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Europe » France » Brittany » Rennes September 20th 2019

Agnes didn’t have to teach on Tuesday, for some reason, she only teaches four days a week, so she got us out the door on time. We headed to Vannes, and along the way, we saw signs for Carnac...and realized that we had time to stop...Who knew that the Arthurian legends involve this part of France as well. Thousands of stones in rows (stone alignments), dolmens (stone tombs) and tumuli (burial mounds)...apparently chipped and carved and placed in rows in one of the largest such collections in the from 3300 BCE and possibly from 4500 BCE (according to Wikipedia)...One of the more charming modern myths is a version that Merlin turned a Roman legion into stone. We were smart enough to have lunch BEFORE everything closed about 1 pm...and then eventually, headed to our next ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Vannes September 18th 2019

OMG! What a hassle!!! What a learning curve to be on the road again, for three months, with a car! And learning to use this site! RENTAL CAR: Thank goodness, Bill knows how to drive a stick do I, but he is the only authorized driver. We managed to circle the airport only twice before we understood the wonderfully, courteous voice on the GPS which says, Please turn right, Please turn left...Somehow, we didn’t understand the A/C...whether on or off, it spewed HOT AIR...eventually we contacted SIXT (rental company) and the problem seems to have been operator error. Organization: historically, we try to pack minimally. However, this trip is three months and we anticipate some cold weather, meaning we packed more than normal, but still within our two bags plus one. But, we were not ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Dinan September 11th 2019

Ce blog sera un blog court... pourquoi ? parce que sur notre route nous n'avons eu qu'une seule visite intéressante tant au point de vue promenade dans la ville qu'au point de vue photos... Par contre le blog suivant qui vous mènera vers un lieu incontournable de la Bretagne sera plus fourni en photos, le pourquoi de séparer les deux visites et lieux !!! Nous quittons donc le camping de St Quai Portrieux où la vue nous a enchanté... Une petite dernière donc au lever du soleil et avant notre départ pour Dinan... Nous trouvons facilement à nous garer gratuitement presqu'à l'entrée de la ville... un peu de marche et nous y serons... La cité de Dinan fut fondée en l’an 1000, par les seigneurs de Dinan. Elle se composait d’un hameau, d’un pont sur la ... read more
le vieux pont sur le port de Dinan

Europe » France » Brittany » Perros-Guirec September 9th 2019

Un jour n'est pas un autre... aujourd'hui ce sera "la mer" ! Perros-Guirec sur la Côte de Granit Rose. Nous quittons le camping de Saint-Pol de Léon sous une jolie grisaille... mais nous savons maintenant que ce ne sera que pour le petit matin car c'est tous les jours pareil... A 10 h le soleil est au rendez-vous... Perros-Guirec est l'une des stations balnéaires les plus réputées de Bretagne, à juste titre : entre son port de plaisance, ses deux superbes plages (Trestrignel et Trestraou) surplombées des prestigieuses maisons de la fin du 19e siècle et du début du 20e, et les nombreuses activités de loisirs qu'elle propose, Perros-Guirec s'impose comme l'une des meilleures destinations touristiques de France. Mais c'est surtout au Grand Site de Ploumanach et à ses gigantesques amas granitiques à la teinte rosée, ... read more
la plage de Perros Guirec
Le Grand Hôtel - fermé pour restauration jusqu'en 2021
pour Catherine !

Europe » France » Brittany September 7th 2019

43 miles A very pleasant days riding today along very quiet country lanes through farm land with cattle and crops growing. The weather was similar to yesterday so just right for cycling. We didn't leave the hotel till well after ten o'clock as the mileage for the day wasn't too high. We didn't pass a supermarket on our way out of town so we kept a look out for one as we passed through the villages on route. We found a Boulangerie at Erbree and bought two baguettes filled with ham and cheese. Next door to the Boulangerie was a shop called 'Ty Gwen' which apparently means 'white house' in Welsh and is quite common here as the Welsh and Breton languages are very similar. We stopped briefly in Le Pertre as I spotted more public ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany September 6th 2019

4 miles Wednesday.....Last minute packing before driving to Preston to catch the train to London Euston. Graham and Frances came with us so they could do some shopping and take the car home. We were very early but that gave us lots of time to sort out where we needed to be, which was Platform 4 and right at the back of the train. A guard unlocked the bike carriage and we lifted the bikes on and tied them up. Then it was a long walk through half the train to find our seats in F carriage carrying all our luggage. The journey passed quickly and we ate our packed lunch just before arriving in London to a brilliant blue sky and sunshine. Next, it was a two miles bike ride across to Waterloo station which ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany September 6th 2019

46 miles Breakfast was from the self service bar so quite basic and no where near as good as on P&O ferries. (We decided if we did this trip again we would dine in Portsmouth before getting on the ferry). It was 9.00ish when we left the ferry and set off on a grey slightly damp day. We found a super market first to buy provisions for lunch and a yoghurt each. The start point was on the promenade just outside the walls of the old town. As we set off we briefly saw the Font National, a former prison out in the sea, and the small rocky islet of the Grand Be. The route headed east close to the coast, around St Malo Bay, for about two thirds of the journey. Seafood restaurants and shops ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany September 6th 2019

42 miles There was a good choice for breakfast and gluten free bread as I had requested. The husband was the one supervising breakfast, making the tea and coffee and cooking eggs to order and the wife sorted the administration work. The breakfast room was very modern and decorated in black and yellow. As we were only cycling just over 40 miles we didn't check out until ten o'clock. Yesterdays grey sky had disappeared to be replaced with sunshine and it was much warmer. We stopped at Lidl to buy picnic goodies and more yoghurts and then we were on our way. Very soon we were on narrow country lanes through lots of farm land, some with cows on and lots with a variety of crops, mainly maize. It was slightly undulating with lots of long ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Guipry-Messac June 22nd 2019

Saturday 15th June Today was a scenery building day for another upcoming festival. About half a dozen or so helpers came and went throughout the day, and I lended a hand too. There was an artistic director present, who was the scenery designer, and told us all what to do. Sunday 16th June Today was a day trip to the house of the parents of my host, near Vannes on the south coast of Brittany. There were a number of her family members present for an excellent lunch. Several aunts spoke English quite well, and were keen to practice, so I had conversations in both French and English during the day. In the afternoon my host drove me down to Carnac to see the incredible alignments of megaliths. The lines run east-west and extend for over ... read more
Artist – Vannes
Vilaine Riverbank at Rennes
Evening at St Senoux

Europe » France » Brittany » Guipry-Messac June 15th 2019

Saturday 15th June My sixth week in Brittany was taken up with the road trip, so now we find ourselves at the end of the seventh week, with only one more week remaining before my placement as a language assistant ends, and I move on. Last weekend, straight after my road trip, here in Guipry-Messac was the Happy Days Festival (Les Jours Heureux), a 1950's rock'n'roll music festival. It was held over three days (Fri-Sun) and included many bands, food and bar stalls, merchandise stalls, classic car display, drag races (at nearby Lohéac raceway), and more. My host family was very involved with the event, being members of the organising committee too. We spent many hours there, setting up, manning the ticket booth, and also packing up and cleaning the venue afterwards. A number of consecutive ... read more
Cloisters of the Abbaye Saint-Sauveur de Redon
Les Mégalithes de Saint-Just
Stunning Buick Eight Coupe

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