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Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux May 10th 2017

Geo: 44.8374, -0.576144Bordeaux is a very attractive city with all the 18th century buildings at the same height so only the church spires can be seen reaching upwards to the sky. It is nicely situated on a bend on the Garonne river which was the source of all the trading and wealth, and being flat it is easy to walk around the mostly semi pedestrianised narrow streets of the old town. One other way to see it is via the Red Bus tour which at least gives you the stories behind the buildings and gardens even though the piped music is pretty dire. Sit on the right side if you want to take photos. One of the very few modern buildings is the magistrates court designed by Richard Rogers which has peculiar pods looking like oast ... read more
18th century buildings along the front
An enjoyable lunch
The 3 muses fountain

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux April 26th 2017

My wonderful parents arrived in Spain at the start of my spring break on April 11th, and the 10 days we spent together are days we will never forget :) They spent 10 days with me and I had the best time. It was like my two worlds were colliding. Watching them stroll down the cobble stoned streets and the paths I walk down daily was so uplifting. The first day they arrived we walked around the town and I explained to them the geography and the general areas of the town. I showed them places I go to often and spots all the internationals hang out at. I reserved a table prior to their arrival at a popular spot in the old part of San Sebastián called "Atari". Essentially, Atari is a highly rated Pintxo ... read more
The flat they rented was just here!
Mirador de Ulia Michelin view!!
Friends :)

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux December 7th 2016

Woolly says – The festive spirit has started to arrive on the farm, having directed the erecting of the tree I took the time to discuss our lists for Father Christmas with Ushi and Mags, the farm dogs, their list is a long as mine! Fiona had come up with the brilliant idea of a trip to Bordeaux for me, unfortunately it appeared that Jo and Zoe were also included, sighing in frustration and with the knowledge that shopping would now have to be included I shuffled into the car with a small supply of snacks for the journey. The small supply would have fed an army for a month! Woolly says – It’s important to keep my strength up! Having collected daughter Katie from school we hit the motorway and I took it upon myself ... read more
Monument aux Girondins
Checking out the sculptures
Commerce and Navigaton

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux November 15th 2016

Faire le tour du monde : l'heure du bilan Il y a eu la phase de préparation, longue et méticuleuse. Puis celle du voyage, excitante et éprouvante. Voilà maintenant terminée celle du retour. Avant de partir, lorsque j'annonçais mon projet de voyage, la plupart du temps j'avais droit à : « mais tu vas partir tout seul ? » « et en sac à dos ? ». Venaient ensuite les différentes questions d'organisation matérielle ou de déroulement du voyage. Est ce que j'ai fait un itinéraire précis, où je vais dormir, est ce que j'ai déjà mes billets d'avion.. ? Ce qui était drôle c'est que je ne me suis jamais inquiété de comment allait se passer le voyage. Mais plutôt du retour. On en parle très peu, que ce soit sur les sites consacrés aux ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux September 11th 2016

Bordeaux BoredX Some people go gaga about this region. It’s good. But I am a Burgundy bloke. So I won’t let Bordeaux off lightly. (For writing class critics - another sentence ending in ‘ly’) The Bordeaux region does produce good grape and a lot of it. But more of that later. The city of Bordeaux makes a great first impression with its six-lane ring road called the Rocade on the city’s thirty-four-kilometre circumference. And just like the one on the Rome’s girth, it works like a dream when it flows. But when it’s clogged, who wants to sit in a 34-kilometre long carpark. Unlike many of France’s cities, Bordeaux is relatively modern, with great sporting infrastructure and well planned industrial and commercial zones amongst some fairly modern housing showing some upwardly mobile affluence. We are a ... read more
Lege Cap Ferret (7)
Chareau Ferre
Chateau Ferre St Estpehe(12)

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux August 31st 2016

Left Paris and headed for Bordeaux. Stopped at a little village Amboise for morning tea and a wee look around. It had a castle where Leonardo Davinchi was the architect. He was also buried here. Lovely village. Next stop is Tours (Toose), had a look at an old church and went for lunch. 30cel today. France has 63 Nuclear Power stations. We drove past one. We reached Bordeaux around 6pm, long day on the road 600km. Had trouble reaching the hotel as there was a traffic jam. May have been an accident, don't know for sure. The streets are very narrow so there is not a lot of room to pass. After tea we had a wander around to see some of the sights. The architecture is very much like Paris because Paris copied Bordeaux. It ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux August 5th 2016

Geo: 44.8374, -0.576144Today we met our home exchange hosts, Marie-Ange and Geraldine, for lunch in a suburb of Bordeaux. The restaurant was in a redecorated old home, and we ate on the lovely patio. Marie-Ange, who has lived all her life in Bordeaux, chose an excellent wine from Pessac Leognan. Like most French restaurants, this one offered a set menu, and we could choose from pork or fish. Each course was well-presented and delicious. We are trying to make the adjustment to the French custom of having a very large meal, with wine, in the middle of the day!... read more
 Starter course tuna tartare with watermelon
Pork tenderloin and mushrooms
Cod fish and white beans

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux August 1st 2016

Geo: 44.8374, -0.576144As a treat today Jim has booked us a 2CV tour of the city of Bordeaux. Bordeaux was once known as "La Belle au Bois Dormant" (Sleeping Beauty), but no longer. It is now UNESCO listed, making it the largest urban World Heritage Site. It receives 5.5 million visitors annually. We took the train from our village into Bordeaux for the day. Bordeaux is a charming city full of ancient 18th century dignity. After arriving by train and tram, it was wonderful to stroll along the thriving waterfront of the Gardonne River past chic boutiques and cafes. We then headed to the beautiful building of Place de la Bourse near the Water Mirror. Our weather was perfect to enjoy the reflections from the Water Mirror, before commencing our 2CV tour. Martine picked us up ... read more
Looking down Quai de la Douane
Water Mirror along the Garonne River
Jim in front of the Water Mirror

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux July 11th 2016

Slow morning, got to chat with the kids just as they were going to bed so that was nice, then spoke with the adults as well. Caught up on the news in Melbourne including the prediction of snow in Ringwood. Hmm, it was cold here today as well, 25c. Never mind. Off to the trams today to do some city touring. Brunch first then away we go. Go to the new wine museum built last year. It resembles the swirl of wine in a glass, very trendy but at €20 to do a tour, not on. Wandered a bit then back on the tram and into the exchange to another line which takes us to ABC. Interesting church, then we wander down the main shopping street. Bit ordinary but worth the visit. Another church then another ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux July 10th 2016

Today we are doing the wine appreciation morning. Find our way to the building, ring bell and greeted by a young guy Who asks where we are from. Ahh, Melbourne, they have very good wines there. Introduces us to Colas, our educator. Young guy again who looks like he has just got out of bed. Another couple in a big room with a high table and stools around it. Looks like only 5 of us. The other couple are from the USofA. Wait for a while then he says we will start without the other woman. Eventually she arrives. We talk about all the wine regions of France and how they are all different, etc. Start the tasting with a dry white - to wake the pallet up.... Sure does. Very tasty but not preferred by ... read more

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