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Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula June 2nd 2014

Well here I am at the naturist site in Valalta. Having a good time and not had any big problems yet. I did just notice that when using the y on this keyboard it gives me the z instead so some adjustment must be made but hey life is not perfect. Today is Monday and yesterday was spent walking around and being at the swimming pool enjoying the sunshine and swimming for exercise. They do have a weight training room with all the equipment anyone could possibly ask for. Took a hot sauna with some others and met a German couple and two polish people who were there too. I must say that I do love this place with all the fellow naturist. Lots of people were at the swimming pool. If I were to guess ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula September 14th 2013

Majapaikkani oli siis Hostel Sonja ( ja majoituin vihreaan huoneeseen. Keittion astiat ja ruokailuvalineet seka jaakaapin hyllyt oli jaettu huoneittain. Olin laittanut heratyksen kahdeksan jalkeen, jotta ehtisin syoda aamupalan ja kayda suihkussa ennen sovittua pyykkiaikaa. Kavin juomassa kupin kahvia ja ostin hostellille mehua, jukurttia ja burekkeja, jotka ovat siis jonkinlaisia piiraita. Kun olin aamupalalla, Andrean isa toi pari yopyjaa paikalle. Myohemmin Andrea ja hanen aitinsa tulivat siivoamaan. Jatin pyykit pestaviksi ja lahdin kaupungille. Kavin ensin kiertamassa amfiteatterin. En vaivautunut menemaan sisalle, koska ulkoakin naki siita tarpeeksi. Kavin katsomassa hiljaista rautatieasemaa ja ostin palatessani postista postimerkkeja. Lahdin sitten kello 12.50 bussilla kohti Verudellan niemea. Kiersin niemen paidatta vast... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula July 15th 2013

Istria Peninsula 14 July 2013 As the Istria Peninsula is very busy and quite small, we travelled its boundary in 1 day. We arrived at Lovran (Camping Medveja) on the afternoon of 13 July, which was about 8 kms south of Opatija on the eastern coast of the peninsula. The camp was on the beach which was lovely. It was a big affair, with supermarket, restaurant and all the other services expected. The beach was really busy – as expected at this time of the year. In the morning Tom & I both went for a swim. It was lovely although there were some very, very cold patches of water. It was refreshing. Before dinner we went for a walk up the coast and down the coast. Again, it was beautiful. The next morning, after a ... read more
Amphitheatre at Pula on southern tip of Istria Peninsula Croatia 14 July 2013 (8)
Amphitheatre at Pula on southern tip of Istria Peninsula Croatia 14 July 2013 (6)
Amphitheatre at Pula on southern tip of Istria Peninsula Croatia 14 July 2013 (9)

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula June 16th 2013

Pula...a small city, but full of roman vestiges ! The Croatia is becoming more and more attractive for tourists, so, prices are becoming expensive... The restaurants, products in supermarket, and hotels, are the same price than in France and for some more expensive! So prepare your wallet ! But, fortunately, ice creams cost around 80ct (€) ! For the hotels, you can, or go in a hotel in the center to go by walk to the different sightseeing, and enjoy citycenter life; or go in some kind of clubs next to the sea. In clubs, you can swim in the sea (or swimming pool), hiking on the coasts...and just take a bus to the city center, or go by walk if you want ! (that's what we did). In the city, you have a lot of ... read more
A gorgeous small cave !
Wonderful view !
A lot of poppies were growing everywhere!

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula June 5th 2013

The Pula Arena in Pula, is a surving roman arena. It is the sixth largest and one of the best preserved. It was built around 1st century AD. It has two levels and 72 arches, with the four side towers still intact. Making it the only one of its kind still standing. During the summer months, it is used for festivals and concerts.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula May 7th 2013

It was our third and last day in Pula and it really has been an excellent stopover for us. The apartment has been great with plenty of room to spread ourselves out and has everything that we could have wanted in facilities including a washing machine. So for the first time on the adventure we were able to wash clothes in a washing machine rather than by hand. It was a bit like being Bear Grylls on the Discovery channel finding his way out at the end of the programme and the excitement of being rescued except for us it was the luxury of a washing machine which at home we take for granted. Nearly 3 hours after putting the clothes in the machine they were ready to hang out (these front loaders are so s ... read more
The neighbours above line down to a tree
There is always a cat sunning itself
Military cemetery,Pula

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula May 5th 2013

Gelato flours of the day - GMB - Nutella GLB - ......wait for it....chocolate! We feel very comfortable in our apartment and we can feel that it is going to be a relaxing 4 days here. Being Sunday we weren't too quick in getting up and as we plan a day around the town of Pula it didn't matter too much. Iva had told us where the local 'green market' and the supermarket was so we thought we would top up with some local fruit and veges and see if the supermarket had anything we fancied for dinner. Supposedly the markets were about 300 metres away and they were, except we somehow managed to walk past them and it was only when we were doubling back after going about a kilometre that we found them next ... read more
Socialist style buildings at the market
Chapel of St Maria Formosa
Temple of Augustus at the Forum

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula May 4th 2013

Gelato flavour of the day - GMB - Kiwi (a taste of home) The hotel for the night was situated in a small town about 11km from Pardeone and when we arrived we were the only names the woman on the front desk had on her list so we weren't surprised when we were the only ones at breakfast. There had been a short but loud thunderstorm last night as we went to bed and it had done the trick by clearing the air with the morning dawning fine and clear,well as clear as we have seen in the European smog which is more evident in the northern parts of Italy. The small town was more like a place you might come across in England than in Italy with tidy wide streets and properties lined with ... read more
Street that is more like England then Italy
Lunch time scene
30 minutes in Slovenia

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula June 5th 2012

Is it not odd how sometimes the unexpected proves a wonderful experience – Krk and the planned – Pula lets you down. Maybe planning is the wrong thing to do in a motorhome. Perhaps you should just go without planning and see what the journey throws up at you. Nearer to Pula the earth turned a very deep red. Much redder than even the fields of Nottinghamshire. They looked like the sort of fields artists would visit to collect pigments for their painting such was the intensity of the colour. Town roadworks in the middle of Pula fooled TomTom and we found ourselves down the harbour area, traversing narrower streets than we would have liked . We felt as if we were going round in circles trying to avoid parked cars, imagining we were going the ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula January 6th 2011

Colonia Pietas Iulia Pola, name given to Pula by the old Romans, has been writing its history for 3000 years. The city built at the end of a beautiful bay and on seven hills reveals many lovely and interesting stories. According to the legend, it was founded by the Colchidians, after the pursuit of Argonauts and their leader Jason who stole the precious Golden fleece from the Colchidians. Today the city lives in many colours and sounds, perfectly interlacing the variegated exciting past with modern times of its inhabitants and visitors. It boasts perfectly preserved amphitheatre, the largest amphora site in the world, Temple of Augustus, many churches, monasteries, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian architecture, excellent various food specialities and wine in its many restaurants, rich museums, galleries, concert events, great nightlife and many other beauties located in ... read more
Verudela canyon

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