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Europe » France » Brittany » Rennes November 11th 2008

I haven't put anything up in a while for two reasons: One, my parents were here and there were much better things to do than blog! and two, they didn't have internet at their place and reception is spotty in public places. SO, I have many things to write about. After class on Wednesday, of which I remember nothing, I ran across town to see my parents. It was so great to see them actually here! We wandered around their neighborhood to try to find somewhere to eat. As we were walking, we found ourselves in the midst of a huge crowd of African people, talking and chanting. The block also seemed to have ten hair salons, all of which were full to the brim with more African people. We made it to the corner and ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany November 6th 2008

With the Inverter safely installed we left the campsite fully working again and headed for Mont St Michel. With no high tide due, we were able to park just below the Abbey. We looked around the Abbey and lanes during the day, and then wandered back up at night to discover a much more atmospheric place, without the tourists and the gift shops closed; you could really imagine what it would have been like in medieval times. Following the Brittany coastline, next stop was Brest to go to the Oceanopolis, we both agreed that it wasn't as good as the Aquarium in Lisbon but with the weather still wet, indoor sightseeing was a welcome relief. The following week saw us free camping, moving on every day between small French towns along the Cote Sauvage. Passing through ... read more
Mont St Michel Abbey
The Abbey Cloisters
Looking out from the Abbey

Europe » France » Brittany October 28th 2008

Mont Saint-Michel Beginning in the 8th century as a monastery on a tidal island in the North of France, honored as a UNESCO world heritage site, there really isn't anywhere else in the world quiet like Mont Saint Michel. Rising above the tidal plains, one can see why the arch-angle would have commanded such a place to be built all those years ago, as the legend goes. It was totally worth burning a hole in the bishops skull with his finger to get it done, if the myth is to be believed. A little extreme, but I guess those angles did what they had to to get those monks to listen to them, eh? Though waking up at 5:45 is never easy, it can always be done when there’s something good to wake up for, like ... read more
The entrance
Into the light

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo October 27th 2008

It was difficult to ever imagining leaving Paris, the city that had just begun to feel like home. However I had wanted to visit Mont Saint Michele, after seeing it in a travel book many years ago I knew that if I had the chance I should see it. So on our last full day in Paris, Katherine and I found a travel agency and booked tickets to Saint-Malo and our return ticket to Florence. Unfortunately there is no other direct train to Florence from France, except through Paris. We had originally wanted to go to Nice and get back to Italy that way, but of course there was yet another strike going on in Italy, possibly the only thing you can always count on to happen on time. So our dreams of seeing the South ... read more
St. Malo coastline
Sailing Sailing
Sail boats

Europe » France » Brittany » Brest October 26th 2008

Where to begin? I’ve been so involved here that I’ve forgotten to write. But, thank you friends and family who have been harassing me, now it’s time for another update. I’ve completely fallen in love. Well, with a city. Paris is one of those places that you’ve read about your whole life and seen on TV, and thought, “hmm the Eiffel tower, that’s nice”, but never really considered. It is so much more than a tower, or an arc, or a few museums; it is a living, breathing, vivacious entity. The smells (which are sometimes awful), the people (which yes, are sometimes rude), the metro (which is always dirty), and the food and sights (which are always beautiful), have the ability to completely surround you and make you feel as if you’ve arrived. You’re home. This ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Brest October 6th 2008

The days are beginning to run together, and I can’t believe I’ve already been in France for one week. I woke up this morning to find it a beautiful, if not chilly, fall day in Brest. Sun shinning (which I hear is rare) and I have to say that things have much improved over the last few days. The heat situation is still pretty unfortunate, however. When I asked my school about it, they said “mais, it is cold in Michigan, non?” and I replied, “yes, but we have heat in Michigan”. The heat in France is, apparently, controlled by the government, (Thank you M. Sarkozy) and will not be turned on until Nov 1 (le sigh). There are however, small heaters which can be bought at the Geant (a sort of mall with a ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Brest September 28th 2008

I don't have internet yet, so I'm sorry about the lack of communication. However, I've been writting a little bit to remember what's going on. This isn't quite up to date, but I'll be sure to write more soon! I miss you all! “Seven months! Seven months you are in Brest? I sorry.” These were the first words out of the mouth of my taxi driver after arriving this morning by train. My inflated confidence level after surviving Paris toute seule immediately went from being a 10 to a 3.5. In Paris, everything was logical and seemingly easy. The metro system so clear (no translation needed), the food so delicious (yes please, I’ll have another), and the weather absolutely perfect (scarf, anyone? Mais oui!) Even when getting into my taxi in Paris, right off the plane, ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Rennes September 24th 2008

Hier jai appris que dire salut c'est très familier pour les Français et que Bonjour est plus approprier... Alors bonjour mesdames et messieurs lizeurs de ce blog, Rennes c'est une ville de party, ou il y a un quota impressionnant d'étudiant et un phénomène spectaculaire qui s'intitule la rue de la soif... (l'interprétation doit être littérale). A Rennes nous avons été au musée des beaux art qui était ordinaire et au marché (vive la boufffe). le couple qui nous a heberger etait sympatique, et Vincent est un guitariste chanteur dans le groupe ''de poil'' lucie a une coupe qui ferait un malheur au quebec! A plus, Simon... read more
mymi apres son magazinage
ou est le vrai statue?
hotel de ville

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo September 22nd 2008

We had a fairly tourist-filled weekend on our trip to northern France. Our bus left Paris at 7am and we headed out to Saint Malo, a city about 4 hours west of Paris. The drive was beautiful, the hills were so green and all the houses were old stone cottages. Upon arriving in Saint Melo, we headed down to walk in the water which was surprisingly blue. It reminded me of water I would see in southern France, rather than in northern France. I didn't have to avoid any barnacles or seaweed, although the limpets were treacherous. It felt so good to be near water again. The streets here were filled with ice cream, crepes, cute french babies, and beautiful architecture. I've already been named the "baby stealer" on this trip, but I can't help it, ... read more
Stained Glass
Saint Malo
Dani et moi

Europe » France » Brittany September 22nd 2008

De la plage, de la plage et plus de plage... a quiberon jai encore manger des huitres et cetait bon miam!!! aussi nous avons dormi dans un hotel de jeunnesse tres bidon, bref nous etions dans une tente. aussi, quand nous sommes arriver, cetait bizzarre, il y avait du monde habille en ninja sur des moto !!!!!! Simon Par contre la dame de l auberge a eu la gentillesse de me donner un sac de couchage et une serviette. Sinon la ville était trop touristique a mon gout!... read more
le ninja
madame shrek

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