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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg October 14th 2019

Where in the world is Gabby the motorhome? She is in a city. You know us well by now . We don't really like busy cities and normally we would avoid them like the plague . That is unless something is worth seeing. We had started the morning in a rather cold and dismal Lake Constanz, done our shopping, emptied Gabbys toilet and filled her with water. We had restocked the cupboards thanks to Lidl and plenty of fresh bread. The journey to Freiburg was not the most pleasant. The roads were exceedingly busy, It felt as if all of Germany were on the road. As always we found many roadworks. Germany is still spending on their roads. Some are being completely dug up and many have lanes coned off. It took us rather a long ... read more
the other gate
The Rathaus

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg July 21st 2015

After your correspondent was located and dragged from another beer garden in Munich, Wendy the Navigator announced it was time to travel to The Black Forest. Cusco and I looked at each other in the manner of people bemused, befuddled and downright discombobulated. “ Why there ? “ I asked in a seemingly interested manner. The reason was given in one simple word – “ Gateau !!!! ” With that in mind we aimed Claude in the general direction of south east and headed that way. Our destination was a town called Freiburg, which lent itself well to a blog title. The campsite was a mere 20 minute walk from the town centre and, true to form, our travel hating sat nav voice discovered the smallest streets in the whole of Germany and certain parts of ... read more
tram-a-lam ding dong
G and Cusco scare off population
just like Venice

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg December 5th 2013

We just had a wonderful one week trip to visit our dear friends near Freiburg, Germany. We had first met Angelika, Achim and their 3 children when we were only 26 years old back in Botswana! Fortunately our friendship has lasted over the years and distance. We have seen each other a few times since then, but the last time we saw them was 7 years for Achim and 13 years for Angelika. With friends like these that doesn’t matter as we were able to pick up right where we left off without any difficulty. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the children (who are now grown with families of their own) but we did get to see Gitti (Angelika’s sister) whom we have known for many years as well. Thanks to skype we did get ... read more
Great Wood Sculptures
The Wind Was Howling
The Alps

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg January 13th 2013

The 2010 statistics for camera ownership in Hong Kongshowed that, on average, there are 3.7 cameras owned per household. That’s 2.9 points more camera than the average number of kids! And this excluded the crappy cameras then given away as a bonus on cell phones. It seems then that cameras are not only integral to recording the progress and cuteness of our sprogs before they turn into adolescent she devils, but that cameras have become some people's only way to cope with a holiday. "Oh Geoffrey, why did you leave the camera in the room" or "Oh Geoffrey, I did say before we left that there would be no harm in buying some extra rolls of film, Graham keeps his unused rolls in the fridge you know." Then there's another type of camera person. Mr or ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg April 30th 2011

Geo: 47.9972, 7.85377 So, we really only had one day to spend in the Black Forest, due to our first late train. I have to hand it to the Europeans for having a ridiculously efficient and timely train system. The one time our train was late, it was REALLY late. We had a three hour ride from Interlaken to Freiburg, and just 30min from our last stop, the train came to a halt in the middle of nowhere. Several announcements went off in German, of course none of which we understood. Per usual, we just knew something was wrong based on everyone else's reactions. We werent the only two confused travellers, though, so a German guy was translating for another guy. He said that there was an accident on the tracks up ahead, and our train ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg June 6th 2010

If I had to pick my two favorite days, it would probably be today and yesterday. Yesterday because of the mountain and lunch, and the general beauty of the scenery, today because of the castle we went through, viewing the Rhine falls, and getting to go on another cruise. Since I have been getting up at 6:30 AM every day anyway, I got up a little earlier, went out on my balcony, and took some pictures of the sun coming up over the Alps across the lake. It was pretty, but not as cold as I thought it might be before the sun came up. Thankfully, after breakfast, we did not have to tear ourselves away from Montreux yet, as the castle we were going to tour next was on another side of the city. Chillon ... read more
Lake Geneva 1
Lake Geneva 2
Chillon Castle 1

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg February 7th 2010

My weekend in Freiburg was full of little coincidences that made the trip AMAZING. The train ride was about 5 hours long but not bad...although, it was quite tiring. I had my first Subway sandwich since I left home. It was magnifico! When we (Paola, Storm, and I) arrived in Freiburg, we went in search for Laura (who is currently studying there). After finding her, it was then time to head out to the Stadtmitte(city center). Freiburg is glorious with its 13th Century architecture and cobbled-stone streets. There are street trains going every which way. Most importantly, the sun was shining on Saturday. All of this combined put me in a good mood. One of the most familiar parts of Freiburg is what I like to call the corner of Starbucks and Subway. It is in ... read more
Where are you Phantom?
Flag with Freiburg's Coat of Arms

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg November 24th 2009

It's half pat midnight (Italian time, GMT+1), the end of an amazing week-end in Freiburg, Germany. I went to visit my best friend, who's on exchange there. Let's keep it short and simple, cos pictures will describe the city better than pages of journal. I arrived on Thursday afternoon at about 5 p.m, after a train ride of about 6 hours (leaving from Milan, train change in Basel). M. came to pick me up and we walked around the city center (not before a pit/gossip/catch up stop at Starbucks). It was dark, but the town was full of lights. So many cute little cafes and restaurants, and stoney streets cut by the tram lines. Would have looved to lose myself in that labyrinth of tiny streets, but we had to rest a little before going out ... read more
my sis and I

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg October 12th 2009

Our journey to Freiburg was a rainy train ride but that didn't dampen the beauty of Autumn in the Black Forest. Once we arrived it was a quick tram ride to Charis and Yalany's apartment where we met Ingo and his trusty companion Cappuccino. They all welcomed us with open arms and a delicious homemade pizza was soon to follow. The next day, weary from our travels, Ingo took us to a traditional hot bath house. This place was man made, they drilled down to an underground hot spring and piped it up at a wonderful 55 degrees C. There were several pools inside and outside at varying temperatures including an outdoor temp pool for circulation, which we took a vigorously quick dip in. This was a super experience and relaxed us almost to the point ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 5
Photo 5

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg October 7th 2009

I've been in Freiburg for a few days now, working during the day and hanging out with the people here at night, and generally having fun. As promised, here are some pictures from Freiburg.... read more
A Freiburg House
The Freiburg Munster
The Freiburg Munster

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