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Europe » France » Corsica » Calvi September 11th 2017

Dag 10 – maandag 11 september 2017 – Calvi – Rondrit Balagna Rondrit van 100km met de MH door de Balagna. Zo heet de streek hier. Weeral door de bergen en smalle wegen in het binnenland. Hier is niets anders. Wel een zeer mooie rit die ons 3 uur nam. Alhoewel een blik op de kaart ons eerst lang deed twijfelen of we het wel zouden doen. De kronkelende departementals (D151 – D71) in smal geel ingekleurd over cols van 500m op 5km van de kust beloofden wel wat spanning. Gelukkig weinig verkeer daar. Wie doet dat nu ? We werden wel getracteerd op prachtige vergezichten zowel op de kust als op de nog veel hogere bergkammen met hier en daar een bergdorp in de verte. Hoe geraken die bewoners daar ? We doorkruisten kleine dorpjes ... read more
Door de Balagna
Door de Balagna
Door de Balagna

Europe » France » Corsica » Calvi September 10th 2017

Dag 8 – zaterdag 9 september 2017 – Calvi Verplaatsing naar de west-kust– 108km. Calvi is een van de mooiste badplaatsen van Corsica vanwege het 4,5km lange strand met een rijke geschiedenis die terug gaat tot de Romeinen. Calvi beweert de echte geboorteplaats te zijn van de Genuees Christoffel Columbus. Dag 9 – zondag 10 september 2017 – Calvi & Isle Rousse In de voormiddag bezochten we Calvi onder begeleiding van een plaatselijke gids. We beklommen de citadel, een reusachtig bastion, met ook hier paleizen van gouverneurs en bischoppen, een St Jean Baptist kathedraal. We zagen het zogenaamde geboortehuis van Columbus. Zoveel getuigen van 6 eeuwen aan Genuese heerschappij. We stonden ook voor het vluchthuis van Napoleon toen zijn familie politiek de kant van de Franse koning koos, tegen de toenmalige zelfstandige Corsicaanse republiek van ... read more
Calvi - de Kathedraal

Europe » France » Corsica » Calvi August 19th 2016

Issy's decided that we should spend the morning at the beach. We buy the standard package of two sun lounges and a beach umbrella, for half a day. Fortunately the beach umbrellas in this part of beach are slightly bigger than the ones we saw the other day. If we position our two sun lounges properly it will almost completely shade one of them, leaving only one of us to get sunburnt. Issy goes for a dip. She comes back again very quickly, looking a bit blue. She says that the water is icy, so I decide to test it for myself. It's about twenty degrees cooler than the last bit of ocean we swam in, although that said I'm not entirely sure that that's a fair comparison; the last time our toes touched the ocean ... read more
Calvi Beach
On the beach in Calvi
Calvi Citadel

Europe » France » Corsica » Calvi August 18th 2016

We walk down to the dock to buy tickets for an afternoon boat cruise to the Scandola Nature Reserve south of Calvi. Issy's very keen to get an outside seat on the boat in the fresh air away from the diesel fumes. Issy and boats have often not been a good mix, and white paper bags have sometimes been required. We decide that we must get back to the dock early so that we can be at the front of the queue and be sure of getting a seat in the fresh air. We wander around Calvi looking for somewhere to get a light lunch. We've noticed that restaurants here don't seem to be big on light lunches; most of them only seem to offer the same full blown meals at lunch as they do at ... read more
If only French was this easy.
Calvi waterfront
On the way to Scandola Nature Reserve, Corsica

Europe » France » Corsica » Calvi August 16th 2016

We set off towards Calvi and pass a cross on a cliff overlooking the sea near the hotel. It seems that this is a memorial to 400 Corsicans who died offshore from here when their boat was torpedoed on 16th August 1918. Coincidentally it's 16th August today and someone has left a candle next to the memorial. We walk down to the waterfront and then up into the Citadel. We read that the walls and towers were built during the 16th century, when Corsica was part of the Genoese Empire, to protect it against attacks by pirates from North Africa. We go into two large rooms built into the rock which house a military display. We read that this is the headquarters of one of the regiments of the French Foreign Legion. We then realise that ... read more
Waterfront, Calvi
View over Calvi from the Citadel

Europe » France » Corsica » Calvi August 15th 2016

It's very hot in the apartment, so I spend most of the night trying to sleep outside on a couch on the terrace. If I did this back home I would have been eaten alive by a swarm of marauding mosquitoes, but apparently not so here. The taxi turns up; we're very relieved. I thought that we'd have the airport to ourselves at 5.30am, but it's crawling with people. Madrid airport must have a lot of runways. If the departure board is to be believed it seems that sixteen different flights will be leaving at exactly 7.05am. Security is intense. I try to walk through a scanner holding my boarding pass but I'm told I need to put it in a plastic tray. It looks very lonely. I worry that the rubber strips at the entrance ... read more

Europe » France » Corsica » Calvi July 7th 2016

Our GR 20 – Corsica 19 June 2016 – 7 July 2016 We first fell in love with Corsica’s rugged landscape and beautiful coastline in 2011 when we completed a composite of the Mare a Mare Nord and Sud (Coast to Coast North and South) trails. It was then that we first heard about the infamous GR20** (GR short for Grand Randonee) hike that is considered Europe’s most beautiful and toughest long distance trail. So with more technical hiking adventures under our belt in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in France/Switzerland/Italy and New Zealand we felt ready for the GR20 challenge! Dave created our itinerary to have us doing the GR20 hike from South to North, typically many hikers start from the North end but we wanted to not walk into the sun every day and also ... read more
Sunrise at Refuge Paliri
Refuge de Paliri
Refuge de Paliri

Europe » France » Corsica » Calvi September 23rd 2013

Geo: 42.5668, 8.75711Today there was no tour group we were on our own just doing our own thing. Today was a day to relax the town of Calvin, France is a small town on the coast, situated on the island of Corsica. There's only two things to do here: go to the town or go to the beach. The beach was a bit of a walk so Mom chose the town. The pier here is way too small for our ship to dock so they anchored in the bay and we tendered in. We arrived leisurely into town around 10am and walked down through the Main Street of town, actually the only street of the town. Mom found a few things in the town at the shops that she liked but the whole shopping expedition lasted ... read more
Typical architecture
Ship tenders

Europe » France » Corsica » Calvi October 5th 2012

Sorry about yesterday. We got caught up chasing the minnows at the beach. They sure do like the water. Needless to say everyone slept really well last night. Today we went in a different direction. We climbed a mountain. Up the road a little bit and very high up is a town called Montemagiorre. It sits on a mountain called Montegrosse. I can't figure out why the town is there but it is a tribute to human ingenuity to say nothing of engineering. Our ears were popping on the way up the road and I now understand about narrow roads. Anyway tomorrow we catch the ferry for Nice and on to Torino or Turin in Italy. Should be fun and maybe the roads won't be as crazy!!!... read more
I like your hat Mom
Double trouble
View from the mountain.

Europe » France » Corsica » Calvi October 2nd 2012

Yesterday was called because of rain so today was a doubleheader. We started out with a short road trip in our mighty steed up the very steep hill to the Citadel perched high above the harbour at Calvi. Truly stunning view of the entire harbour and a beach that is simply magnificent. I don't know about anyone else but the climb from the parking lot to the top of the citadel nearly killed me!! It is amazing how people actually built it and still live up there. Really healthy!! Anyway after that we went to the beach and introduced the boys to the joys of the ocean. Now this is where the fun really began. First William didn't want to go then he did. And once he went in he didn't want to get out. Etienne ... read more
I'm everywhere

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