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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 14th 2015

Another day another place to explore. Today I was heading out on a day trip to Terezin, which was a concentration camp used by the Nazis in WW2. Terezin was a collection camp which meant that people were not exterminated there however the death toll was high due to the cramped spaces and disease. Many of the people who were sent to Terezin were eventually moved on to another concentration camp, most often Auschwitz. The town of Terezin originally had a population of 7000 individuals (3500 civilians and 3500 military employees). Throughout WW2 during the Nazi occupation more than 150 000 Jews resided a Terezin before being shipped off to other camps. Terezin was also used as a front by the Nazis to spread their propaganda about the conditions in concentration camps to Western countries and ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 13th 2015

Today involved driving and walking. Lots of both. Oh, and heat. The trip from Vienna to Prague was always going to be long but some road works, terrible drivers and a lack of motorway meant it seemed longer than it should have. On the plus side we have discovered Czech Vegas, where you can gamble,see as many breasts as you want,go clubbing till the small hours and buy atriple sized plastic bull dog, all just past the Austrian border.We also got to see the wider Czech republc ( the non Prague bit)which is kind of like the UK except, to avoid traffic jams, white van drivers just go all the way across fields. Tonight's hotel is a boat. On the river. It's cool. We stayed here exactly a year ago today and were able to park ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 13th 2015

I was up relatively early and walked to the Old Town Square to meet my tour group. Today I went to Kutna Hora; which is a smaller town to the east of Prague and is mainly known for its history of silver production. It also has this amazing chapel that is full of bones and skeletons that have been used to create crazy designs like goblets, pictures, massive pyramids, a coat of arms, a chandelier, and all manner of decorations. It was definitely a site to behold, slightly morbid – this made the more so due to all the people clambering to take their photos with the skulls and bones – but also just awe inspiring to see the ingenuity that people have used to create these designs. Many of the bones belonged to people who ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 12th 2015

I had a sleep in and then was up to pack my bags ready to check out and head to the Erberg bus stop. I managed to find my bus and settled in for the 4hour drive to Prague, my last stop before Moscow. I have really enjoyed travelling overland for the majority of this travel. Again I was able to look out the window and see the wind farms of rural Austria/Czech Republic. Getting into Prague I was again hit by the heat after spending 4hours in the air-conditioned sanctuary of the bus. After getting some Czech Krona I bought myself a ticket for the metro and managed to navigate my way to my hostel. I have lucked out again and It is a really nice place in a very central location. After dropping off ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 11th 2015

Our second day here in Prague has involved a lot of walking again but we included a few more drink stops and added a tram ride so our legs are less tired than yesterday. High on a hill close to the castle we'd seen Prague's answer to the Eiffel Tower and we made that our first destination this morning. We walked over the river to our second funicular railway of the trip. The 40 minute wait for a ticket may have been a mistake as I'm pretty sure we could have walked up the hill in half that time. But then again we'd have ended up with tired kids in this heat so maybe it was the right call. At the top of the hill is the Petrin Observation Tower which is a 1/4 size imitation ... read more
See yesterday's blog. Apparently it's not allowed here!
Funicular #2

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 10th 2015

As expected, today involved a lot of walking which was made a little tougher by the extreme heat. The kids have been very tolerant and even if they are tiring of looking at old buildings, they're hiding it very well! We left our hotel close to the Powder Gate and walked through the main square along small cobbled lanes all the way down to the Charles Bridge. This is a old pedestrian stone bridge crossing the river and is a major tourist attraction. It is beautiful but the crowds were huge which detracted from the beauty of the scene. Of the four towns that we have visited so far on this trip, Prague is certainly the most crowded. We climbed the Little Quarter Bridge Tower at the west end of the bridge and enjoyed a great ... read more
What does this mean?
Prague Castle over the red roofs
Charles Bridge in the background

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Josefov August 8th 2015

So what makes something survive, revive and create? What is in the DNA of a city that vibrancy is so strong that it is almost as if you can feel the spirits of past generations pouring energies from above. Prague ! The 3 hour drive from the Vienna airport to the Czech Republic was actually rather boring, we drove through a non defined geographical area that didn't impress and what i would describe as nothing. You couldn't be prepared for the sudden change, the oasis of buildings with beautiful designs and unique colors, the cobble stones or the red roofs decorated with gold shining in the sun. We landed on Thursday morning only to arrive in Prague at 5 pm planning to put our baggage down in the room and then walk the streets for a ... read more
tomb stones and more tomb stones
how many stairs?
In side one of the synagogues

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 6th 2015

Well, here we are in Prague but more on that later. i need to finish the bike/boat trip first. So, on the Wednesday we woke to rain and mist so Di and Pam decided to give the ride a miss and Warwick and I took off for a ride of about 40k. As it turned out the weather improved quickly and we enjoyed a fairly nice ride which we decided to do fairly quickly so that we could enjoy some time in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The boat had moved down stream to here. By this stage our itinerary had changed a lot as the boat was having engine trouble and also the Danube is very very low in water flow at present. this meant that the Tour Director had to adjust and improvise a ... read more
A Roller Coaster Bridge.
The Danube.
Sunflower Fields.

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 29th 2015

Another local tour, first in the coach around the local streets with George, our local guide form last night. He is more subdued this morning, but we hang off his comments for his subtle jokes to kick in. Don't have to wait too long, as we drive around the more affluent area of Prague, he drops a few pearls of wisdom about his wife, mother in law and daughters. Thanks for thone George. We drive to the top of the castle hill and then walk around the castle and church area. Impressive place that has lots of history and is also being restored at the moment so lots of scaffolding and workers wandering around on the roof, no safety harnesses here..... Walk over and back to the coach where we are taken back to the old ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 28th 2015

Up and at em again. Bags out on time and down for breakfast Then on to the bus. Lynne gets on the bus and wisles us all well, giving an update on Peter's situation. No change from last night. we all wish her luck And then we go. Drive today is to Prague via Dresden. Rolling along when Kari Anne wanders down to see how we are all going. Oops, forgot to mention that our rotation has us in the naughty seats today, right down the back. Reckon these might be the best seats, 4 across instead of 5 and even more legroom..... Anyway, she asks if we have any questions, I say yes, she looks worried. I ask who won the trip arrival guesstimate contest. She is now happy as she had forgotten and I ... read more

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