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Europe » France » Brittany July 21st 2009

hey there everybody! im back in france! i love it so much here. it feels like france. right now i am at my fourth farm for a week before i head to merlins forest for a day or two and then up to paris for the rest of next week. where i am right now has the most new development that i have seen in my whole journey. it is kind of sad. the buildings have the shape of beautiful french homes but they are so quickly and poorly thrown together, they remind me too much of the houses at home. there is no real love and life to them. but the countryside is just beautiful. the past two farms that i have been on as well as the farm that charly was at (that i ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany July 7th 2009

North Brittany to South Brittany via the Channel du Four and the Raz de Sein. We left Guernsey on the 18th of June and had planned to sail down to St Quay as it offers all weather and tide access and we thought it was going to be a pretty easy place to hit the coast and then make our way along the North Brittany coast to West and then South Brittany. We had thought about going to St Malo which was further east but were a bit reticent for some reason, not quite sure why as we had been told by so many people how nice it was. I guess one of the main reasons was that St Quay was going to be a lot less distance to cover for Luke on his first ever ... read more
St Malo Marina
St Malo marina
St Malo Harbour

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo June 15th 2009

Arrived in Saint Marlo on the overnight ferry from Portsmouth. Very smooth crossing. I's great to meet some of other people in the Register at last. Seven Lagonda Rapiers and three Rapiers have made it across for this Rally. Based around the town of Treguier and taking in towns and places such as Quintin, Montcontour, Chatelaundren and Paimpol. 160 cars some of which we would never see in Australia attended and again expertly orgainised by Patrick Rollet and his team.... read more
Mates talking about cars
Hail !

Europe » France » Brittany » Lorient June 5th 2009

After April break, I was, of course, back with the Courtets. I dropped normal-English but stuck with History-English, where we are currently studying WWI from the British perspective. Next Tuesday I get to do the talk about me and the US, which, with this class, shouldn’t be that bad. My teacher for Literature broke her wrist three weeks ago, in something involving a race of some kind, I’m not sure what. She was replaced two weeks ago, and we have been rushing to finish the program ever since. The new teacher knows her stuff, but is not as charismatic as the last one. In History, we have almost finished the program, and technically, will finish Tuesday morning, just before the ‘Conseil de classe’ where not only will all of the grades be in, but the teachers ... read more
Erwan and Yann

Europe » France » Brittany April 25th 2009

A lucky day at Dinan, the crowd has disappeared today. The Medival City is for us!... read more
Easter blossom - Little paradise
La Mere Pourcrel
Colourful Dinan

Europe » France » Brittany April 14th 2009

Its hard to believe we have been here over 18 months. We sat down recently and thought long and hard about our new lives. So many adventures, so many new friends, so many problems overcome and still to overcome. Our old life nestles comfortably alongside the new, friends and family come to stay.... read more
The Little Un's

Europe » France » Brittany April 11th 2009

If you look at my "location" line, you'll see that I'm no longer in Paris. Brittany is on the Northeast coast, and for those who are interested, I am in department 56. Location will get no more specific than that, as anyone could read this. My sure bet turned at staying where I was turned out to be not so sure. Apparently the father hadn't been consulted. I was back at school for a week after recovering from my illness. In the middle of that, I found out about the no, and then, a day later, about my current family: names, photos, and birthdays. I was informed that I was leaving on Wednesday, and got on the train at 7:30PM Western European Standard Time. The train rolled into my stop at about 11:30PM. The compartment door ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany April 6th 2009

The day we arrived at the coast was dark and cold with the grey sky. Our prayers were not answered and it is hard to imagine that it will be heard again during the day. We decided to stop praying in front of the statue St. Guirec. Locals believe that when you stick a needle in St. Guirec's nose, you can pray for healthy life. I see this habit rather cruel even to stick a needle in an emotionless figure. Anyway, I have lost the needle in the sand, which I brought all the way from Little Paradise. (I left a tiny note where I lost the needle to warn people-hopefully no one would get hurt). It is impossible to talk about the Pink Granite Coast without mentioning the chaos of the rocks. There are so ... read more
Granite Coast
Granite Coast
St. Gucire

Europe » France » Brittany March 31st 2009

Without planning anything I just jumped on a train for Rennes to see one of my friends. It was the first time I was in Rennes. Last year I had already been in Brest (I'll try to add some pics of there also). I tought Rennes would had lost everything from the "britanny style", but I got wrong. Very beautiful city mixing culture and modern. I didn't believe that before but Rennes has a subway! and sincerely, I was surprised it worked so good and was well entertained. In fact all the city was well entertained. I enjoyed so much walking by the streets of the old town. The houses had the same shape as years before and I loved that. The weather is very strange in Brittany: 5 minutes of rain, 5 minutes of sun, ... read more
Saint Malo's street
Saint Malo's Beach
Rennes Fever

Europe » France » Brittany » Brest February 2nd 2009

I never saw, nor have I ever seen, a more beautiful sight, than where I’ve been. With the rolling hills and twinkling lights, Memories of love still shinning bright. I know not where the path will lead, I only hope the map will read, “to your destiny, follow me, happiness, laughter, and grace you’ll see”. But if the road should prove to be, Harder than I could ever foresee, Hold my hand, and together we’ll go, Our love will guide, the course will show. And at the end, without a doubt, I will utter, about our route, “I never saw, nor have I ever seen, A more beautiful sight that where we’ve been”. ... read more
poor little guy, didnt stand a chance
biking through Ouessant
view from the ferry to ouessant island

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