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4th July 2017

Nada mejor que estar en casa
Hola amigo, que bueno saber que estan de regreso, seguro es una gran satisfacción cumplir el sueño de viajar y volver a casa sanos y salvo. Nos vemos pronto. Un abrazo a ambos.
4th July 2017

What A Trip!!!
Just read your final blog entry. That was an incredible trip you took. And THANK YOU for taking us along! I so enjoyed ever single place we visited. Your writing was amazing and after each read I felt like I had a real good feel of the place, the people, and the culture. So happy you are back home safe and sound, and none the worse for wear. We will be taking your advise and on retirement get out and travel much more of this wonderous world. Although rather than a blog we may need a help line directly to you.
30th May 2017

Hi Chris & Kathy Hope you are traveling well!! Keith had a heart attack on the 28 of May. He is in the Royal Alec. Will go to Edmonton tomorrow . Randy may come . Cheers
27th May 2017

Amazing scenery and landscape. Wish we were there too!
26th May 2017

Would never have thought this is what India looked like - Udaipur is gorgeous, people look very friendly. Will have to put this on the 'dream list'!
22nd May 2017

Catching up
Hello! Some great blogs on your travels. I've really enjoyed reading them. I got back from Scotland last week. Fabulous time. Cody & Pam had their baby girl yesterday- your birthday Chris! Her name is Sidney Joy Wright. 7 lbs 3 oz. She is beautiful. Happy Birthday Chris. And hugs to you both. Love, Becky
16th May 2017

Hi , How long in Hong Kong? Gwen business partner lives there. Very nice , has visited us here in Vernon & Cabo. If interested I will pass his phone number along. cheers
14th May 2017

Hola Cathy / Socio
Amigo, que tremendo viaje, imagino que debes estar muy entretenido organizando y confirmando todo el itinerario. Veo que no recibiste propina por cargar dos refrigeradores varios pisos, pero esta bien como ejercicio, se nota que estas en mejor forma. Cuando iniciaste el viaje te veías muy, pero muy saludable. Un abrazo y que sigan disfrutando nos vemos en Septiembre. Saludos. CZ
1st May 2017

A Reason to Love Australia
I'm glad you have discovered one of reasons Andy & I love Australia - a beach to ourselves. Since you are going up to Cairns will you be going snorkelling out on the Great Barrier Reef right? Since some of the pictures show you walking Cathy I hope that means your leg is better. Have fun , All is well here. Norma
1st May 2017

You will love Cairns. Good to see all your adventures. Kent was here for a few days . If all goes well his separation should be signed this week, should get house money and give her her share,has a house he will likely buy here and hopefully move here by end of June at the latest and has a job here. Can't wait for him to be back here.
30th April 2017

Great Read
Perfect way to spend a Sunday morning - getting caught up on the last few blog posts! Glad to see you are enjoying Oz and that you've discovered 'Life's a Beach'!
28th April 2017

Saludos al Suegro
Hola Suegro y futuro abuelo, socio siento una (sana) envidia. A seguir disfrutando. Un abrazo para ambos.
17th April 2017

Hola Amigos, que bueno saber que estan bien y que continúan disfrutando. Un abrazo. cz.
10th April 2017

We share your love of Sydney. I have the exact same shot of the Bridge from the street in the Rock's. If you are still there don't miss their National Art Gallery and the Park with the Fruit Bats. What's not to love about Sydney
Do you go north to Brisbane or south to Melbourne from here? Your travelogue entertains us daily - carry on
9th April 2017

G'Day Auzziland!!!
So enjoyed your blog through NZ, and can't wait to go back to Australia through your eyes. It has been a real reminder of the wonderful times I spent there, many moons ago. Thanks you both for letting me tag along via my computer. Cheers, Lauri
9th April 2017

Overall Trip
Chris & Cathy - great writings , great details, great trip , great pictures , great places to visit, and great people . Thanks for allowing us to travel the world through both of your continual updates ! be safe and look forward to the next chapter of traveling Aussie land
9th April 2017

Linda Foto
Hola Amigos, cuando vi la foto de Cathy, pense que era mi amigo Chris tocando la corneta. Pero el músico era un poco mas flaco. Espero que esten disfrutando y pasando un muy buen tiempo juntos. Un abrazo para ambos.
9th April 2017

Enjoy Sydney
Just got caught up on the last few entries - glad you guys are having a great time and appreciate the entries and images!! If you're feeling a bit adventurous, visit Kings Cross.
9th April 2017

Love love love Australia!
Thank you for glimpses of my favorite place! The Opera house is truly a beautiful structure. I enjoyed Bondi Beach and Manley Beach. We took the water taxis. I will have to check out the marina and the 'rays next time we are there. Great pictures of you both! Enjoy!
4th April 2017

I'm travelling along
I'm enjoying your entries/stories and all the photos. What an amazing adventure.
2nd April 2017

Loving "our" trip!
Hello Cathy and Chris! Just wanted to check in and let you know how much we are enjoying your blogs! We are loving reading all about where you've been and the things you've seen and done. Your writing paints such a good picture of it all. We have absolutely enjoyed traveling through New Zealand! I think we are done there now and headed to the next stop? Cant wait! Thanks for bringing us along!!
29th March 2017

Glow worms!
Aren't the worm caves fun! Those Segway look 👀 scary! Glad you made it to Rotarua, did you see the cultural centre? Have you eaten at a hungi yet (a dinner steamed in a natural steam hole)? Amazing pics and commentary!
29th March 2017

Glad you went to the glow worm caves we thought they were magical too. This could be a 2nd email about the caves but not sure because when I hit submit with my 1st comment it disappeared. Enjoy .
27th March 2017

Love the blog. Try the Pinot noirs.

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