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July 31st 2019
Published: August 1st 2019
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Nuremburg seems about 3 weeks ago. It should have been a 4 hour journey to Salzburg with a nice 2 hour stop in a lovely park for a picnic, getting to our tyrolean home for a nice early tea, a wander round and early bed. Nice. Instead we had our annual 'this should take four hours but will actually take 10' journey . It was 8 hours on the road with a couple of half hour stops (still at the lovely park mind you) and some of southern germany's finest villages, dirt roads and farm tracks. Seth proved himself again to be a very able traveller with no complaining, no grumpiness and perfect cheeriness the whole time. When we finally cleared the closed road and got back on the autobahn, it was time for a stop. Macdonalds. Food:ok (they do vegan burgers, who knew!) drink: ash forgot, went back for tea, we had earl grey tea made with semi hot water and coffee creamer. Yum. Tasted like a face pack but I've drunk worse. Seth's milk won in the battle between us trying to keep it in the cartoon and it trying to escape to go so over his freshly changed clothes. Balloon:kept Seth happy and still hasnt popped, a real life miracle! There was no play area so Seth and I amused ourselves with a game of 'walk, pretend to be a train that gets broken and then mended, walk more and repeat'. When i then broke into 'twinkle twinkle chocolate bar' (at Seths request) it was strange how many people left the area.......

We finally got to the planned park in Salzburg for a brief half hour pit stop (shame, it was a great park). We learned that Austrian kids can tantrum shouting 'nein' just as well as British kids can shout no (for a long long time) sadly Seth found the (wet) sand first so ended up shoeless and a bit damp for the rest of the journey to our hotel south of Salzburg. And guess what. Another crash, another diversion adding 1 hour to a 40 minute journey. This time, we beat the system, the crash cleared and we were in 'Harry's bar bq' for tea by 7. (only 3 hours later then planned) The very long journey after tea to the hotel (across the road, me and Seth didn't even bother getting in the car) found us in a stereotypical Austrian guest house complete with crazy furnishings, wood every where and balconies. But all manahed by a very helpful, very nice man! Now in Seths 15th country of his life, it was time for a well deserved sleep and balcony beer.

From the minute we left yesterday Seth was asking what country we were in (at last once every 5 minutes) and when we were going to find another big orange tunnel. Fortunately he fell asleep in the first ten minutes to relieve us all..... The journey was back to smooth and traffic free, a stop at a services (with a play area) to buy a vignette to avoid a repeat of 'the great taking of Ash by Slovenian police for not having a vignette of 2016' (he still has nightmares) and we were in paradise. Well, almost. Finding the guy to get the key off was fairly challenging (not even the locals knew and the sat nav *really* didn't know (nope google maps, I don't think the key man will be in the castle) so finding 'Adi' in a fishing shop was welcome relief! He led us to our apartment and oh my god, what an apartment. I will cry when we leave here. It could only be closer to the lake if we were actually in it. A short while later and our friends arrived. Ash, Seth, Rich and Freya headed off for a swim and i headed off with clare for food. I didn't even get lost! The evening was spent eating, drinking and watching the view, the lightening and the lights over the water. Bliss


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