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Europe » France » Brittany » Brest June 30th 2008

24.Juni Tirsdag Vi vokna rimelig tidlig tirsdag morra.. Andrebo hadde fått en god natts søvn og var i godt humør og uthvilt, meg derimot hadde ikke fått sove så mye og hadde ikke så godt humør... Siden vi hadde kommet til telt plassen rimelig seint så hadde vi ike sett våre omgivelser serlig bra, men nå som det var lyst kom alt fram for en vakker dag... det viste seg at vi hadde satt opp teltet vårt omtrent 2 meter ifra en bæsj... jeg ville kalle oss ganske heldige som ikke hadde satt teltet rett oppi... litt flaks må mann jo ha.. ikke sant.. men, ja... vi kom oss avgårde mot sentrum for å spiste frokost og sjekket nettet for mulige soffar og lignende.. Siden vi ikke hadde fått tak i noen i La Rochele eller ... read more
gjett hva vi fant a...

Europe » France » Brittany » Brest June 16th 2008

Holiday with the family. Here are some pics from our 12 days before starting our camping tour. We hung out with my Mum and Mick and ate and drank lots of wine. We spent most of our days biking riding and sunbathing, how self indulgent!!!! We thought we had better make the most of it seeing as the next few months certainly wont be as glamourous!!! As you can see from the pics we found a wonderufl little cottage in a beautfial town called Chauatellin, it was everything that you would expect from a small French town and more. We stayed with Val and Alan (featured earlier as he saved our Betty), they own 3 amazing 17th Century cottages and rent 2 of them out all year round, they have loads of land and its very ... read more
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Europe » France » Brittany June 14th 2008

Well the first stage of the trip complete we stopped off in Vannes to see my cousin Peter. Unfortunately due to scheduling clashes we could only catch up for two days but what a great couple of days. We arrived to have Pete take us on a 2 hour bike ride around some stunning scenery. We did get a little lost but need say no more on that front. That evening involved Debbie's favourite dinner salad and Deb's favourite chocolate bar Milkyways. Little did Pete know but he couldn't have planned a better evening for Debs, Exercise, beaucoup de salad and then milkyways. The boy knows how to treat a lady right! The next day Pete took the afternoon off to take us to lunch. (deservedly so as he is away on business in China for ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » France » Brittany » Brest June 10th 2008

As predicted by many we had a problem with Bettie however easily fixed and she is good as new and raring to go. Just thought people would have a giggle at the photo's and what happened. Debbie had gone into town to pick up some shopping with her parents and was coming back alone with the shopping when the accelerator pedal snapped off in the middle of the town bridge. Fortunately Debbie had enough momentum to roll down the bridge and turn off into a side road where she could stop safely. Now in Deb's words... the unfortunate thing was that I was alone in a small french town not speaking French particularly well and with NO MOBILE PHONE, yes..... NO MOBILE PHONE. After lots of sign language and miscommunication from locals I managed to buy ... read more
The Broken Pedal
Alan to the Rescue
The Fix!

Europe » France » Brittany » Brest June 7th 2008

Well we have been in France for just a week now. Finally caught up with sleep and raring to go. Next stop is Vannes to see Cousin Peter then a week meandering down the west coast to spend a couple of weeks in the pyrennes to do some hard core biking.. Not sure I'll be able to keep up with the machine that is debbie but I'll give it a go! Photo's when we have something interesting to photograph as so far we have just slept and relaxed to get us in holiday mode. L8r Sam... read more

Europe » France » Brittany May 30th 2008

I arrived in Brittany and found a nice, friendly hotel in Vannes along the south coast. Near Vannes is where you’ll find many megalith stone structures similar to Stonehenge, but on a smaller scale. The most famous of these are the Carnac stones, an array of stones whose meaning has been lost to the mists of time. After almost a week of perfect weather, as soon as I reached Brittany, the weather turned cold and damp, as is fitting of a region bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Brittany lies at the same latitude as Victoria, B.C. and Newfoundland with similar weather patterns, mostly cold and wet. I never had the vents open on my stich the whole time. Brittany is inhabited by descendants of the Celts, who came here from Ireland and Cornwall. Up until the ... read more
Mysterious Carnac Stones
Monts d’Arree
Rugged Brittany Coast

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo May 16th 2008

...............and they’re off!! After three weeks back in the UK to catch up on football, family and friends (not necessarily in that order) it was time for us to embark on the third and final leg of the ACDC World Tour ’07 / ‘08. The plan this time is to travel around Europe, a continent we’ve largely neglected previously mainly due to our preference for longer haul holidays. For the next three months or so we’re going to use our own car to explore it, avoiding the “city break” destinations wherever possible as, in theory at least, we can visit these anytime. Advance planning has been kept deliberately low key to allow fluidity and it will be interesting to see how the enjoyment and experiences provided by our home continent compares with those we’ve had ... read more
Leaving Pompy
The Streets of Dinan
Our Back Garden

Europe » France » Brittany May 13th 2008

Our days are starting quite late; it doesn’t get dark until almost 10pm. But when we finally got going we went for a browse through the town in Dinan. Fantastic old medieval buildings that look like they’re from a Harry Potter set. I think it’s of season but it doesn’t seem to be touristy at all. The shops are regular clothes shops (and for a windowshopaholic it seems insane for me to say) but I had better things to look at. I was expecting the temperature here to be 15-18c but it’s 28 today; well at least it was until we decided it was hot enough to go to the beach. We drove to a little peninsula that had sand on both sides and a scattering of islands in the bay. As soon as we got ... read more
Dinan Hostel
The hostel overlooks a stream
Old medieval buildings

Europe » France » Brittany May 12th 2008

We must have struck once a year weather for the ferry trip from Ireland to France, we didn’t even need to break open the travel sickness tablets. There’s an instant change driving off the ferry at France, poppy’s and sculptured trees line the streets, the houses are more ornate and it’s so green. We stopped by the abbey on Mont St Michel and wandered up the narrow cobbled streets lined with tourist shops leading to the Abbey. This place is amazing, a maze of steep steps, huge rooms and chapels, with gardens and terraces. We got there quite late which was great; we were almost the only people here. Just up the road from the old Dinan port is the hostel, it’s gorgeous, at least on the outside; inside it’s kind of like a school you ... read more
Our knights in training
Knights amour
steep narrow streets

Europe » France » Brittany » Ille-et-Vilaine May 10th 2008

I started out the day by going to the Marche de Lices in Rennes, which is an immense outdoor market that's held every saturday, to sample some cider. Just a note to you readers: the cider here is amazing, so take advantage of any future opportunities to try Breton Cider. Meanwhile, I'll be researching US Customs laws concerning the personal importing of alcoholic beverages. Afterwards, I met up with some friends and took an afternoon trip to Fougeres, which is a small village on the border of Bretagne, about an hour north-east of Rennes by bus, and also happens to have one of the largest chateaus in France (so I am told). This chateau was first constructed around the year 1000 in order to defend the region (an independant state at the time) from outside aggressors. ... read more
The Chateau
One of the entrances
Another view...

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