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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vernon December 7th 2019

SUMMATION: Thanks to "The man in seat 61. The title of this last blog sounds like a mystery novel, but it is in reference to a website called "the man in seat 61." This site saved our souls many times during this journey. It is a complete European train travel guide and we recommend it to anyone considering train travel in the future. Visiting nineteen countries over a 100 day span, we are giving this European trip a 9+ rating. TOP 3: #1 Norway - the famous Oslo to Bergen and Flam railway trip - spectacular scenery #2 Prague - architecture and colours, took my breath away #3 Lagos, Portugal - gorgeous beaches This adventure started with a desire to vacation in Portugal. Obviously, it took us a long time to get there. Seeing country sides ... read more
Our philosophy!
Our Eurail Pass Itinerary
Proud of Canada

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Covent Garden December 7th 2019

Our last train ride which will end where we started, in London, ENGLAND. Once again the villages look idyllic, but approaching the border, there are walls and barbwire to prevent people from illegally crossing. The train enters the chunnel, and darkness ensues. On existing, the bright sunshine is a welcoming beacon into London. Have to say it is great to hear English again, and to get exactly what you order and expect in a restaurant. London is a happening place since the NATO Summit meetings are taking place over the next two days. While outside Buckingham Palace, a police officer stops a man on a bicycle, and physically redirects him. There are metal barriers for miles. A helicopter lands close to the Palace, but do not know who is inside. Wonderful to see all the Nato ... read more
Pancras Station
Pancras Station
The Maple Leaf Pub, West London

Europe » France » Île-de-France November 28th 2019

The next overnight train is to Paris, FRANCE and we are able to have a cabin together. Once again it is a rocky 14 hour trip in our bunk beds. It is difficult even to brush ones teeth. There is an hour wait in Hendaye, FRANCE. This is where Franco and Hitler met at the train station in 1940 to discuss Spain’s part in WWII. Continuing on, the countryside is dotted with villages of white washed homes, coloured shutters, and red tiled rooftops. They are all beautiful. Makes you want to stop and stay awhile. Through the famous Bordeaux wine area bordered by of course, grape vines. Several acres have been flooded right up to the roadside. Suddenly, there is a huge colourful rainbow which only lasts seconds. Many dark brown deer are roaming the fields. ... read more
The “Train Hotel”......overnight from Lisbon to Hendaya France
Bunk Buddy, all tucked in for the journey!
We wake up to the rolling fields in France

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais November 28th 2019

Returning to Lisbon, there are multiple giant nests built into trees, and even electrical towers. White heads pop out, and as the birds take flight, we spot our first storks, but no babies in sight. Unfortunately, Chris now has caught something so we decide to lay low for a bit......... but not for long and we are off! Off to see Pink Street which is .......... a street painted pink. It appears to be the signature for a night life gathering spot with clubs and bars. Close by is the Time Out Market in an enormous building that showcases the best restaurants of Lisbon. It is like a tapa’s buffet of 40 different markets. Whatever you want to eat or drink, it is here. Strangely, there do not seem to be any Portuguese people in attendance, ... read more
Museu do Dinherio - The Money Museum!
City Hall - Lisbon
The Pink Street - Party Central!

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto November 23rd 2019

A full day of travel. Waiting outside under a canopy for a train transfer at Tunes, the rain falls in such thick and heavy sheets it almost looks like snow. At 10 pm we glimpse the city of Porto, Portugal under twinkling lights. For breakfast, the coffee shop only offers one item in two flavours. One is the famous Portuguese pastel de nata (custard tart), and the other is the same tart, but with the addition of port. So we order one of each. The Sao Bento railway station began construction in 1904. The large blue and white tile murals were composed by Jorge Calaco and involved the use of 20,000 hand-painted tiles. Many of the scenes are life in the country with cattle, camps, vineyards and watermills. Walking down the streets, reveals several beautifully tiled ... read more
A Painting of Beautiful Porto
View from our flat
Towards Igreja dos Clerigos

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos November 20th 2019

This morning, waiting in a sitting room at the train station, a young lady rushes in and says we have to leave the space as it is filling with billowing smoke from the train below us. Nothing like getting gassed first thing in the morning. On the way to Lagos, PORTUGAL, for three hours there are rows of cork trees, many of which have the cork stripped, and the trunk bearing a number, as harvest can only occur every nine years. This is a form of documentation. Finally there are animals; horses and cows in a beautiful white sand colour. The rich soil becomes a burnt orange, and tree branches droop bearing the fruit of large oranges. Estombar is the first retirement settlement along the way, and there are vineyards close by, as well as many ... read more
Centre of Lagos
Infante D. Henrique
Lagos streets

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa November 17th 2019

Getting on the tren (train) hotel at 9:30 in the evening, there is confusion as to why it was mandated by the ticket seller that we each required our own dormitory. There are two bunk beds per room, and so between the two of us, we have four beds. Chris comes to visit my sleeper, and we enjoy a picnic. (bottle of wine, some clementine oranges and some cheese actually) Am thinking I’ll be put to sleep by the gentle motion of the train, but instead it is very rock and roll, as I am directly over the wheels. Landing in Lisbon, PORTUGAL, the weather is warmer, and so some clothing can be shed. A nap is required. Being Sunday, all the shops are closed and it is a good time to wash clothes. At the ... read more
Arrival in Lisbon on the overnight train from Madrid........cranky?
Interesting Train Station, El Oriente.
Monument to the Heros of the Great Wars

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid November 16th 2019

A decision has been made, we are flying to Madrid, SPAIN. Walking to the bus, the skies start to spit rain, but arriving in Marsaille, and boarding the plane, the tarmac is like a shallow river. Am so relieved when the aircraft lifts off. Once in Madrid, it is necessary to visit the Atocha train station to find out where we can get to from here, a process that takes two and a half hours. While waiting, we think about the fact that in 2004, this was one of the stations bombed by Al Qaeda, killing 193 people, and injuring 2,000, in opposition to Spain participating in the Iraq War. Cannot imagine the destruction and suffering. Our apartment is in an 1800’s building, and since the elevator does not function, it is 70 slanted stairs up ... read more
Say hello to my little friend!
Atocha Railway Station
An inside terrerium at the Atocha station

From Montreux, it is a lovely voyage through the rolling hills, quaint little villages, embraced by the Seine river, and majestic Swiss Alps. There is a castle built in a diagonal line to correspond with the striated rock upon which it is built. Arriving into Aix-en-Provence in the Cote d’azur region (french riviera) we are given bad news at the train station. Because of the storms that have struck southern France, the railway tracks are under construction. We are stuck! No way out other than bus, car, or plane. Will have some decisions to make. Since Provence is known for their lavender, the accommodation we have booked is called The Lavender Apartment, with walls being painted this same hue. Looking out the living room window, there is a French soldier bearing an automatic weapon, and patrolling ... read more
Our hood! Great location!
Our street in Aix-en-Provence

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken November 7th 2019

Today the countryside is blanketed in fresh snow. At the train station there is a vending machine full of wooden animal figures and selling for 20-25 francs. The train glides past the Olympic bobsled, and numerous ski hills. Many homes have either horses, sheep or cows right in their backyards. Each bovine has a large brass bell suspended from their neck. Must be annoying for them, and the neighbours. Our ears have been popping constantly as we descend from 2,253 meters. Four different train rides and into the Swiss town of Interlaken which means ‘between the lakes’ of Brienz and Thun. This charming village is like a fairytale setting with pastel coloured houses nestled in the Swiss Alps. Chris takes the Jungfraujoch cog train to the Top of Europe and I stay back to nurse my ... read more
Old town - Interlaken West
The Quest - Get up the Famous Jungfraujoch!
Passed through Wengen

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