk fabrics. Luckily, the building is only ... read more
The Three Genius' - Fabric Store yet again!
The harbour and the Star Ferry to Kowloon
Fruit vendors

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