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August 3rd 2019
Published: August 3rd 2019
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Yesterday was our last full day in Bled, so, not to waste any of it despite the showery rain and distant thunder, we headed off to the dino park just outside Bled. We'd seen it three years ago and decided it looked naff enough to visit when we first bought Seth. On the way there, the weather worsened and Seth fell asleep so.... We both feel asleep too once we had parked up. Waking from our respective naps it was clear that the weather was not just a bit rainy, it was armageddon. Trying to persuade Seth that the dinosaurs would be better in the sun was just not working (lots of snot, many tears) so we donned coats and braved it in true British style. The woman running the place looked gobsmacked to see anyone. The blokes having a cuppa in the cafe (looking back, no idea why they were there!) looked at us like we were mental but we stayed strong. We must have looked especially pathetic as she lent us three childs umbrellas (of course we'd not got one of our own) as she took our money. To be fair the animatronic dinos were pretty good, their noises drowned out only a bit by the, by now, regular cracks of thunder. Seth wasnt so sure about the noises and we had to make some fairly interesting stories up (yes son, those little sharp toothed dinos are just trying to wake up the big dino with rotting flesh....). But was blown away by seeing the ones from his dinosaur hand 'in the flesh'. As we went through the wooded bit a huge flash of lightening made us question going to the more open bit and we headed back the other way. Seth was, by now, having the time of his life and we were all set for a wet go on the playground (when you're that sodden, no more wet can get in) until the loudest crack of thunder right overhead and a huge instant orange flash made all three off us physically jump. I scooped up Seth and we walked very fast to the relative safety of the cafe and our, by now, personal assistant lady, still bemused by these crazy English. We had a drink, Seth had a play on a couple of toys and we opted to perhaps not see the 3d show in the other shed for now! The rain seemed to get worse so we were led to the gift shop (where Mrs lovely woman offered to note down the name of an indoor pool for the afternoon ) and we headed to a shop and then back to the apartment. In the rain .... So much rain.....

Despite the forecast, the sun slowly came out, the temperature went up and people appeared so we made the executive decision to go for one last dip in the lake. Seth took his new bucket and spade (remembered this time!) and we walked to the 'beach'. Seth played, we paddled, I laughed (issue only) at the very prepared young couple taking pictures of each other/ themselves - they even had a tripod and she kept posing in the manner of a minor love island 'celeb '. An ice cream and a cry (they had no bled cake) and it was back to the next bar to meet the others for a drink. My littlest bro, lozz, was due to arrive at half five which came and went. As did every hour up to half nine when wizz air finally saw fit to get him landed in ljubljana. Once he was fed and watered, we'd put the world to rights and had a sit on the rainy balcony, it was time to sleep.

This morning was action stations to tidy up and wrench ourselves away from this paradise. With 2 minutes to spare we were tidied, cars packed and waiting for the boat man to open so lozz and the others could go for one last trip across the lake. We headed off on what should have been 3 hours worth of driving. Clearly it wasnt. It was 5. In an effort to avoid congestion our sat nav took us on a route with 14 km of single track, winding roads, through a town with police stationed at either end to let you through in turn. Pretty sure the goats would have taken priority over cars in this town. Seth marvelled at the 'lovely mountains' though and after being waved through the border, we were finally in Croatia. Having sucessfully missed all the supermarket stops, petrol stations and cafes, we stopped just over the border at what felt like great uncle Gorans restsurant shed. But it had a play park for Seth to pretend to be at the zoo, go on the slide and generally have fun. We found pastries so all was good. After getting lost in the supermarket car park, realising vegitarianism hasnt his Croatia yet and persuading Seth that no, we didn't need an 8 foot inflatable dinghy, we headed to our apartment in puntera. Goran the owner told us the best local sights, his dog (think cujo) told us who was boss and we all marvelled at an actual kiwi tree.

Goran had told us about a local community event just next door that we'd be welcome to go to. We nodded politely as you do. As we sat, post bbq chatting, what can only be described as Ross Gellers bagpipes with phoebes singing screeched through the air from the event. Ash and Rich decided that this was their call to go and introduce themselves to the locals. Right now, I'm lying in bed, listening to the half hourly bagpipe nose and wondering if this will end like 'the Hangover' or something less likely to involve goats and a trip to the police ststion! Think of me!


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