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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split October 14th 2019

Today we are informed that the train is not running from Zagreb due to repairs on the tracks. Therefore, it is necessary to board a bus for two hours and then reconnect on the train. Travelling through the Croatia countryside there are rolling hills packed with trees in full autumn foliage. The scenery changes to the mountain range of Mount Mosor and then again to flat rich farmland. It is gorgeous unspoiled nature. Waking up the view is palm trees, and the Adriatic Sea, with a 24C temperature. It is time to abandon jackets and don capri’s, sandals, and sunglasses. The Riva promenade parallels the water and leads to an old city. The entire day is spent meandering down ancient corridors, visiting unique shops, and eating just outside the Palace at Villa Spiza’s. The following morning ... read more
Angle Parking Only!
Entering into town
View across the harbour

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb October 13th 2019

The train travels SW from Vienna and is on one of the oldest railway tracks. It also has a dining car complete with white linen tablecloths. A first for us. The views are similar to a fairytale book, displaying castles and historical homes tucked into the lush hillsides. The train rises up towards the southern end of the Dolomite mountains. We envision what people were seeing when they travelled this route on the Orient Express. We are not quite sure what to think entering the city of Zagreb, CROATIA. It is the absolute opposite of Vienna’s sparkle and sophistication. The following morning, the coffee house cashier informs us that we need to pay in cash, and they accept no credit cards or euro’s. That leaves us without the ability to pay. But they say no problem, ... read more
In Ljubljana Slovenia - A car from Ontario????
First view of the City of Ljubljana - Artwork of a different kind!
What Ljubljana City actually looks like, we have to return! (Not my photo)

Europe » Austria » Vienna October 9th 2019

Leaving the Czech Republic behind, a few hours later, the train crosses the border and into Wien, better known as Vienna, AUSTRIA, founded in the first Century AD. This very liveable city is also known as the city of music and dreams as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, and Freud all worked here. It is lovely to hear the clip clopping of the horses pulling carts down the cobblestone streets, and the church bells ringing on the hour. It is also where coffee houses originated centuries ago, creating part of the Viennese charm. First stop is to the Stephansdom Crypt which is still used as a burial spot for Archbishop’s today. In one section, hermetically sealed metal jars store the organs and hearts of royalty, much like the ancient Egyptian traditions. During the outbreak of the bubonic ... read more
Prague - The Old Railway Station
Bye to Prague - The Old Railway Station
A Statement?

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town October 7th 2019

The date is October 5th, so it is my birthday. At breakfast in the Berlin Hotel restaurant the waiters serve me a huge piece of cake. Back on the train to land in Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC, with a temperature of 8 degrees C, and a city that was once home to the slave market. In the morning, it is down to old town. Walking, every time you look up, left or right, or turn a corner, there is something amazing to look at. The architecture is gorgeous, and eye candy for every person and photographer. Designed in the Gothic style is the Charles Bridge lined with 17th Century Baroque statues. There are many artists and musicians along the way. We stumble on the Ice Pub, and decide to give it a go. Gloves, and a poncho ... read more
The River Cruisers
Citadelle Laferriere
AHA! Praha!

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin October 4th 2019

In order to head to Southern Europe, we need to backtrack, from Stockholm to Malmo to Copenhagen to Hamburg, and finally to Berlin, GERMANY. At Rodby, Denmark, the train is driven on to a ferry for a 45 minute ride to Putt Garden, Germany. Quite an experience. A thirteen hour day of travel. Guten Morgen Berlin. First off is to go and book reservations for our future travels. At the wicket, I ask the fellow assisting us how long he has lived in Berlin and if he likes it here. He responds that he has been here three years and that in Berlin, he feels safe, as he came from Afghanistan. He worked for the military, assisting the U.S. soldiers. The agreement was that in three years time he would receive a green card, and his ... read more
Our train from Denmark drove onto a hybrid ferry!
A Berliners Breakfast!
Old East Berlin

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm September 30th 2019

On the train, two backpackers try to evade the conductor as they have not paid for a ticket. They are put off quietly at the next stop. Waking up in Stockholm, SWEDEN, we walk to the 13th century medieval city of Gamla Stan within the old town. The cobble-stone streets also lead to the Royal Palace where the King resides, and you can view the apartments and Royal treasures. The ethereal paintings on the ceilings are exquisite. Hand in hand we stroll through Kungstradgarden park, right beside the street named Brigitte Nielsen who was a Danish actress once married to Sylvester Stallone. A coffee tram rumbles past with a giant coffee cup on the roof. For supper, it is off to a sushi place, and it is the best we have ever had. How strange, fabulous ... read more
Outside the Palace
The Palace Chapel
The Palace Chapel

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen September 28th 2019

Our next adventure begins with meeting a famous dancer on the train. She is from Chicago and is the opening act for Burlesque Oslo. Todays journey takes us from Denmark, through Sweden, and into Norway. First impressions are that the country is similar to Canada; well manicured farms, Manitoba like rock walls, many lakes, and miles of forests. Wanting to see the Norwegian countryside, it is back on the train. The scenery was constantly changing, and absolutely breath taking. At first there are densely forested areas carpeted in moss, then pastures with dozens of waddling snow geese, glacier pot lakes, cascading waterfalls, rock cropping hills, and ending with an almost apocalyptic looking landscape dotted with sporadic cabins. Interestingly enough, we are going through several towns on the way to Myrdal. We pass through Geilo, Al, and ... read more
The Viking Ship Museum - Oslo
Wonderful construction - these are old boats
The Viking Ship

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 24th 2019

Up early to catch our original train, plus two more. At the third train station, all trams are relocated because sadly, someone has chose to commit suicide on the tracks. Crossing over into Denmark, the trees become shorter, and there are acres of solar panels. We are quizzical regarding the seemingly new trains left out in the field to decay. Our seat partner explained that Denmark had purchased all new train cars from an Italian firm and none of them have ever functioned, hence the waste, plus the loss of a whole lot of krone. The Danes are not overly happy with that! The temperature has dropped as autumn has arrived, along with the lovely change in the colour of the leaves. Copenhagen is a very clean and hugge (the Danish word for cozy) city of ... read more
Not sure...but caught the eye!
Our hotel also rented Airstream a room!

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 22nd 2019

Going to board yet another train, the sky is coloured with a sunrise of pastel peach and pink blush. Onwards to Hamburg, GERMANY. Two trains are joined together with an apparatus looking like giant plug-ins. There are even double decker trains available. Transferring to another train in Duisburg, the people in the six seater compartment say it is closed and try to shoo us away. But we have made reservations, so one of them has to leave. I am not impressed. Shortly into the trip, the train stops as someone has pulled the emergency brake. Me thinks it is the inebriated soccer fans on board. The two hour trip turns into five hours as the train was also initially one hour late. In the city, our hotel seems to be in the Little Portugal area of ... read more
There was a tower wedding going on.
Dinner in Little Portugal
The Norwegian Centre in Hamburg

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam September 20th 2019

Back onto the train towards Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. Our lodging is in a cozy little room right on a canal. Trying to cross the road is like taking your life in your hands. There are 850,000 residents here, and 850,000 bicycles, and the cyclists have the right of way. Thousands of bikes are stollen each year, and many are found in the canals. Oh, and no-one wears helmets. A fresh day, and off to the Albert Cuyp Market. Many stalls sell the stroopwafels that taste like a waffle and caramel cookie combined. There is a bird of paradise tree for sale, huge figs, local art work, and tasty sausages, plus clothing booths. Our girls suggest we attend the Rijksmuseum. The building contains paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. You can stand and watch Rembrandt’s famous Night ... read more
Amsterdam Central Station
It is a busy harbour!
German was late?!

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