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Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux July 9th 2016

Wake early after a restless night - aircon not great and quite noisy. Find out later we had the window open so noise was coming in that way. Go down earlier than we need so we can catch up with the others before they leave at about 0800. Get into the restaurant and they have seats together and there is another one as well. We ask if we can sit there. Waiter says it is dirty but we don't mind. Finally agrees and we get to chat which is nice. Time is up so we do hugs, etc. It has been great fun with all of them (our tribe as we were labelled). Finish breakfast with lots of the ship people slipping in or out. Meet the tour director who tells me he has had a ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux April 11th 2016

Nous voici donc bien a Bordeaux où nous avons trouvé un camping au Nord de Bordeaux avec transports en public facile pour nous mener en ville... Nous prenons donc le bus ce matin pour deux arrêts puis le tram qui nous fait découvrir différentes facettes de la ville. Nous nous trouvons dans le nouveau Bordeaux qui est une facette toute moderne de la ville, très aérée et sympa à l'œil. Nous avons rendez-vous à la Place de la Bourse avec Frank, le cousin de Jean-Jacques. Nous sommes contents de le retrouver car cela fait quelques temps que nous ne l'avions plus vu. Frank est amusant car pour lui tout est "super" ou "remarquable"... tout cela avec un petit accent de la région est bien sympa... Il nous fait parcourir plusieurs quartiers de la ville car nous ... read more
notre arrivée au Nord de Bordeaux, vers la commune de Bruges (!)
la cité du vin qui sera inaugurée en mai prochain
le camping du lac de Bordeaux

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux March 22nd 2016

We started the day off with a Skype call home to daughter Erin,hubby Brent and an opportunity to see grandson Brayden before he went to bed for the night. We have been sleeping in well past the time we wake at home which must mean we are well into holiday mode. By chance we woke 1 minute before the alarm was set to go off to wake us at the pre-arranged time for the call. Skype is a wonderful facility to keep in touch from so far away and we wonder how we got by on previous travels. Although we can recall a trip to India in 1997 when our communication home was by FAX (who remembers that form of communication)! With the catch-up over after 45 minutes we started to get ourselves ready for a ... read more
From the car park building,Bordeaux
Flea market in a rather ethnic area,Bordeaux
Pont du Pierre,Bordeaux

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux March 21st 2016

There is a feel of freshness in the air as one expects in spring and again the overhead sky is blue.....another fine spring day is ahead. A leisurely breakfast and some housework to clean our apartment of the last 3 days and we were on our way further south to Taillon-Medoc a small town about 10km from Bordeaux. Carole, our host, popped in as we were cleaning and said her goodbyes. ‘Just leave the key in the letterbox’. How trusting all our hosts have beano they have known us for a couple of days we suppose but in NZ would we be so trusting? We are not sure. The BBA V3 likes to avoid highways as today wasn’t going to be any different. We could have been in Bordeaux in under 3 hours had we wanted ... read more
The courtyard of apartment,Salles-sur-Mer
Gretchen cleaning the kitchen before we left Salles-sur-Mer
Fishing stands,Meschers-sur-Gironde

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux September 17th 2015

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux September 14th 2015

Heavy Rain Le Village du lac Bordeaux Day 3 and still in France The heavy overnight rain did stop by the morning but it was still dull and overcast with little blue to be seen in the sky. It felt a wet and soggy British style Autumn morning. Where has the sun gone after our first taste of it in Neufchatel? We sat round a while as we did not want to set off too early and tried to make use of the free WiFi . After a few abortive attempts I gave up. There is a limit to how many times you try to load a page up. Eventually we set off heading for Bordeaux where hopefully the weather would become more holiday like. We were not looking forward to our next site as we ... read more
A study in blue , wine and water
Food glorious food
Our pudding when it arrived

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux August 17th 2015

A treat, first class on the train to Bordeaux and thankfully so, because the train is full. Caroline and I arrive at Gare St Jean approximately 12.30 and find the trek to the car rental is rather long, especially in 35C heat. Unfortunately, I miscalculated on the car rental and was 2 days short at the beginning. Rather than change the rental (I had got a really great rate for a 32 day rental and was loathe to make changes resulting in a recalculation) I booked a separate rental for the extra 2 days. Anyway, all went smoothly and we drove away in a Toyota Yaris, Hybrid. After two days, I return to the rental company and am given the same car for the remainder of our time in France (why I had go back in ... read more
Kevin at Cazenueve
Just the two of Us!
Maybe this way

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux August 8th 2015

Our week in Bordeaux was punctuated by old castles, deluxe wineries and lots of fun dinners in the evenings with friends. We took the TGV down - a wonderful and fast trip. I love the trains in France. After picking up the rental car we arrived at Raymond and Francoise's house. Monday Kevin and I went off to the hyper-marche down the road. These markets are more than markets...they have electronics, cookware and household goods, and even clothes. But we bypassed all that to pick up some food supplies for the week. The highlight was picking up some foie gras that cost only €6 for 200 g and was surprisingly good! You don't need to spend big bucks for the big foods... We came back from the market to be whisked off by Raymond and Francois ... read more
Upper Arcachon
La Cagette Restaurant
Old-time baking

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux August 1st 2015

Friend got a great deal for an vacation apartment in Bordeaux, 30 Euro/day rent, so we took to the road and heading down south for a short vacation in the wine Sanctuary in France. A great surprise to find the apartment is armed with a small pool and a pantry stuffed full with food!!! What a bargain!!!! Bordeaux is the capital city in the Gironde area, with may vineyard and chateau spread out from both side of the Gironde River that leading out to the Atlantic Ocean, but on those high tide period, one could observe the unusual scene of sea water shuffling up river! Medoc certainly is the main wine production area in Bordeaux, especailly with the name Lafite Rothschild and Mouton Rothschild right inside the area near Pauillac. Almost on every mile whichever direction ... read more
one of the many Chateau
summer rental

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux June 27th 2015

Geo: 44.8374, -0.576144In a former life, I once called Middle Earth home - it was a tough time, as I was an outcast because I was so tiny. I was a hobo, aimlessly wandering across the land, from Mordor to Gondor to Rivendell, and finally, to the Shire. Luckily for me, the Hobbits took pity on me and took me in because I was sort of close to their size, and me and a young Hobbit named Frodo became tight like brothers. Oh, the crap we used to get into with Samwise, Merry, and Pip ... and when we thought things couldn't get any more insane, Gandalf the Grey would show up with his pipe and ... well, let's just say that it was rarely tobacco that he was smoking! Too bad we all had a ... read more
Chez Jean Mi ...
Phenomenal-Looking Tarts ...
Prelude to a Kiss ...

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