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August 1st 2019
Published: August 3rd 2019
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Best sleep of the holiday:check, first cup of proper tea in a week :check, opening the lounge curtains and seeing lake Bled:check cuddling Seth on the sofa for an hour looking out into the lake:check. I'm definitely going to cry when we leave here!

The morning yesterday was time for a ride on the tourist train to bled Town (it goes right past the door, I cannot over emphasise how much this is the best apartment in the world) and a trip first, to pub bled! More great views (totally unappreciated by Seth who decided pretending to be Dr elephant the dentist from Peppa with a leaflet as a mask was a far better way to spend the time) and a light snack and drink and then an explore. Despite having visited pub bleds toilets twice Seth was clearly so bowled over by the fish in the lake we had a little accident to change. For reasons unknown , Ash took him up a very steep grassy bank (shade maybe?) to do this. All was well till they were heading down and Ash slipped. As it's usually me doing the falling this was a welcome relief although Ash styled it out far better than I'd have done. Nap time crept up so we headed back to the train, waited while strange train guy (who on the way there was trying to insert a pen into his head via his ear) got his lunch and Seth fell asleep (wrong time dude) on the bumpiest train in the world.

Back at the house, after a short walk carrying a sleeping child we had a long lunch and got ready for a swim. The lake is clear but freeeezing, but on a warm day, all fine..... Maybe..... Seth loved it, Ash loved it, I soaked my feet and watched the fish. When his lips started going blue, we forcibly removed Seth and went back for a nice hot shower. The three of us then headed to the mercator for supplies, Seth and myself took the opportunity for a short walk to pick up everything in the gift shop and put it dish again and terrify the shop owner. Back at the flat I unintentionally cooked the world's hottest chicken wraps (note to self, Slovenian paprika is hot. Very very hot) almost ruining tea in the process (thank goodness for the saviour that is yoghurt) and we finished the night on the balcony watching the stars and lightening.

Yesterday was warm so we decided to do a nice walk to vingter gorge. Spotting that I really wanted to walk extra distance the attendants at the top of the hill waved it's in to park 10 minutes away at the top of the hill as the other nearer car parks were full. They weren't. With a 2 year old who doesn't really walk far that was great. Within seconds he declared that 'I've done enough walking now' but we kept him going to the gorge entrance. It is really really beautiful but the 23 euro price tag +sleepy child who doesn't want to walk much and will likely be asleep in minutes x a biiiig hill back to the car meant we decided on a (blue) ice cream and a walk back instead of the gorge. As expected i carried Seth ALL the way back, one way to walk off the huge ice cream! Lunch at the flat and we decided Seths first foray into golf would be here and now (trying to find a sport he can do to earn lots of money!). This side of the golf experience, I'm thinking golf may not be it. In no particular order he... Insisted on having both clubs, using both clubs as a mouth mender (your guess is as good as mine) lying on the holes, running to get the balls and putting them in the hole, having both balls and throwing them down the hole, using the sweeping brushes to hit the balls, running to any and all holes, threatening to throw the ball down the hill.... I could go on. In the end, ash won (not sure how fair that was) and Seth decided he 'loved golf '!

We caught the train to the camp site end, meeting up with the others. Seth and I went for a stony paddle while Ash went back to get clean clothes (not even travel pants failure this time). Once he calmed down after I ruined his life (dropped his ice cream on the floor) Seth got re dressed and we all enjoyed a lovely meal out.

Back at the apartment, kids in bed, we again watched the stars peaceful and calm until some random bloke, came up to the balcony (shoeless) kept pointing to the fridge in the next door ice cream shop demanding we got him a beer (after asking if we were English he then garbled in something not English, the only discernable words were you, me, 1 euro beer) at one point it felt like he was about to scale the balcony. Eventually though, still muttering he headed off and with no spolsh in assuming he made it round, not in the lake!


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