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September 25th 2015
Published: December 13th 2017
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We traveled from Split to Pula yesterday in the rain. You may recall we were complaining about the 90 plus temps in Dubrovnik. Well folks, we barely made the 60's today, and we are back in long pants.

As we titled this entry, the amphitheater here is nothing short of amazing. The outside is essentially intact even though the construction began before Christ was born and completed in AD 14. Inside, well you recall the Church and Middle Ages, those folks again stole parts (people quarry your own stone!). Nonetheless, even the inside remains impressive. This was Great!! Even Bird was impressed. She worries if HP will remain sane in Rome.

A bit of history now. The amphitheater was extremely fortunate to make it to us. The Venetians, you recall those not nice folks, considered dismantling this place and moving it to Venice. They also thought people here may use the stone to erect their own fortress against their overlords in Venice (makes sense to us), so people in Venice considered using the stone to erect their own fortress. Fortunately, progressive thinkers in Venice on each occasion decided the result would be detrimental for posterity. Thanks.

We should warn you if you are not enthralled with Roman history as we (Bird objects to the we, thinking it should be HP), this may be a difficult post. Otherwise, for normal folks, the Amphitheater is especially amazing.


25th September 2015

Most amazing pictures--HP, you are getting to be quite a photographer--my favorites two pictures--the one of "Bird" and the one of the photographer!! Continue to have a wonderful time!!
25th September 2015

There should be seating here, but people stole it for other uses.
26th September 2015

Finally, Tim forwarded all e-mails to me. I have spent the last hour on a great trip through Europe. So many beautiful and historic sites. Makes me feel overwhelmed and so "small'. These places and these people have survived so much. Tim is
enjoying all the great architecture. I think he was probably helping build the place that took 105 years to complete.Fred, you certainly did a lot of research. I hope you continue to enjoy your trip and that it is all you had hoped it would be
26th September 2015

Careful there CA, the tour director is getting her feathers up. She did a great deal of planning. I know the history, she did the work.

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